Israeli Ambassador: Israel Should Ban Anti-Semitic & Racist Democrats From Entering Israel

The Ambassador of Israel said on T.V today that his country, the Jewish country of Israel should ban US lawmakers and Senators from the Democrat party who are leading the anti-Semitic and racist attacks on Israel from entering the the Jewish state.

Funny isn't it? The Jewish state single out the members of the Democrat party has the ones who are being anti Semitic and racists. He must be a Nazi right @SaremChuuk?


  • Sarem is the Ambassador from Israel right? You are also a Jew or you claim to be one, Do you agree with this fellow Jewish countryman of yours? Why did he single out lawmakers from the Democrat party as the the racists and anti Semitic? His he right in saying that every Democratic country has the right to ban those who harbour hate on them from entering their territory?
  • In the next 48 hours this brave Jewish man will be labeled as a Nazi and a white supremacist by the left. How dare he speaks against and expose the left for what they truly ARE.

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