CNN-Trumps Policy of confronting and sanctions agains Russia & China is bad for America

CNN the world wide number one liberal go to news site breaks from the Narrative of the left wing fake nonsense and now admits that because of Trumps hostile policies agains Russia and China has make these two countries teamed up against Trump and the US.

This is the same CNN that said Trump is a russian puppet. But today CNN said in this article above, saying Trumps hostile policies of sanctions and confronting Russia and China is bad for America!!!!!! You heard that. Because of Trumps santions on Russia and China and because of Trump's confrontational policy toward these 2 countries is bad for America.

This is the Same CNN that said Trump is controlled by Russia and is soft on Russia...Now CNN is portraying Trump as the bad guy and t a bully towards Russia and China.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, while our trade war with China rages on. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are both suffering (albeit to different degrees) from US economic penalties. It's no coincidence, then, that Putin and Xi lauded their new friendship this week and signed billions of dollars in bilateral deals.

In addition to an economic partnership, Putin and Xi may be sharing talking points about the United States' purported wrongdoing. China is ramping up its rhetoric about unsafe conditions in the United States while painting the United States as the provocateur as part of its trade war propaganda. Russia, on the other hand, has previously likened US sanctions to economic war


  • Folks this is entering the Twilight zone of Trump derangement syndrome...first they said he was soft on Russia now that Russia's economy is being destroyed by Trump they are saying its bad for America.

    I thought they sais Russia is the US number 1 enemy. Now they are trying to elicit sympathy for Russia getting its economy destroyed by the same man whom they said was a puppet of Russia and is soft on Russia.

    We are now supposed to be mad at Trump for destroying Russia's economy.
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