No listen to the Whiteman in here!

Snowden-691, Saremchuuk, and FactsMatters are all white men. Foreigners who think they know what's best for us brown people. Most of all they are Socialists who want us to abandon our culture our ways and they hate the fact that we micronesian as a people are conservative by nature.

These 3 trash are not from Micronesia they are all white skinned white privileged old farts who have no single drop of Austranesian blood in them.


  • @Rastaman, just because I go against your backward ideals and philosophy does not make me a white man.

    Both you and Reaper are short-sighted and ignorant to a point where you believe someone more intelligent than you is more likely a white man than a local.

    You are both rigid and lack any semblance of compassion to a nation that needs change.

    Lastly, just because I am for females in a leadership role does not mean I am white. I am a man, who has enough confidence in my masculinity to admit that woman can play a big role in development of our Nation. Woman are level headed when it comes to responsibilities that affect the family and their livelihood whereas we men measure our worth by the length of you know what.

    It is safe to say I don't have to over compensate whereas the both of you seem like you need to dish out insults to compensate where you are most likely lacking.
  • Lol @ us "whitemen."

    Notice who in this forum actually supports the most famous white supremacist in the world, Donald Trump?

    Not "Snowden-691, Saremchuuk, and FactsMatters."

    It's actually those "white guys" Pawnstar, Reaper, and Rastaman. lol
  • @Snowden_691, how can you call someone backwards when it's you who can't accept the roles nature has designed and given men and women? I don't think you are smarter than me, if i did think that you were smarter than me I'd listen to you and pick up the card you holding and call for women to lead. But I'm not because i know thats foolish. Only in a catatonic dream world will that idea be good.

    "I am a man, who has enough confidence in my masculinity to admit that woman can play a big role in development of our Nation. "

    This is your idea of a man has enough confidence. image

    Women play more and vital role in these islands more than the women in your native country. The women are the real power here in FSM, they are the power behind the men.

    "Woman are level headed when it comes to responsibilities that affect the family"

    British Prime Minister( women) orders military attack on Argentina

    Women Who Kill: America's Most Shocking Female Mass Shooters

    Tragic cases: Mothers who killed their children

    Mother and Daughter Charged With Killing 5 Family Members in Pennsylvania

    You whitemen have done enough damage to Micronesia and the world has a whole so it's about time you white trashes shut up. Your ideas along with that of your 2 white buddies are no good. It's amazing how the tyrants use compassion to spread and ramrod their ideas on savages. If you are truly compassionate let us brown folks figure it ourselves.
  • @f@FactsMatter, there are 2 kind of Whiteman. The liberal who think he knows better and always try to interfere with others business. Than there is the other type of Whiteman, the conservative, who think that people must learn from their own mistakes and that they have no business telling others how to make their decisions.

    Both are white but the conservative is less the evil than the liberal Whiteman. The liberal says forget your identity and your culture and do as i say while the conservative says its none of my business.

    Trump is orange not white. Everything you said about him has never been proven to be true. Thes worlds most famous white supremacist is Adolf Hitler. He was a socialist just like you and Saremchuuk and Snowden. Hitler like you 3 tried to wipe out the cultures and identity of those who didn't dance to his music. And like Hitler all 3 if you white trashes are for his policies. Killing babies, more government control and a nany state.

    You guys are welcome here in Micronesia but please keep your white liberal socialistic ideas to yourselves.
  • Former peace corps volunteers and mostly Haole's from what it looks like. Ran into one a few years ago in Sokehs and broke his jaw. Murphy was his name if im not mistaken. He was a guest at a family party and couldn't handle the Sakau and started bad mouthing a very high chief and it got to a point where the womenfolks asked me to keep him quiet but not in the manner they expected. You too would be quiet when you take a sakau pounding rock to the mouth. He is still back in Sokehs but he doesn't involve himself in local matters anymore. Humility he lacked and i reminded him about it.

  • @pawnstar and rastaman, insecure and pretentious guys like you are a dime a dozen. your mentality is old school and worthless. Your topics are all plagiarism, repetitive, and useless.

