Supreme Court Ruling: Trump Administration Can US Military Funds To Build Border Wall

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The rule of law once again won today. The constitution of the US is alive and well. The US Supreme Court ruled today that the President of the United States can use unused money to build the Border wall. 2+6 is 8. 8 Billion will be now used to build the Border wall between Mexico and the US.

The Washington Post: Supreme Court says Trump can proceed with plan to spend military funds for border wall construction

CNN: Supreme Court rules for Trump in border wall fight

Yesterday Muellers testimony showed impeachment is dead and now The Supreme Court ruled that the President has the constitutional right in building the Border wall using Military funds.

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  • Yeah Right!! still waiting since then for a new wall??.. don't tell me money will be allocated but no wall to build?. I would be surprise. " its the most corrupted government in history of this nation . no surprise at all!!
  • The Supreme court ruling cleared the way for the wall to be build.

  • For your own information, that is one of many more supreme court hearing to clear the way. so for you to think that shows how ignorant fool a brown microneisain can be.. pretty hilarious!!
  • 8 billions cleared to be used on the wall. How many miles can 8 billion dollars build? Lol...Democrats have also signed new funding bill with over 300 billion dollars a few days ago and no provision in that bill to stop Trump from using that money to build the Wall.

    Art of the deal. Lol
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