FSM Foreign Affairs

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Let me introduce a topic concerning our Department of Foreign Affairs which supposed to be the brain of the national government in terms of international engagement.

To me Department of Foreign Affairs has been dead for a long time ever since last President came into Office. He re-appointed the same Secretary and so nothing changes in terms of new foreign policy. The Department became the Department of bell boys or bag guys for the traveling officials of the executive branch. FSM went backward and the economy became very stagnant as foreign affairs was functioning as the Department of Domestic Affairs. Corruption was rife and cronyism and nepotism became the norm of government practices.

The public's confidence hit the bottom as government services almost became non existent. It was like no one recognize anything of the government except the President, his cronies, and relatives enjoying the perks as if they own the government. This was exasperated by the saga of the son in law of the President who abused public confidence. He used his connection to his father in law to receive thousands and thousands of money to sustain his personal life style. He now rots in jail in Hawaii and awaits his just desert stemming from his financial criminal activities.

It is suspicious that the last President (Christian) was deeply involved in the saga as everyone knows that the buck stops at his desk. He cannot squarely lay blame on others, or play ignorance as no decent mind will ever believe the litany of his new excuses . There is a talk in town that the FBI is waiting if he ever arrives on USA soil. He will be arrested just like his son in law. The FSM community in Hawaii is buzzing and anxiously listening to this arrest. It is like a new political entertainment for the FSM citizens in Hawaii. The sad part of the saga is that the last President is now back in Congress. Many people are questioning his genuine motives. Will he continues the evil deeds, or repent quickly to regain his vile reputation. What can he do this time since the whole FSM (but his cohorts in Pohnpei) no longer believe in his outrageous and corrupt practices.

The good news is that we now have a young and incorruptible President who is prepared to put himself on the line to protect the interest of all of the people of FSM. That is a good re-start to head into the future. The President will restore public confidence. He will usher in a new era of optimistic outlook for the FSM as a nation with laws.

Now, the Department of Foreign Affairs desperately need a new Secretary who is young, active, articulate and willing to develop new foreign policy to engage the world in a new lime light. We are sure President Panuelo will appoint a new Secretary that can work alongside the President with confidence and due regard to public perception in terms of accountability and good practices all in the name of ethical conduct. Let us give the President assistance to rebuild our nation.


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