Kaboom! Feds Close Investigation into campaign violation against Trump. No Charges!!!!

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The feds and federal prosecutors in New York have stopped the investigation into alleged campaign violation by Trump campaign related to Stormy Daniels.


The case was closed yesterday with no charges being filed against Trump or his company. Normally when a case is closed the charges are filed in this case, the entire case was closed and the feds and prosecutors in New york have stopped the investigation entirely....meaning done and finished and another hope that the Democrats have to impeach Trump has been shut down.

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Sorry my gender neutral socialists friends there goes another you girls had to oust Trump. The only chance you girls have now is with Muellers testimony next week. Next week like today will be the same.

If it doesn't goes well next week the promise to impeach the mother f** ker in the Whitehouse will not be delivered to democrat voters. And you girls and I will see that mother f**ker in the Whitehouse till 2024...lol



  • Liberal tears. Sweet and salty and yet satisfying. Every investigation they ran have all came out empty.
  • This was one the cases sarem and factsmatter assured us would lead to trumps getting impeached. Now its another dead end. Case has been shutdown and closed.
  • Another one of my Predictions coming true. In this forum a year ago i said this will go nowhere. It has come to fulfilment.
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