Keep America Great: Trump Officially Launch 2020 Reelection Campaign

President Trump has officially launch his 2020 Reelection campaign. In a single day the President raised $24.8 million to his war chest. The man they said couldn't win in 2016, the man that they said would be arrested by Mueller has beaten all the odds.

The motto is Keep America Great. Keep it great by putting America's interest first. Don't butt into other countries businesses.

4 more years!


  • Where is the collusion? Where is the instruction and most importantly where the hell is the impeachment we were all promised?
  • Ask factsmatter and @SaremChuuk they both promise us here too it was coming since collusion was a sure thing. Factsmatter was posting all those pictures of people Mueller indicted and in the end no collusion according to Mueller. Lol
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