Still believe this, Reaper?

About three months ago, in a thread about the Green New Deal, which had digressed of course, I asked Reaper what he thought about white nationalist terrorism.

This was his response: "There is no such thing [] a white nationalist. Its something liberals made up."

Is that what you tell the people of El Paso, Texas, Reaper? Did the twenty or more people who died at the Walmart in El Paso die as the result of a figment of the imagination of liberals? Did the 26 or more people injured at the hands of the white nationalist terrorist who decided to descend on a principally hispanic area to rain death on people of color suffer their injuries as the result of "something liberals made up"?

Support a fascist white nationalist and you become a fascist white nationalist, regardless of your color. Trump is a white nationalist. The shooter in El Paso is a white nationalist terrorist. You are just an ignorant fool, but an enabler of white nationalist terrorism, nonetheless.

Still believe there is no such thing as a white nationalist terrorist, Reaper?


  • It's terribly sad that this has become a normal thing in America.
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    And here you are dancing over the graves of the victims whose blood aren't yet cold all to push the narrative that this is somehow connected to Trump. Enough man. Have some respect for the departed.

    I know you can't deal with the fact that there are millions of brown and black folks who support Trump. Lets leave it that. Not everyone is fooled.

    According to you I'm a facists white nationalist. Lets leave it at that.

    2+2= brown white nationalists. According to your logic. The socialist progressive liberal logic that is.

    You are white liberal who hate the thought that a brown Micronesian disagree with you. That's not progressive, that's regressive! The exact opposite of what you claim you are for.

  • So Mr. Brown Micronesian Reaper, which island in Micronesia are you from?
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    Does it matter? Are your here to dance on the graves too? If so the floor is yours @FactsMatter. Dance away.

    Somehow this discussion does not fit into what you say we should ban on this forum.

    Hypocrites dancing on the graves to a tune that only HYPOCRITES CAN HEAR.

  • Trump and his Trumbots are celebrating these racist massacres. I condemn them.

    A hypocrite is someone who pretends to be Micronesian but worships a racist white president. Sound familiar, my friend?
  • Let's see how many lies Reaper told above.

    Reaper said "And here you are dancing over the graves of the victims whose blood aren't yet cold all to push the narrative that this is somehow connected to Trump".

    If you could read, Nazi, you would see that I didn't mention Trump until the last paragraph of my post, and then only to establish that those who support fascism become fascists. My question asked you whether you still believe that white nationalist terrorism is "something liberals made up." So no, I am not dancing on the graves of victims, you are simply avoiding a simple yes or no question. Do you still believe, Reaper, that white nationalist terrorism is "something liberals made up"?

    And there is no effort to link this act to Trump. The murderer did that. And published it on 8chan. Did you read it there, Reaper?

    Reaper said "I know you can't deal with the fact that there are millions of brown and black folks who support Trump". That can be fact checked, but I will leave that to others. In response, I would simply ask Reaper, how many millions? One million? Two million? Fifteen million? Come on, IF, give us a number.

    Reaper accuses me of being a progressive. Prove it. Lie number 3.

    Back to my original question, Reaper. Oh, and your mini-me fools Rastaman, Anunaki, and the gun smuggler can jump in to defend your ignorant ass if they wish: Do you still believe that there is no such thing as a white nationalist terrorist, Reaper?

    Or maybe you can answer the question posed by FM: "So Mr. Brown Micronesian Reaper, which island in Micronesia are you from?"

    Pick a question. Answer the first with a yes or no. The second might require some thought, since there are so many Micronesian islands. Think carefully. Any answer you give would probably upset the other people on that island, who would have you gone.

    BTW, maybe I am being too hard on Reaper. I didn't post his entire response to my question, and that was probably unfair. If you go back to the linked thread above, you will see Reaper's full response to my question regarding what he thinks of white nationalist terrorism. This is what he said:

    "There is no such thing a white nationalist terrorism. Its something liberals made up. But there is something called islamic terrorism and anti Semitism. Democrats fear to call Islamic terrorism for what it is yet call a single act by a lone lunatic white nationalist terrorism."

    So what was the killer in El Paso, Reaper? Was he a convert to [I]slamist terrorism, who thought all of those people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas were really Muslims? Or was he an anti-semite who just got confused about the location of Israel, believing it was a part of Texas instead of the Middle East?