  • Snowden, how can you say that when its you who is pretending to be a Micronesian and telling us guys from FSM we must vote them women in because they know more than we while we do nothing all day. Don't bring that cuck hold beta male gay shit here man. Socialists ideals are not for us. We don't need none of that. Take your white trash ass back to the mainland and stay there, i recommend you go California and click up with that SaremChuuk and bunk up with him. We know how you guys get down. Plus California is where your ideas are embraced. We don't need that recessive gene carrying beta cuck here in FSM.
  • I'm proud to be a man. I don't have to change nothing for nobody. Its always the beta types who are insecure with their sexuality and masculinity. These beta types go out of their way to please others mostly to feel like they belong and to feel that they are wanted. I bet Snowden is also a feminist. WTF is a male feminists?

  • @pawnstart, lol, that is how dense you are. You lack the intelligence to understand what the future holds and the necessary steps you, as an imbecile, should take to embrace it.

    In my experience, people that I know who fear or hate lesbians, gays, or transgenders actually have a past that involved either experimentation of the same gender or have had thoughts about trying it out. That is why you are repulsed by yourself and take it out on those that actually are who you want to be. Is it not why you are looking at these pictures in the first place?

    So Pawnstar and Rastaman, embrace your inner femininity. Fear not, we do not judge you and don't be too hard on yourselves. It is normal to have these types of feelings in people like yourselves. Embrace them and you will be free. :)

    And as I stated earlier, your topics involve plagiarism and repetitiveness. All in all, basically useless.
  • I use reasons and logics and historical facts to support my conclusions. I don't use some nonsense as "I'm confidence in my masculinity" or " compassionate" to murk my thinking. I'm compassionate and confidence enough in my manhood and knowledge to know you speak from a pulpit supported on irrationality.

    According to you men sit around and do nothing in FSM. Who build those houses and roads and schools and power lines in FSM? Men! Not one single women did. You talk about women leading but your party is about to sidesteps 10 women over 2 men in the Democrats presidential nomination in 2020.

    Its hypocritical to tell brown people to adopt your ideas wheb your own party is doing what you are advising us not to do. I have no problems with gays and lesbians and trans. I'm all G with them just long as they give their lifestyle behind closed doors and don't force us to accpet their choices. You don't win acceptance by legislation. You win by putting in time. You can't force down your ideas to a culture ane society that for thousands of years know this kind of lifestyle is not ok.

    Our society and culture in micronesia predates your ideas. Our roles in society and our culture have kept alive for thousands of years. Our women know what's what. Women have more power here in FSM than women in America.

    In the end your ideas are foolish and will only cause resentment and upheaval. Like its doing in America.

    You white liberals have enough trouble at home in America without asking for another helping. Your plate is full.
  • People who don't have their house in order shouldn't go about the world fixing the world's problems. That is how i feel about this whole conversation. We may have problems here in Micronesia but they are miniscule compared to what's happening to other countries around the world especially in America.

    We are supposed to sit back and listen to a white man from who is a member of the party that once fought a civil war to keep slavery and keep women as property's of men? Toxic masculinity seems to Be what you are talking about Snowden. You want women in power but why aren't you fighting to put women in dangerous jobs that have been held by men for thousands of years? If you want equality fight for it, not just for equality in the legislature of FSM.

    Like Rasta said, in have no problems with trans or lesbians. Shit i I've seen 2 women get down on my bed, that's hot. Jacked off while they were making out then got into bed with them. They might be hot but there was one dick in that room and that dick was i and in end they told me to joined in on the fun. Two tongues and two tits may frolick on the bed but in end they need spear to do the heavy lifting. Hahaha

    No i was posted this picture so the men of micronesia can see the type of white man you are who is lecturing them.
  • Preach Pawnstar preach.
  • LOL I must say... After years of being away from this forum, I come back thinking it would be different but I guess I was wrong. Both parties must have plenty of free time to come in here and debate about left and right issues but what does it really achieve? What is the goal here guys and gals?
  • @nesian691, you are right, this topic is frugal and useless. However, I like it because it detracts from the day to day monotony of Rastaman and Pawnstar always plagiarizing the US news and posting as if they are the ones that come up with the articles. Plus, we finally know that Rastaman and Pawnstar are homosexuals who hate women. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against their sexual preferences and I am not one to judge but man, what the heck is all this hate against women? SMH
  • @Pawnstar, you are in your own world. Either you paid two women to get down on themselves or it was porn you were watching. My guess is that the two women did not think your manhood was up to the task......hahahaha

