Democrats gamble failed, after Muellers testimony any talk of impeaching Trump is gone

The Democrats last big chance of impeachment was swiped away today by none other than Bob Mueller. They tried breathing life into the investigation and hopes of impeachment was forever taken away after Mueller himself testified. Now that this is all done i hope the Democrats can come together and unite the country and work with Trump.

It was good while it lasted but at some time they have to realise that they have no chance in hell of impeaching Trump. After Muellers testimony US public opinion on impeaching Trump has shifted from likely to total opposition to impeachment.

The Democrats have handed Trump a victory in the 2020 reelection because of this gamble.


  • picture has painted all and ready for election day
  • Sarem, its not what i said so it was what we all saw and heard.

    From analytical view here is what i saw and what i believe many saw. The Democrats came out trying to paint a picture that Mueller we already deduced from the report. And that was yes, the Russians did interfered. No doubt as Mueller report established that. And today Mueller also repeated that. What we learned again. There was interference. Thats part 1 of the report. Meuller repeated what the report said.

    We also learned as Mueller stated today that he was involved with the process of all of the way with Barr to redacting the report and he was also involved with retracting the report that was released to Congress. It wasn't Barr or the office of attorney general who was solely responsible for the redaction of the Report. Meuller was surprised to learn that the AG released the report to the public since he was of the opinion that the report was going to take years to be released.

    Mueller also affirmed that he is in agreement with the AG of redacting the report. Rules 6-E of the DOJ as he said today. He found 10 separate instances of possible obstruction and he investigated all 10. He combed heaven in hell to sniff out obstruction violations. This is what the Democrats established and Mueller acknowledged.
  • Here is the analytical i got from the Republicans questions and answers meuller gave today.

    Meuller didn't recommend charges from those 10 instances of obstruction because the evidences he gathered were not sufficient to prove that obstruction ever happened. This is the picture that was definitely made clear by Mueller. It was not because of standing guidelines that say a sitting President can't be indicted but it was because the evidences didn't support recommendation of charges.

    There was instances when Trump almost obstructed and fired him but in the end He was never fired or hindered or stopped in any way shave or form to finished his investigation. Yes Trump almost fired him therefore committing obstruction but Trump never did. Not because of guidelines that he didn't recommend charges of obstruction but because no obstruction took place. This was made clear.

    Meuller contradicted himself today. And possibly committed prejury. He stated in his report and under oath that everything he did and said in his report are true. Yet he said collusion is not a legal term or was used in his investigation but on his report opening statement he said he investigated collusion. And when asked if there was Collusion or whether Trump or anyone in his team concluded or conspired with Russia to meddle in 2016 he simply said No. They, Trump and his team did not conspired with the Russians.
  • What we also learned is that the Democrats want to continue the investigation through the FBI to re- investigate those 10 instances of obstruction that Mueller said had no sufficient evidence to conclude in his report to established that obstruction took place. Mrs.Jackson a Democrat said is it possible to re-investigate these instances and open new investigations through the FBI.

    Mueller pointed out that it would be useful but he wouldn't take that route since he didn't find anything.

    Democrats got Mueller to admit that there was interference from Russia but at the same they got him to admit that Russia and Trump weren't together on in.

    Democrats got Mueller to admit there were instances of the President ALMOST committing obstruction but he also admitted the President didn't obstructed him.

    8 hours of it i watched from beginning to end and this is what i came up with and what many saw.

    Democrats were playing texas hold'em and they gambled big. What they thought was pocket aces turned out to be a 2 and a 7. The applaud their effort but in the end they a 2 pair was what they were holding. The lowest and weakest hand in Texas holdem.
  • On the contrary it is so. After the hearing not a single motion of impeachment as been filed.

    "Remember, I spent months trying to tell people that there will be no headlines out of this," Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), a member of the Intelligence Committee, told The Hill. "Quite frankly, I think it was both the Democrats and the media that sort of created this narrative that there was going to be some bombshell from Bob Mueller, there is going to be a bombshell from his deputies -- there is not going to be a bombshell from him."

    Democrats put up their sail hoping to catch a might wind to push their canoe of impeachment and instead of catching a wind they got a 8 second breeze that didn't even move the canoe.

  • Here is a video from the Democrats failed testimony that brought nothing to life or paint no picture.

    Press the icon folks and go to mark 6:43:19secs of the video of Muellers full testimony. In 6:43:19 Mueller was asked.

    Democrat Rep. Mr. Himes: Did bought adds on Facebook and Twitter favoring President Trump?

    Meuller: That is correct but the Russians also bought adds which were in support of Hillary Clinton also.

    @SaremChuuk and @FactsMatters told us the russians adds were only favoring Trump. But as Mueller stated above in the video, the Russians also bought adds that were also in favor of Hillary.

  • Meuller testimony was clear. The special counsel team didn't find anything that showed the Trump campaign or Trump himself or anyone in his team were hand in hand in Russia to meddle in 2016.

    As Anunaki mantioned, Mueller also testified that it was not any standing rules that prevented him from recommending charges on Trump. He didn't recommend charges because based on what they had after 2 years of investigation they didn't have anything that would prove that obstruction took place.

    This is why the impeachment for collusion and obstruction is closed and gone just like Obama's legacy.
  • They wanted to breath life into the Mueller report but instead they sucked the life out of it. That Schiff guy should resign. He said there was evidence of Trump that Trump colluded or obstructed justice. He said Mueller would gave it. Total and utter bust.
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