DoJ Inspector General interrogates "Dossier" Author Steele - finds him credible

While Herr Drumpf was in England, visiting the Queen, staff of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General were also in England, for the purpose of interrogating Christopher Steele, the author of the research materials commonly known as the "Dossier." The interview, which took sixteen hours over two days, was part of the investigation by the Inspector General into the claim that the FBI had no basis to seek a FISA warrant to monitor the communications of Carter Page. The investigation was commenced at the request of the fascists in the House of Representatives, who have consistently claimed that the entire Mueller investigation was a democratic effort to discredit Herr Drumpf's election.

Quoting from the Politico article: "The interview was contentious at first, the sources added, but the investigators ultimately found Steele's testimony credible and even surprising."

Read the article here:

If Steele is found to be credible by the Office of the DoJ Inspector General, will the fascists accept that the FBI acted properly in obtaining the Carter Page FISA warrant and commencing the counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election?

Of course not. Fascists do not believe in truth.


  • Anonymous sources told politico that he was credible. Keyword anonymous sources. Haven't we have enough stories or should i say fake news that have been contributed by anonymous sources that all have been proven wrong?

    1. Anonymous sources told CNN COMEY WOULD TESTIFY THAT TRUMP TOLD HIM TO STOP INFESTATION....Turn out Comey said the opposite of that.

    2. Anonymous sources told CNN MUELLER WOULD FIND COLLUSION....Turns out Mueller report said the opposite.

    3. Anonymous sources told CNN THAT FORMER TRUMP LAWYER MET WITH RUSSIANS IN PRAGUE PRIOR TO 2016 ELECTION...Turned out that that was also a lie.

    4. Anonymous sources told CNN THAT MUELLER WOULD INDICT TRUMP...TURNED out that was a lie and Mueller did no such thing.

    5. Anonymous sources told CNN THAT TRUMP JR ALONG WITH JARRED KUSHNER would be indicted by Mueller....TURNED out that was also a lie.

    I can bet too that this is also a lie....Yup steele is credible yet he took money from Russia and worked for putin before he worked for the DNC and Democrats looking for negative information about Trump....Those information were later used by the Obama administration and His DOJ and FBI and CIA to investigate Trump. And spied on HIM.

  • And the obama administration witness who was used to verify to democrats funded dossier is now cooperating with the investigation team that is investigating the abuses the obama administration did during the 2016 election.

    ULY 07, 2019
    FISA abuse investigation reaches critical 'breakthrough' in final stages, report says

    FISA abuse investigation reaches critical 'breakthrough' in final stages, report says
    FISA abuse investigation reaches critical 'breakthrough' in final stages, report says

    The Justice Department's investigation into the FBI's surveillance of the Trump campaign has reportedly reached a last-minute "breakthrough."

    At least one "key witness" outside the Justice Department and FBI recently began cooperating with the investigation
  • Mueller report confirms the Steele dossier belongs in the dustbin of history

    The Trump dossier - compiled by Christopher Steele, commissioned by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee - has tied up U.S. politics for more than two years with its accusation that an elected U.S. president colluded with Russia.

    My analysis, published one day after the dossier's publication in BuzzFeed on Jan. 12, 2017, argued that the dossier was a fake and gave the logical reasons why.

    Robert Mueller's "no collusion" finding destroys the dossier's multiple charges of a deep Trump-Russia conspiracy, shows that the dossier should not have been used to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants (if that is the case) and may go down as one of the most elaborate hoaxes in history.

    Much of the attempted verification of the dossier focused on pinning down details, such as travel dates of Trump campaign associates, stamps in passports and whether parties to purported meetings could have been present. Such verifiable details are rare and do not yield useful results.

    In fact, the dossier seems unverifiable, and efforts to do so are in vain. As long as Steele refuses to name his sources, there is no way to test the dossier's credibility. report confirms the Steele dossier belongs in the dustbin of history
  • This is why i don't trust these fake news anonymous sources. The Mueller report itself is a testimony that the Steele Dossier and the person who wrote it are not credible since Mueller couldn't verify the claims made by Steele that was paid for by Democrats.

    And a report came 3 days ago that Steele was one time a employee of a close friend of the President of Russia.

    Oleg Deripaska Says He Hired Christopher Steele To Work On Research Project
    July 2nd, 2019
  • No names just anonymous sources. 2 anonymous sources. It could be anybody it could be Comey it could be obama himself. @SaremChuuk, haven't you have enough stories from anonymous sources that said many things regarding the Mueller witch hunt and Trump that claimed sensational things which all have been proven false? You are laying your hopes and dreams on unnamed sources. Who can say whatever they want and who are getting paid to be anonymous sources.

    You were sure there was Collusion, you posted stories in here saying that Mueller would find collusion and charge Trump with collusion and obstruction. You were gloating but it turned out to be all lie when Mueller didn't find collusion or charged Trump

    You also posted a story that said Cohen said Trump met Russians in his hotel. Turned out that was a lie.

    Don't go giving false hope to factsmatter and visafree and errr and rednapper and ironyouth. It's not good.
  • Poor Reaper. He’s finally lost it. Talking to himself. A blithering fool. LMFAO.
  • No Poor @SaremChuuk pinning his hope on anonymous sources like he did with all the stories about collusion and obstruction which you said were true. Didn't you said Michael Cohen would testify that Trump paid those women from campaign money? You did! You based this assertion on stories based on anonymous sources.

    The obama witness who was used to get the fisa warrant on Trump is now cooperating with Horozwits. This same witness came from Steele and his dossier, the same dossier democrats paid for. Now this witness is singing like a canary.

  • All the stories you posted here about Trump which were all based on informations supplied to the media by anonymous sources have all been proven as FALSE. Its safe to say this one is too.
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