Dr. Alveda King: President Trump is not a racist and cares about all Americans

Black Religious leaders along with Dr.Martin Luther Kings Niece, Alveda King meet the President to show support for him and all disagree with the liberal media characterization of Trump as a racist. According to the black church leaders along with Alveda king, all these claims of Trump being a racist is FAKE NEWS!

Alveda King, the niece of iconic Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Tuesday that claims by Democrats, pundits and activists that President Donald Trump is a racist are inaccurate.

King appeared for an interview with the morning show's co-host Steve Doocy to discuss a meeting she and other African American pastors had with Trump at the White House and to comment on the president's recent attacks on Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings and his city, Baltimore. After Doocy played a clip of politicians and analysts criticizing the president and arguing that he is racist, King disagreed strongly.

"All of that news is absolutely fake," King, who formerly served as a representative in Georgia's State House, insisted. She told Doocy that the president told her and the others in their meeting this week that "he cares about all Americans."


  • That's 20 blacks who are white supremacists ain't that right Sarem-Chuuk? If they don't agree with your train of thought does that make them Neo-Nazis?
  • pure act of kissing ass, real deaf n dumb fucked! and the prang man look like shit! total disgrace top the once the greatest country in the world now became the worst Racist hostile country in the world.
  • Visa, that's your opinion and it does not fit into reality. 20 top leaders of the black community are dumn and deaf as fuck. Why? Because they don't agree with you that Trump is a racist.

    You guys are repeating the same mistake you guys did in 2016. You guys haven't learned. At some point the race card lose its power and it lost its power in 2016. You guys tried collusion it didn't work. Then obstruction it too failed to work. What's left? Identity politics.

    If this is all Democrats have in their Arsenal against Trump in 2020 its a dud. Now you guys are labeling blacks and Mexicans who disagree with you as racists white supremacists.

    Did the watch the Democrats debate last night? All they talked about was Trump. Trump this and Trump that. Its seems like you guys are banking on hatred of Trump to win in 2020. How did that fare for your guys in 2016?

    Last night not one question or answer was about the impeachment or Mueller anything remotely related to the Russian investigation. Not a single line. They were talking about it 24/7 for 3 years now they aren't talking about it.

    Bernie admitted that he will raise taxes on middle class America to pay for his free healthcare for all plan. Last night America last night saw that what Trump has been saying is True. The Democrat party has gone far left. They are borderline socialists.

    Instead of giving out their plans the Democrats candidates all made the debate about Trump. Not good. This is how he won in 2016.
  • even worst when a brown ass Micronesian whos also dumb as fucked! try his/her best to become a white nationalist advocate?..micronesioan dogs are trhe dumbest in the wide world.
  • How do you know Anunaki is Micronesian?
  • how do you know to whom I was talking to? ..
  • You could have been referring to Reaper, I suppose, but Anunaki Is the only other participant in this thread. That said, how do you know either is a Micronesian?
  • *

  • Yes, how could anyone call a president who leads chants of "build that wall" and "send them back" a RACIST?

    Well, just ask his followers....like this guy who just massacred 20 innocent people in El Paso, Texas.....a border city with thousands of brown residents.

    El Paso Shooter Identified Online As Trump Supporter Who Didn’t Like ‘Race Mixing’

    Patrick Crusius allegedly left behind a racist manifesto before killing at least 18 people at Cielo Vista Mall
    The suspect in a deadly mass shooting at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday was widely identified on the internet as a young white man whose social media activity showed support and sympathy for the president’s apparent white nationalist agenda. The name and photos of a man purported to be Patrick Crusius quickly circulated across Twitter in the hours after the shooting that first began outside a Walmart store at Cielo Vista Mall was first reported.

  • edited August 6
    The shooter is anti-capitalist, proponent of the radical green agenda/green new deal and against oil industry and platic manufacturing.

    What kind of Trump supporter is he? He hates free enterprise, hates consumerism, hate the idea of owning private property, advocated for planned Parenthood and was a die heart supporter of the Green New Deal? Look like a Democrat to me.

  • She sure is a picture card of the word white nationalist. Right Factsmatter?
  • Sure is. Anyone who disagree with white liberals is a racists even colored folks are labeled such by our liberal friend's.
  • That is all they have. They have nothing else to hit Trump with. Their Russian witch hunt came up empty and pointed out the facts that the collusion started between them and Russia. The man who's company wrote the Steele dossier was exposed as a Russian asset. Democrats used informations supplied by the Russian government to spy and eventually started a witch. This is a fact. Mueller didn't deny it in his testimony.

    Second their impeachment is all but gone. That is going nowhere. They are playing damage control right now. The economy is booming and unemployment is at a all time 30 years low. Blacks and latino unemployment is at a all time low. The US GDP is up. Everyone is getting jobs and spending money.

    All they have is the racist card. That's all they have left. They haven't passed any major legislation in the House they control. To divert attention from their failures they use the race card. And its losing its power. No one take their race baiting seriously anymore but themselves.

    I applaud what they are doing. Because like in 2016 it will help Trump get reelected.

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