    You sound like Trump, always casting bullshit and lies.......hahahahaha

    Go masturbate, seems like you would rather do that then do a threesome......hahahahaha

    Or, and this is most likely, you preferred a man but there were only women in the room.........hahahahahaaha
  • @Snowden_691 I'd say jst ignore them and only respond to micro topics. Like you said, its all useless. Why bother yah??
  • make love not war image
  • ahahahah, this is a good topic keep on going...... I like to watch...lmao
  • Left or Right, they are both wings on the same bird. One without the other will result in the bird simply flying in circles.
  • Cute. The beta who is in touch with his feminist side is the authority on who is gay and who is not. From friend who is a clinal psychologist according to him those who claim to be in touch with their softer side take the role of the women in a relationship. Submissive or as they say the catcher on the bed.

    Its about time white foreigners stay out of brown peoples affairs. Moralists without morals have no weight behind their words.
  • I was masturbating when i was watching them no lie. Shit nothing is a turn on more than 2 women making out. 4 play ain't my thing. Joined them later when the clams where at optimum degrees. Warm, wet and juicy. But i do got to admit they could mowed their lawns a bit. Got me lost for a second thinking i was out safari.

    I never questioned my manhood and i wouldn't listen to a fag who looks like he enjoy rubbing stick on a bed. But if thats what u prefer fine by me. Just don't go prancing about it and proclaiming you are in touch with you female side.

    We get it you are gay. Haha
  • @OceanDot Left or Right, they are both wings on the same bird. One without the other will result in the bird simply flying in circles.

    Even with the bird having both wings, it wont work if they are not in sync with each other sir/ma'am
  • I prefer the right wing than the left. The left one tries to force itself on others and when it does it mask it's movement with fake morals which it lacks and fake compassion and stupid things such as im in touch with my feminist half. Change is inevitable but you don't go about it forcibly but rather you flow with it.

    You don't call every men in Micronesia as lazy when the facts shows the exact opposite. Don't come with your fake ass compassion or fake morals cause when you do people start to question your motives.

    The right wing is the opposite of the left, the right wing is all about let them steer their own ship, let them decide what they want. Let nature take its course. Sink or swim. Crawl or walk. Let them or us learn from our mistakes. That is why i prefer the right wing than the left.

    I don't trust a man who lack morals and have a fake compassion. I especially question the advice of a man who says he is in touch with his feminist side preach all these grant ideas but in his party and his nation these things he preach about have not come to past.
  • @Rastaman What I don't get is you saying not to trust the whitemen but then the right wing is majority WHITE men.
  • @Rastaman What I don't get is you saying not to trust the whitemen but then the right wing is majority WHITE men.
  • nesian69d1, are you expecting an answer based on logic, reason, facts, consistency, and common sense? Good luck with that, my friend!
  • @nesian691, Same thing with the left wing. But i prefer the right-republicans over the left-democrats. Left think they know what's good for you and try to forcr you to follow their orders and when that does not work the left use fake concerns to make you think they are with you. Right on the other hand says let them make their own choices.

    @FactsMatter, logic and consistency, reasons and facts have no place in your vocabulary. You led us all on a that collusion bullshit. Hahaha
  • @Rastaman, you have no original bone in your body. Your phrases seem like they come straight out of present day political jargon. Stop quoting shit from the news, it's repetitive and boring.
  • @Snowden_691, as opposed to you Mr.Haole who is repeating the same stupid shit the same stupid shit the left wing idiots are saying in the USA? U are repeating the same shit the Democrats are saying. Fuck your original bone whatever's. That's all u have now. Yesterday it was im a white brown racist now im unoriginal.

    I'm repeating shit from your side of the news. Haha
  • @rastaman, boooooring. get a life man, I'm Micronesian and proud of it. Unlike yourself who is probably micronesian but wants to be a whiteman. Go smoke some weed and do a little you time masturbating to a picture of Trump.....hahahahaha
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