Former Obama In New York Times OpEd: Trump Will Be Reelected!

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The odds of Donald Trump’s reelection depend on who you talk to. The polls say “LOLWUT?” The economy says something completely different (see CNN Ditches ‘Trump Jobs Tracker’ After Economy Booms and Deregulations Allow Economy to Boom Under ‘Trump Effect’ Economics…). If you have #RESIST written on your forehead, you may not want to read this OpEd from a former Obama official. Three different models point to Trump’s reelection. Yes, THREE models conducted by Democrats for Democrats and all 3 Democrat polling models show Trump winning reelection!


The economy and incumbency drive presidential election outcomes.

Steven Rattner
By Steven Rattner
Mr. Rattner served as counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration.

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  • Now lets hope the Democrats move to impeach. Trump daring them to impeach him. With the Mueller Democrat report clearing of him collusion and finding no bullet prove evidence of obstruction lets hope the fools move to impeach Trump. It will turn US public sentiment against them Democrats. This is what happened to Bill Clinton. When Republicans moved to impeach Clinton they lost the people and the people went to Clinton. And The Republicans lost control of Congress right after the impeachment of Clinton.

    The fools set themselves up. They have put themselves between the wall and a hard place. They were sure Mueller report would come out and be devastating against Trump. But the exact opposite happened. They have smokes as evidence against Trump on impeachment. Its not about what you know, its about what you can prove in court. And the Mueller report can't prove nothing. The democrats promised to impeach Trump. Now they have to deliver their promise to do so. They are damned if they don't impeach and damned if they do impeach. Some of them are seeing impeachment as the only way to stop Trump from getting reelected.

    Lets pray the Democrats do move ahead and impeach. By doing this they will turn public sentiment against them and get Trump reelected and deliver the majority of both houses of Congress to the Republicans.

    Go ahead and do it.
  • Pelosi resists calls for impeachment after Mueller refuses to exonerate Trump
    Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN
    Updated 7:09 AM EDT, Thu May 30, 2019
    Washington(CNN) Not even a sudden, silence-shattering prod from Robert Mueller could force Nancy Pelosi's hand on impeachment.

    But the special counsel's dramatic public statement Wednesday energized growing enthusiasm for a more aggressive assault on President Donald Trump among many Democrats even as the House speaker tried to hold them back.

    When Mueller noted that Congress, and not he, had the power to hold Trump to account and pointedly refused to exonerate the President of criminal conduct, momentum swiftly picked up toward a fateful political moment. Democratic presidential hopefuls demanded impeachment and liberal lawmakers grew perceptibly more restless as a media frenzy ensued.

    Then came Pelosi with the cold water.

    "You don't bring an impeachment unless you have all the facts," the unruffled speaker said in California several hours after the special counsel spoke on his last day at work in Washington.
  • "You don't bring an impeachment unless you have all the facts," the unruffled speaker said in California several hours after the special counsel spoke on his last day at work in Washington.

    They don't have nothing! That is why Pelosi is still refusing impeachment. I too hope she make the move.

  • From the liberal Atlantic: The Wisest Remedy Is Not Impeachment
    This is the same liberal paper that has been calling for the impeachment of Trump since Mueller started his investigation. Now its playing a different tune.
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