Close To 1,000 Trump related Discussions Started By SaremChuuk & Factsmatter in This Forum

Hypocrites at their best! In this Forum Alone there are close to 1,000 Trump related Discussions mainly anti Trump from @FactsMatters & @SaremChuuk alone. That is not include their discussions about Trump from @redsnapper @visafree & @errr and @nesian691...if you add them all together it total close 2,000....All anti Trump. They didn't care when they were flooding this forum with these unrelated news but when conservatives push back and debunked their stories they all of a sudden wanted no more.

Trump related Discussions from @Factsmatter (Her discussions history speaks for itself)

1.DHS Inspector General Finds 'Dangerous Overcrowding' In Border Patrol Facilities

2.Trump’s Solution for His Migrant Kid Horrors? Blame Obama

3.Trump has finally found something to give to Vladimir Putin: Cuba

4.Donald Trump Reports He’s Getting Rich as President

5.Trump says he is being investigated over Comey firing

6.35% of Americans approve of Trump's job performance, 64% disapprove

7.GOP Sen. Tells Trump: Investigation Is ‘Not A Witch Hunt, No’

8.Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice

9.Virginia shooter apparently listened to advice from GOP Senator Ron Paul

10.Donald Trump has mastered the art of seeming like he's telling the truth

11.GOP Sen. Tells Trump: Investigation Is ‘Not A Witch Hunt, No’

12.Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice

13.Virginia shooter apparently listened to advice from GOP Senator Ron Paul

14.Comey offers dramatic details of Trump meetings in opening statement

15.Psychologist: Donald Trump's malignant narcissism is toxic

16.Trump praises Jim Jong Un, Putin, Duterte and other murderous dictators

17. Trump Takes Credit for Reauthorizing Bernie Sanders’ Veterans CHOICE Act

18. Trump confused about which countries he is attacking

19.Despite talk of a military strike, Trump’s ‘armada’ actually sailed away from Korea

20. ICE Arrests Have Doubled Under Trump

This is just the tip of the iceberg from the Trump news discussions or anti Trump news started by Factsmatter...Look at his discussions history and you will see hypocrisy from top to bottom. Close to 1,000 discussions started by @FactsMatters and majority of them related to Trump.


  • Now lets examine the History discussions of @SaremChuuk...look into her discussions history nand this is what you will find. Chuuk

    1.How Assange got the Hillary and Podesta emails

    2. DoJ Inspector General interrogates "Dossier" Author Steele - finds him credible

    3.Congress' Emoluments Clause suit against Trump will proceed to trial

    4.Testimony of Robert Mueller III Before Congress

    5.Obama Administration knowledge of Russian Cyber Warefare on US Elections



    8."I'm F**ked."


    10.Small Steps....

    11. Another "Witch" Hunted, Caught, and Squealing

    12. Did Vice President Pence Write the NYT "Anonymous" Op-Ed Skewering His Fuehrer Herr Drumpf?

    13. Herr Drumpf Needs Coloring Lessons

    14. First Two Members of Congress to Endorse Herr Drumpf for President Have Been Indicted

    15. Happening in Trump's Amerika this Week

    16. Happening in Trump's Amerika Today -08/21/18 Part Three

    17. Happening in Trump's Amerika Today -08/21/18 Part Two

    18. Happening in Trump's Amerika Today -08/21/18 Part One


    20. Good News for Democrats in Wisconsin

    Look at @SaremChuuk discussions and post history and you will see over half are about Trump and or should i say anti trump related.... Hypocrite! Chuuk
  • Hypocrites man hypocrites. It was all roses and daisy and good so long as it was liberal fake news propaganda. But when counter information started showing up and debunked their lies they became all Hitler socialist like and want to censor others because the discussions were not their type of news. The party of progress. So they claim.

  • This is how you debate these hypocrites reaper. By exposing their double standards and fake outrage.

    Freedom and Democracy dies when you do nothing and allow socialists to dictate to you and take away your rights.
  • It was ok when they did it but not ok when different discussions opposite of Their poltical fake news was posted.
  • Where is facts don't matter? Created over 1,000 Trump related topics in here and has the nerve to say its clogging up this forum. Trump Derangement syndrome is a disease. Hahaha
  • The standards don't apply to folks who suffer from trump derangement syndrome. Yes its close to 1,000. Over 900+ trump related topics from factsmatter alone and a few hundred from visa, SaremChuuk redsnapper but mostly from factsmatter.

    @Factsmatter: Don't post Trump related topics/discussions in here.

    But don't mind if do post close to 900 anti trump related topics says the same @FactsMatter

    Look on her history of discussions and you will see hypocrisy from top to bottom. Its ok so long as its negative trump related topics but not ok when its possitve trump discussions.

    Let the facts shows that she/@FactsMatter is a hypocrite through and through. The girl who cry wolf. Lol
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