President Trump signs Executive Order Regarding the Citizenship Question.

Trump signed an executive order, today, allowing the collection of information on the accurate count of US citizens for the US Census. Before today’s executive order, the numbers of representatives in the US Congress and the US Electoral College were determined likely by the number of “people” living in a state. But from today on, memberships of these federal establishments may be determined by the number of “US citizens” rather than just any person living in a state. If so, this is an important milestone, because in the past, non-citizens (like Micronesian migrants and illegal aliens) were counted in the US Census and likely used in determining the number of representatives in the US congress and the Electoral College. These two government organizations decide on important federal policies as well as who will become the US president. Perhaps, this is another reason the left support open borders and sanctuary cities. What do you think are some implications of this executive order?


  • Good news. Good news. Couple of hours ago the fake news media was reporting that he wouldn't do this. According to those anonymous sources. But look he signed a executive order doing what CNN MSNBC and NBC and Politico news all said he wouldn't.n
  • Please, PLEASE, let me rain on your parade, just for a little while.

    Putting aside your merde (French, look it up) regarding what "the left" supports -- (you don't know what the left supports, only what the right wing sound machine tells you the left supports) -- your conclusion, z -- that "memberships of [sic] these federal establishments may be determined by the number of 'US citizens' rather than just any person living in a state" -- would only be possible if the Fourteenth Amendment were amended.

    Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment amends Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution regarding how the apportionment of representatives is determined.

    Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed.

    So the only way apportionment of representatives through a count of only citizens could happen is by amending the Fourteenth Amendment.

    Most importantly, what you concluded regarding the census issue is NOT the reason for the putting the citizenship question into the census at all. The reason the census question was proposed was to frighten hispanics and other people of color, here legally or illegally, into not participating in the census at all. Resulting in an undercount of people of color.

    For instance, Micronesians in the US might not want to participate in the Census even if here legally, because they do not want to rock the boat. Who knows what the US will do regarding the Compact? So if you can frighten enough people into avoiding the census, the census results undercount minorities, and, miraculously, become more white.

    And when the census becomes more white, the country becomes more Republican. The miracle of jerrymander.

    OK, girls, I'm done for now. Back to your whining and lying.
  • Citizens and non-citizens (including illegal aliens) come in all colors. There are black, white, yellow, and brown citizens. Regardless, whether or not Micronesians participate in the survey, the US Census will acquire data from other departments, like Homeland Security and the Department of Labor, according to this new executive order. They will have data on Micronesians, whether or not they participate in the US Census survey. Most Micronesians don't care to vote or be counted in the US anyway. Like illegal aliens and tourists, Micronesians have their own governments in their own countries. If Native Americans are not counted in the US, why should illegal aliens be counted and represented? Most US Citizens, including blacks, browns, yellows, etc,, may not support your argument or use of illegal aliens to gain political power, but I may be wrong. Many socialists want to abolish ICE.
  • Sorry, z, but you are not making any sense. What the hell do socialists and ICE have to do with the census? If you want to know why Native Americans are not counted in the census, why don't you look it up? Socialists and ICE! Why not include communists, no doubt they want to abolish ICE as well? Next time, try to make sense.
  • I don't know where I got the idea that there are many socialists in the USA. Absurd, right? I agree.
  • Still not making sense.
  • True. It doesn't make sense for illegal aliens to be represented in the US congress.
  • "All persons" present in the United States in a census year are counted, except untaxed Native Americans. To the extent that undocumented migrants, those present in the US as a result of overstaying their legal authority (visa), those present by virtue of green cards, or by virtue of treaties with the US which permit them entry and the right to live and work in the US, are counted. Simple as that. How would you distinguish between legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants when you do the count? Walk up to the door and demand to know whether the person who greets you is legal?

    If that doesn't make sense to you, z, take it up with the Constitution. Undocumented migrants, and COFA entrants, are NOT represented in the US House of Representatives, they merely are present in congressional districts when the census is taken. That is how the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment decided to make it when they ended slavery in the US (Thirteenth Amendment). Would you prefer that people of color be counted as 3/5 of a person, the way slaves were counted?

