Sir or Mam, you suspended both @Pawnstar and @FactsMatter Bcuz you said both were filling up this forum with Trump related discussions. Now it seems that you have allowed @Factsmatter to retain her privilege of starting discussions. Within hours of getting that She has started 4 Trump related discussions which are anti-Trump in nature. If you have given factsmatter that privilege back i suggest you do the same to Pawnstar and give him that right you also gave to factsmatter.

It seem like the admin is biased against conservative micronesians in here. He or she banned the conservative and liberal a year ago but now has allowed the liberal to start anti trump discussions while still banning the conservative micronesian from doing the same.

The admin must be another white trash liberal leaning Piece of shit who wants to silent conservative Micronesians from engaging in a dialogue. Allowing liberals you banned to start discussions while denying it to conservative who still have under ban.

To be fair allow them both or none at all. We live in a democracy if I'm not mistaken or have we changed into a socialist one.


  • Didn't someone said @SaremChuuk is the administrator for this forum now? If so its no wonder why this happened.
  • Perhaps its because Pawnstar did something worse than Factsmatter. I hope the moderator is not censoring opposing views like the Nazis did. Francis Hezel would not approve of such censoring as it undermines the foundations of our democracy.
  • Suspend both i say.
  • i say keep it fair.
  • If anyone should be "suspended," it should be the person who has flooded this MICRONESIA forum with the most Trump topics for the past two years....and continues to do so now without any consequences.

    Reaper, for example? Click on his name and see for yourself.
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    Discussion started 3 days ago by @FactsMatter, surprisingly ALL ARE TRUMP RELATED AND ABOUT TRUMP!

    1. Trump’s Solution for Migrant Kid Horrors? Blame Obama

    2. DHS Inspector General Finds 'Dangerous Overcrowding' In Border Patrol Facilities

    3. FSM takes precautionary measures in US effort to deport illegal and undocumented immigrants

  • Suspend both pawnstar and factsmatter privilege to start discussions. Keep it fair. Both were suspended now the liberal got her privilege back while the conservative didn't. In the name of fairness suspend both of them.
  • Suspend both pawnstar and factsmatter privilege to start discussions. Keep it fair. Both were suspended now the liberal got her privilege back while the conservative didn't. In the name of fairness suspend both of them.
  • Suspend Reaper for driving away most long-time forum members by flooding these pages with endless Trumpaganda that has nothing to do with Micronesia. Two years of his constant crap is more than enough.
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    The pot is calling the kettle hoo freakin hoo....Didnt you just started 3 different discussions in the past 2 days and all 3 are all about Trump? You complain and bitch about these types of discussions but here you are already started 3 new ones within 24 hours of each other.

  • Learn how to read, Reaper. And try telling the truth for a change. 2 of the 3 topics are not about Trump. They are about immigrants to America - including Micronesians - and the FSM government.

    Now how many Trump topics have YOU started over the past two years. 100? 200? More?

    Talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome! You have a terminal case of that disease, my Trump-obsessed friend. lol

  • So you do amdit that policies enacted in America have impact on Micronesians one way or the other. You said American news especially Trump news should be banned from this forum but here you are bringing up Trump and American news that do have impact on Micronesians.

    Everything that happens in America either it be policy regarding financial or economic and immigration or military ALSO CONCERN US TOO IN MICRONESIA!!! Our system and our stability either economically or survival depend on America.

    So to say we must ban American news or Trump news is to say we must also be ignorant of the world or its current events. No matter how much you hate that orange man you can't deny that everything he does also effect us too.

    Only a blind man would not see that. A blind man who is driven by hate has lost common sense. That is what you are. You report your side of it and ill report my side of it.

    But other than that i say reinstate the ban on both you two. Keep it fair like lady justice.

  • hey Reaper Trump is an ASSHOLE even the blind man knows this..
  • Hey visa welcome back. Happy belated 4th of July. He maybe be a asshole but he is keeping his promises. My kind of A-hole.
  • LOL @ my kind of asshole... yeah man! you are right on!! but its a moral sin to take babies from parents and sale them..thats the kind of asshole Im taking about.
  • Isn't it more moral to adopt babies than to kill babies, visafree?
  • 2014: Obama build cages and separated kids from their parents.

    Liberals in 2014: He is doing a good job for the country.

    2016-2019: Trump enforcing the same laws obama enforced which Congress passed.

    Liberals 2016-2019: He is basically Hitler.

    Me: What a punch of hypocrites.

    The laws obama enforced and Trump also enforced now were passed during Democrat President Bill Clinton Tenure in the Whitehouse. Clinton signed them into law. Those law specifically says kids must be separated since kids can't be put in jail under US laws. Democrats control the house and can change this laws about separation of kids at the border. Why don't they change them? If democrats want to Trump to stop enforcing the laws which his job they can change the laws but they don't because it was would also show that they supported these laws and passed them!
  • imagePlease, NO TRUMP posts in Micronesia forum, THANK YOU!
  • Finally, this forum looked like reddit image
  • so are you saying.. if Clinton ate shit during his tenure, it is okay for Trump to eat shit because its the RIGHT thing to do and because it's a law, and Trump is following this law as is?.. where is the commonsense in this ?..freaken hilarious! man! Noi brainer!!
  • No Clinton signed this legislation into law. And he and the Presidents after him enforced it. Bush Jr, Obama the failure, And Trump all enforced this law. This law signed by Clinton made separation of children from their families and detaining them part of US policy.

    Democrats have no common sense at all. They were ok with this law and policy when Obama was enforcing it but all of a sudden don't like it. And Democrats can change this law. They control the house which make laws but for the last 2 years Democrats haven't changed it.

    Talk about common sense.
  • I propose to suppress the category "religion" because religion is outdated in these times of hate, and to rename the category "soldiers ground" into "Trump's ground" or more seriously "Worldnews" "world politic" or "hate" imageimage
  • Bull02 that's how suppressed your little coconut brain is. Get a life and go live in Baltimore.
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