U.S Court Of Appeals Sides with Trump-Its Unlawful For Taxpayers To Fund Abortion/Planned Parenthood

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Another promise that Trump made in 2016 has been delivered! The 9th Circuit Court of appeal has gave its judgement and sided with the Trump Administration. It means the Democrat run killing machine known as Planned Parenthood will be no longer be getting taxpayers money to fund killings of innocent babies. Planned Parenthood has killed over 53 million babies since it was started. Whats more we the taxpayers get taxed to pay for these murders. Not anymore! The ruling today by The 9th Circuit Courts of appeal has affirmed that it is illegal to use taxpayers money to pay for these murders.

Per the Star Of Tennessee: Court Rules In Favor of Title X And Abortion Restrictions in Major Win for Trump Admin
An appeals court ruled Thursday that the Trump administration can ban taxpayer-funded abortion clinics from performing abortions or making abortion referrals.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Trump administration can bar clinics from performing abortions or making abortion referrals, according to Politico.


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    In the end the Trump Administration will win this. By this I meant the full defunding of the Democrat killing machine known as Planned Parenthood. In our lifetime we will see the long awaited dream of Democrats using taxpayers money to fund holocaust on Children.

    Life wins today. MAGA!
  • Margaret Sanger is the founder of the sordid organization known as Planned Parenthood, and she shared the same worldview of eugenics as Adolf Hitler did. She believed that birth control would be the best method of creating a superior race, a pure race, a more fit race devoid of humans that were “stupid,” “moronic,” diseased and “unfit” for society. Hard to believe? Don’t buy it? Let me know.
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