    BTW, why is socialism so bad, and capitalism is good? Federal subsidies to oil companies is socialism, isn't it? Aid to farmers is socialism, isn't it? Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security are socialism, aren't they. Tax breaks for major corporations are socialism, aren't they? What makes those policies so hateful that we should throw 20 million or more to the wolves? What did Jesus say about "the least of us"? Was Jesus a capitalist?
  • Jesus said give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God. He didn't say give to the government what belongs to the hard-working American workers, or to the poor what belongs to the rich. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem so they could participate in the census. I'm sure ICE is helping illegal aliens do the same for their countries.

  • This isn't a test on who can quote from the Bible. The question is "was Jesus a capitalist?".

    For those who would like to ponder on whether Jesus would support socialism or capitalism as a just economic system, this link should help inform your search for an answer:

    Happy reading, z.
  • That doesn't tell us much about how democrats could keep their hands out of other people's wallets. lol
  • Federal overspending this year just went over $750 billion with Republicans in charge of White House and Senate. So much for Democrats with hands in pockets.

    And WTF does this have to do with the citizenship question you started this thread with?
  • This is a detention facility in McAllen, Texas visited today by VP Pence. No showers, no beds or sleeping mats, no toothbrushes, no change of clothes, and no contact with their families.

    Pence described it as "humane." Most Americans call it a concentration camp.
    Make America Gag Again.
  • You were supportive of socialism and so you should know that raising taxes to fund healthcare for illegal aliens is a form of stealing. You may give your own money and resources to anyone. But it is not charity if you give other people's money. Because that is a form of stealing. Democrats in Congress support open borders yet none would invite illegals into their own homes.

    The crowd in Factsmatter picture is a result of policies by democrats who want them here in their sanctuary cities. Illegals provide cheap (unlawful) labor for the elite while providing numbers in the census for more power in congress and the electoral college. That is a form of crime, since harboring illegals is a crime - not a form of humanitarian service or pious charity.

    The statutory interpretation of the 14th amendment according to the intents of the framers may be debated. But most people with commonsense would agree illegal aliens should not be used to determine the number of representatives in congress, no matter how you would spin it. Hence, the reason Illegal aliens should be deported like the law requires and not included in the Census. That is how we do it in Micronesia.We deport illegals. Sadly for the USA, many democrats, especially their socialists want to support illegal aliens to the extent of abolishing ICE, rather than help fix and enforce US laws.
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    This is smart Trump. Signing a executive order on this issue. 750 billion blame on Republicans but ain't it the Democrats who control the purse and power to fund the government and spending bills? Lol....Didnt Democrats nominees agree to spend billions on giving illegal immigrants free healthcare and cancel student debts which will rack up to trillions. The green deal will also rack up trillions but we must pass it. Silly democrats they control the purse and power to change laws but here they are complaining abiut debts when its themselves who gave these monies and making plan to spend trillions on illegals and a climate change deal they didn't vote for.
  • Once again, the Racist-in-Chief has betrayed the party of Lincoln with his racist tweets and policies.
  • No one is buying that racist narrative. It's always the true racists who accused others of racism when things don't go their way.

    Lets hear it from a black man who himself understand what racism means.

    Ben Carson: Trump is not a racist and his comments were not racist

    Ben Carson: Trump is not a racist and his comments were not racist

  • LOL And who hired Carson and will fire him if he disagrees with his boss? The Racist-in-Chief, of course.
  • Racism is always a calling card Democrats use to discredit and attakc people that they disagree with. For example I've been called a racist and a nazi and a white supremacist in this forum by liberals whom i disagree with. If Trump is a racist and a white supremacist then i too am one...i Reaper who is a person of color and a Micronesian is also racist according to democrats because i don't agree with them. The brown white supremacist Nazi you all heard about is here in the flesh.

    Never called these other liberals racists but i am deemed a racist all because i don't vote and agree with Democrats.
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