Why Is the US President Meeting for the 1st Time the Presidents of FSM, Marshall Islands & Belau?

Why Now?

Is US worried about China's growing power, influence & economic ties with the Pacific islands?

Is China making its presence felt in a region that the US navy considers strategically vital?

US may be now or may be paying a little more attention to our islands since their President for the first time is meeting or welcoming the Presidents of our 3 Micronesian island nations to the White House

The US President's meeting with our 3 Micronesian Presidents clearly shows US concern about China's growing influence in our Pacific region and the US desire to keep & maintain control or influence over our Pacific region, a region militarily & strategically important to the US military.

In a nutshell, it's time for the US to tighten the screws on MIcronesia, tighten its control over Micronesia.

Is this good for the FSM?

Perhaps it's perfect timing -- just in time before the end of our FSM compact in 2023?

Is it time for termination or an overhaul or revision of our compact?

Due to US concerns over China's growing influence in the Pacific region, it would be interesting to see if US is not willing to renegotiate our compact's financial part since the defense & security parts of the Compact has no ending.

After all, the Compact Agreement is an unfair deal Made In USA

US have access to our air, sea & land with No Expiration Date but FSM has limited access to US benefits & is offered an economic aid package with an Expiration Date.

If US wanna have access or control over our air, sea and land permanently or indefinitely,
why put an expiration date to the FSM economic aid package?

Why not entitle or allow FSM access to most if not all US benefits just like US citizens if US wanna have exclusive rights & access to our air, sea & land for defense & military purposes?

So both Pohnpei's & Chuuk's Government offices were built/funded by China.

It's interesting that in 2017, China's trade with Pacific island nations totaled $8.2 billion while US was only at $1.6 billion.

To combat China's growing influence in the Pacific region, US just recently created a new agency, US International Development Finance Corporation, with plans to invest in the Pacific islands starting this October 2019.

Can FSM obtain funding or request economic aid from this new agency?
or is this a new agency in disguise set up to promote the US in the Pacific region but works just like JEMCO - with all funding/investments with strings attached.

The real question may be -- can the FSM Gov convince the US to renegotiate or revise our Compact at least the Financial & the Benefits entitlement parts?

Or is time to go separate ways?
But going separate ways may be impossible...unless we have exceptional revolutionary leaders who are willing and who have the guts to play the US game.

Otherwise, in the end, comes 2023 & beyond, US still wins, still gets what it wants but not the FSM -- FSM cannot terminate the compact & is stuck with the compact while the US has indefinite access & control to FSM's air, sea & land exclusively.

The FSM economy continues to perform poorly & FSM out-migration to Guam, Hawaii & US mainland continues, further accelerating & perpetuating the assimilation of the FSM people into the American nation, the exact projection envisioned & outlined in the secretive, controversial US Solomon report.

By the way, watch out........US might cut off funding, cut off welfare if FSM deal with the Chinese company Huawei



  • But first, the three presidents had to meet their boss - Secretary of Interior. Like Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico we deal with domestic U.S. offices but unlike the territories, we reap less benefits because we're "foreign or independent." In some ways, we are more like the Native American "nations," because we're given the lip service that we're "independent" yet out foreign affairs are controlled by U.S. Remember, the U.S. never wanted us to be independent when talks were taking place in 1975. Read the journals. They're available for you to learn. Since it did not win due to the modernizing world's view on colonialism, U.S. created the "neo-colonies" (versus the conventional one started after the 1300s) of pretend independent.

    The three compacts all say that U.S. can open military bases on our lands in the name of defending us (since Papua New Guinea for 1,000s of years been trying to invade). Trump might be opening a naval base in Chuuk, bombing grounds on Pakein and expansion of the listening bases in Palau. Marshalls is already being used to practice for the U.S. missile defense systems. A system that disappeared from us when Kim Un Jung was planning to rain missiles around Guam (i.e. FSM islands).

    The point is that we can get a lot out of our relationship with the U.S. Enjoy the benefits while trying to keep some identity. Such as dual citizenship will allow a few of our citizens who qualify (I don't and I care not to) to have two passports to better benefits (college, military ranks, senators, etc.). I can just hear the naysayers here but then they go to Western Union in the afternoon to get monies from the U.S. economy. There is nothing wrong with our relationship with the U.S. but we need to know who we are dealing with at all times.
  • It's good that the US President got a chance to meet the 3 FAS countries Presidents in person. I don't think it has happened before. Let's hope that the meeting provided an opportunity for more awareness on the part of high level officials of President Trump's team; so they will be in better positions to reply to any request or communication from the FAS countries. Many issues that need to be sorted out in the future especially before 2023.
  • Exactly Marc, that's the point ...the timing.......It's almost 2023, our Micronesia region is more than ever before strategically important to the US due to China's growing influence, maybe a perfect timing for our 3 Micronesian leaders to bring up or address all the important problems(radioactive coffin), issues and/or agreements as set forth in our compacts.

