Kaboom! Judge Dismisses DNC Suit Against Trump. Reason: Case Devoid Of Facts!

4 hours ago, A federal judge who was appointed by Democrat President Bill Clinton dismissed a suit brought up by the Democratic National Committee against President Donald Trump. In light of Muellers Testimony which Mueller found no connections between Trump and his campaign of collusion with Russia, the Judge threw out the case citing that its claim were devoid of facts and reality. The DNC suit claimed that the Trump campaign and Trump himself were responsible of hacking their servers along with Russia.


Since Mueller found no evidences of collusion the Judge ruled that the case has no merit of truth or facts behind its allegations. The Judge also ruled that its not a crime to recive stolen materials and use them but its a crime to be involved with the stealing of those materials. And since Trump or his campaign were not involved with the hacking of the DNC according to Robert Mueller Special report and testimony the Judge Dismissed the entire case because the evidences point out that the Trump campaign or Trump were not involved with collusion.


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    Devoid of Facts meant the evidences suggest otherwise that Trump or his camping WERE NOT INVOLVED IN HACKING THE DNC. This same language can also be found in Muellers report on obstruction of Justice which says there was INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO CHARGE THE PRESIDENT WITH A CRIME.

    LADIES THERE GOES YOUR HOPE OF IMPEACHMENT OR IMPEACHING TRUMP FOR COLLUSION OR OBSTRUCTION. THIS A PERCENT. If ever the Democrats try to impeach Trump on Collusion or obstruction the courts will look at this decision by a Democrat appointed judge and they will base their ruling on this precedent. Devoid of FACTS.

  • Wow. Total exoneration. Impressive.
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