Kaboom! Man Who Wrote "Steele Dossier " Also Worked For Putin And Russia

Remember the Steele Dossier that the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton paid for as opposition research against Trump? That same Steele Dossier that the obama administration took which they knew that came from Democrats National Committee and Clinton but went ahead and used it to start the ENTIRE RUSSIAN FAKE INVESTIGATION AND ALSO USED IT TO WIRETAP AND SPY ON TRUMP.

Well Yesterday it was revealed to the world by a award winning investigative journalist that Christopher Steel, the man who wrote the Steele Dossier also once worked for the Russians and got paid by the Russians.

1.July 02, 2019 - 07:00 PM EDT
Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Muell


2.It Turns Out A Russian Oligarch Paid The Man Hired By Hillary Clinton To Claim Trump Colluded With Russia
by Ashe Schow
July 3, 2019

3.Oleg Deripaska (Close friend Of Vladimir Putin) Says He Hired Christopher Steele To Work On Research Project
July 2nd, 2019


Ladies and gentlemen in a few weeks or days the I.G investigation report into how the Obama administration abused its power and potentially broke US laws and USED the FBI and DOJ and CIA and used a Democrat funded "Steele Dossier" to investigate Trump and spied on him.

The Media is not reporting this because for one it will show thar the Democrats and Obama used Hitler and Nazi like tactics to spy and investigate their opponent especially Trump who is from the opposition party that ran against and beat Democrats in 2016. And the second reason is a witness who was once gave information against Trump to get a FISA warrant HAS FLIPPED AND IS NOW COOPERATING WITH THE I.G INVESTIGATION TEAM.


  • (1)This is how the entire Democrats Russian witch hunt investigation started. The Steele Dossier which was paid for by Democrats. The Obama administration a Democrat President used this dossier which his party paid for and used it to tell the DOJ and FBI and CIA to investigate Trump and WIRETAP him even knowing that the constitution of the US prohibit that.

    (2) C.Steele wrote the dossier claiming Trump colluded with Russia. It turns out C.Steele worked and got paid by the Russians. Democrats used information supplied by a man who worked for Russians to investigate their opponent Donald Trump.

    Here is also a shocker, the Russian who paid Christopher Steele is a close friend of the President of Russia. And this man also knew Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton when both worked for the Obama administration.

    (3) Putin was allowed to buy American Uranium by the Obama administration. Clinton foundation was paid 300,000 dollars by the Russians to make a speech in moscow. Steele worked for a Russian who is a close friend of Putin. This guy also admitted that Trump's sanctions on Russia also specially name him and his company and are also under sanctions by the Trump Administration.

    The dots are connecting now.
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