    While I agree with Microspring that we can get a lot of our relationship with the US and we should enjoy the benefits while we have some identity, I for sure do not agree with the expiring financial part of our Compact. I certainly don't like the denials of certain benefits which we are entitled to as clearly stated in our compacts, and I don't appreciate the imposing of US Visa requirements when our Compact Agreement doesn't require us to obtain US Visas.

    Microspring, we both know the statuses of the US territories, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa & Commonwealth of the CNMI s compared to our Compact of Free Association nations & we both know that US has never and/or will never entertain any independence movement from its territories including the FAS nations. Take Guam for example. Guam has been trying to become independent or break away from US but failed as recently as last year.

    It is a fact that right after the second world war, during the transitional period when the US Navy was administering our Trust Territory islands, there was a bit dispute between the Dept of Interior & Dept of State on who should handle or administer the Trust Territory islands. Unfortunately, the FAS nations ended up handling by the Dept of Interior.

    So while you may be right that, the Secretary of Interior may be the boss for all 3 Micronesian leaders, I certainly think one of the issues that can be brought up is to request to move or transfer the handling of the FAS States from the Dept of Interior to the Dept of State.

    Plain simple, straight up, common sense reasoning. All independent foreign countries are handed by the US Dept of State, NOT Dept of Interior. The Dept of Interior handles the US Indian Native nations & the US territories & commonwealth nation and the COFA nations are not US territories. That may one of the issues that should be addressed or brought up.

    For the Dual Citizenship issue, past Con Cons have shown that we have repeatedly failed to attain the 75% vote. Why not reduce the % requirement to 51% or a simple majority like 50% plus 1 vote. Other people in here may point to lack of proper public education on the benefits of dual citizenship. If the 75% is unattainable, Compact 2023 is expiring soon so why not revise it and put Dual Citizenship in it. It wont' hurt, I"m pretty sure US would love it or love us more. or Do we need to amend our FSM Contitution if needed?
    To vote on the dual citizenship every 10 years is a long time for many people & waste of time & money.

    As for the need to know who we're dealing with at all times, let's thank God that Ryan Zinke, the former US Navy Seal & former Secretary of Interior, had to resign last January 2, 2019 due to ethical troubles & investigations by the Dept of Interior Inspector General. His investigations was referred to the US Justice Dept in October 2018 thus forcing Trump to have him resign on January 2, 2019 before he gets fired.

    Mr. Zinke just came in & oversaw mineral extraction and conservation on roughly 500 million acres of public land. He had become the subject of several federal investigations, and one of the Investigations on Mr. Zinke include a real estate deal involving Mr. Zinke’s family and a development group backed by the Halliburton chairman, David J. Lesar, the very same company that took over the Iraq oil refineries/companies when US invaded Iraq & in which former VP Dick Cheney was also a former CEO/Chairman from 1995 to 2000.
    Zinke's deputy, David Bernhardt, became the new Secretary of Interior last April 2019 . Unfortunately, Mr. Bernhardt, is no different. He is a lawyer & a former Washington DC lobbyist for the oil industry. His clients included Cobalt International Energy and the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Another anti-environmentalist I guess like Trump.

    What our 3 leaders Micronesian leaders should also do is request President Trump to instruct
    Mr. Lee Francis Cissna, the Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Mr. Chad Wolf, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary, Office of Strategy, Policy & Plans,

    to take immediate action regarding citizens of the COFA citizens being denied access to REAL ID Act-compliant drivers licenses and identification cards, or at least write & explain to Trump & cc those two bastards about our Compacts. Or perhaps find a way to work with Hawaii Congresswoman Hirono to help expedite the problem. FYI, on May 15, 2019, Hawaii Senator Mazie wrote a letter direclty to both Director Lee Francis Cissna & Mr. Chad Wolf to address the ID issues facing Micronesians.

    Here's Mazie's letter: https://www.hirono.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2019.05.15_Expediting EADs for COFA Citizens for REAL IDs_final.pdf

    Lucky for the Micronesians residing in the few states that don't have any ID issues such as Oregon & Washington.

  • You guys,
    It is not true that the Secretary of Interior is the boss of the 3 FAS Presidents. Stop belittling the Micronesians.
  • @ Anti.. forget it! . I mean , with this administration? how can you even think about anthing being ture and convincing?.. remember now, this President don't believe in climate change.. do you think this meeting will convince him to get back on and belive in the Paris accord?.. will just have to see, my bid is. never!
  • "Micronesia" means small islands, not small brains, visafree.
  • The influence of China plays a role here for sureimage
  • Who fostered that influence? The Communist Democrats, e,g. the Clintons who helped China into the WTO.
  • If the US wants to stop China's influence, it must reconsider the financeial part of our compact. Simply put, continue providing financial support to the FSM and kick China out of the FSM. We don't want a communist regime to have a relationship with our democratic nation. The hell with CHINA!
  • Is it bad for the FSM, BELAU, and RMI and USA for those four presidents to meet? Who here wants China to replace USA in Micronesia? Please raise your hands.
  • Or Russia or Iran or North Korea for that matter.
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