I recently graduated from COM-National with an AA Degree in HCOP( HEALTH CAREERS OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM) . I need a job . Help ?


  • Good luck on your search for a job.

    On a different angle, I think it'll be good for COM-FSM to evaluate the future demands for this degree; to ensure that once the local demands are met; that they will halt or revise the program to focus on other medical programs. Needless to say, the number of positions for medical workers is limited in all the islands--mostly to be hired by the governments and a limited number in the private sector.

    So lastly, if you cannot find a job on the island where you are located, then, Guam and other US territories and states always need people with medical training background. Just my thoughts.
  • With all your sick and elderly relatives, I don't know why you would look elsewhere for a job.
  • z, so what you're saying is one option for him/her to consider. I am just thinking that when you graduate from college, you expect to find a job and earn some cash--for you and your family. These days, we need money--to buy electricity, phone services, load for cellphones, kerosene, butane for stove, gas for car, internet connection, etc., etc.

    If there is no job on the islands, he/she can go find a job in Guam or Hawaii; and be earning at minimum $7.50 or more per hour; and send money thru Money Gram to family--to buy what they need. Nothing is free on the island these days. You even have to buy tissue; you don't go to the boonies anymore. We even buy banana and fish from the market. Just my thoughts and that would be how I would do it. But that's because I feel that somebody who has invested his/her time and money to get a degree, that degree should be the means to get a job and money. Have a nice day.
  • You should work for HR in the US department of labor, Marc. You'd make a great recruiter or job placement coordinator for that foreign government. Never mind the old and sick relatives in Micronesia. Lets help the sick and elderly foreign patients instead. The foreigners got the mullah and our old and sick relatives don't.
  • It's simple, z. If you need money, you go where you can get it. If you don't need money to live, then, why do you bother to go to college or even high school or elementary school? I am just saying that living in the islands, even taking care of the elderly, requires money. You can ask you brothers and sisters who have chosen to stay in the islands to take care of the elderly relatives while you venture out to look for jobs; so you can send money home to help. You can always come back to the islands if or when a job opens up.
  • Makes simple sense indeed. Our education system is a program for picking berries, plucking chickens and in this case changing diapers for a foreign nation. There may not be much wages left for remittance, after paying rent and taxes to the foreigners. Hopefully jobs do open up in Micronesia or maybe COM could more than prepare graduates for unwanted jobs abroad. How about producing some entrepreneurs or traditional Micronesian farmers and fishermen?
  • Z doesn't know what uros means because he is not from here....don't waste time talking to him...look up all his posts, he has no Micronesian in him, only what he reads about us.
  • Yes. I am from Mars.
  • A fascist from Mars.
  • What do HCOP do? You need to further your education. Not enough skills to work in medical or dental field will cause malpractice period.....sorry but I wont hire you....that is that.
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