FSM Infrastructure Development Plan for Chuuk -- FY 2016 -- 2025

Was curious about the status of the Chuuk Road Project, and came across the FSM Chuuk State Development Plan for FY 2016 -- 2025. The PDF can be found here:

http://www.ict.fm/documents/infrastructure/IDP/FSM IDP FY2016-FY2025 - Chuuk State (version%20151202).pdf

Haven't read it yet, but the numbers may be astonishing.


  • May have to look for the version. Took the link totally, but the last part apparently did not find itself into the hyperlink.
  • Not really helpful. Not really clear but it appears about $300 million needed and less than $120 million funded. For Chuuk. Not including Pohnpei, Kosrae, or Yap.

    Anybody know how much of Chuuk Road is done, and how much has been spent so far?
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