Trump Orders US Intelligence Agencies To Assist AG Investigate How Obama Admin Started Russian Hoax

Yesterday President Trump Ordered the Entire US intelligence community and agencies to render assistance to Attorney General Barr in his investigations into how the Obama administration and Obama officials at the CIA-FBI-DOJ & DNI started the Hoax that is the Russian investigation that was proven to a total hoax by Special counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller concluded his investigations and found zero evidence of collusion between Trump and his campaign and Russia.

Trump also gave Barr the Authority to declassify any information that comes up that shows Obama administration and obama officials committing nefarious acts to kick start the Russian investigations and using the Steele dossier to spy on Trump and his campaign.

Democrats are not liking this. They say Barr and Trump will put American life's in danger by releasing declassified is coming from the same Democrats who are demanding Barr to release classified information related to the public Mueller report....Democrats call this an abuse of power by Trump because he is using executive power to go after his enemies...This is coming from the same Democrats who are using legislative authority to go after Trumos family and friends....Trump is using the same tactics Democrats are using only difference is Trump as evidence of corruption of the former administration of obama and former obama officials breaking laws and using Democrat paid Dossier to spy on Him and his campaign.

Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Page, Strzok, Lynch are names you must remember because these names will be all over the media in a few weeks. Because these are the former obama administration officials who had a hand in starting the Russian witch hunt and these are also the same people who used the FISA court to illegally spy on Trump.


  • It's about time. I'm interested in how all this got started. First off, how did the Obama administration got the FISA courts to agree to use informations from the Steele dossier which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton camping along with the DNC as opposition research to be used as information to get a warrant to spy on a political opponent from the opposition party i control of the government? Second, the Steele dossier was not verified yet it was used by the controlling party in the Whitehouse to use the FBI to investigate Trump who was from the opposition party opposed to the Democrats?

    The Democrats call this a distraction but I'm interested to know how and when and who were involved to use informations paid by Democrats and approved by a Democrat Whitehouse to start this.
  • The Democrats are scarred. They say this is un-American. But what's more american than putting a check on federal power. 2 federal agencies and one federal branch was involved with this, The FBI, DOJ AND EXECUTIVE BRANCH. They were involved with this overreach of power. They spied on American citizenswithin the US border which is prohibited by the US constitution. Nixon did the same thing.

    Funny how now the Democrats are o.k with it. They were not ok with when Nixon did it but are ok with when Obama did it.

    This will be interesting to watch.
  • I told you and everyone this russian thing will lead back to the Democrats. I love it when I'm proven right 1 year and couple of months after i predicted this thing in here.
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