    Oh, and an update: Not just one white nationalist terrorist in El Paso. Actually two in less that 24 hours, with the latest in Dayton, Ohio. Actually, three if you include Gilroy. Or four if you include Parkland, or five if you include Las Vegas. When will be get to a squadron, Fascist?
  • Hey Reaper. How do you define Islamic terrorism? Is it the same or different than Islamist terrorism?
  • @FactsMatter & @SaremChuuk, have some respect for the dead. Identity poltics is all you liberals have now. You guys lost the election, the russian witch hunt turned out to be a total fake story and the impeachment of Trump is going no-where. Whats left? Identity politics. Lets face it that is all you guys have left. And if this is what you socialists are banking on to win in 2020 then sorry it will not work. You guys tried this too in 2016.

    I'm a Micronesian from the RMI. Not some former peace corps who suffer from savior syndrome and Trump Derangement syndrome. You hate the simple fact that a brownie does not buy same liberal BS you drink. More importantly you hate the fact that I'm i can think for myself. Lets face it. You hate every person of color who disagree with you.

    That is intolerance. That's the exact meaning of racism.
  • Here is something about the el paso shooter, Crusius espoused an anti-capitalist, anti-people radical green ideology. He rails against farming, oil drilling, plastic, paper towels and “consumer culture.” He sounds like Jay Inslee.

    The shooter hated capitalism or free enterprise and consumerism, advocated for a radical green ideology (Green New Deal) hated oil drilling, hate plastic products because it destroy the earth and polluted the earths ocean, according to him.

    Since you like to play the blame game what you have to say to those who say that this murderer was radicalized by Democrats agenda of anti-capitalism, radical green ideology/Green New Deal, hated oil drilling and wanted to stop people from consuming many things and believe that plastic products are destroying the world. All these things he stood for Democrats are fighting to install in America.

    The Shooter was a anti capitalist, green new deal advocate and hated oil drilling. All The things Socialists Democrats are for.
  • Still deflecting, huh Crapper? Prove it.
  • Better yet, just admit you are a white nationalist supporting white nationalist terrorists. Or just admit white nationalist terrorism exists. No, I didn't think you could do that.
  • Liberal BBC:Trump condemns racism and white supremacy
    4 hours ago
    President Donald Trump has condemned hatred and white supremacy in a public address following mass shootings that left 31 dead in Texas and Ohio.

    He called for mental health gun control reforms, the death penalty for those who commit mass murder and more bi-partisan co-operation over gun laws.

    "Mental illness and hate pull the trigger, not the gun," Mr Trump said, speaking at the White House on Monday.

    "In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy," Mr Trump said on Monday. "These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America."

    SaremChuuk & Factsmatter: "He is a white supremacist"

    Trump: we must condemn racism bigotry & white supremacy, hate has no place in America!

    SaremChuuk & Factsmatter: Still a white supremacist.

    Thats liberal logic folks. That's how leftists think. When people disagree with them they call them racists. When Brown people and black people disagree with them, these people of color are sell outs and enablers of white supremacy, according to the former peace corps volunteers who run around in this forum as @SaremChuuk @FactsMatter .

    You and anyone and everyone who disagree with them is a racist nazi white supremacist. Don't believe me? Disagree with them and see what happen.

    Their race card and identity tactics are losing their power. And they know it.
  • Just another lie from the Liar-in-Chief, the pathological liar of all liars, teller of more lies than Minnesota has lakes. For those who are unfamiliar with the reference, Minnesota is know as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, far fewer lakes than the number of lies the Nazi-in-Chief has told in the last two and a half years.

    Still can't answer the question, can you fart face. In case you forgot the question, it is "Do you still believe that White Nationalist Terrorism is "something liberals made up"?
  • Yes its made up. It does not exists. Its something you liberals made up. Like the russian hoax. Islamic terrorism does exists. Something you liberals support.

    Are you a Micronesian @SaremChuuk? Do hate those who disagree with you? Are brown and black folks who disagree with you racist Nazi too?
  • So answer the other question, genius. What is the difference, if any, between Islamic terrorism and Islamist terrorism? Tough question. Don't give yourself a brain hernia.

    And if you don't already know whether I am a Micronesian, you are even more ignorant than I had supposed.

    And no, I do not hate. Except for fascists. I do hate fascists. And it doesn't matter one whit whether the fascist is white, brown, yellow or black. A fascist supporter of an Aryan Nation. I guess feel sad for white supremacists, like you, but I reserve my hate for fascists and white nationalist terrorists.

    BTW, ignorant fool, I guess I may be in the majority who believe white nationalist terrorism is real, and not made up. At least if you believe the vast majority of reports today, and over the weekend, calling out white nationalist terrorism as the greatest threat to the United States today.

    If you don't believe me, ask FBI Director Wray.

    Which Micronesian island are you from, Nazi?
  • Islamic and Islamist terrorism are the same exact thing. No difference. Sadly you liberals support it.

    You life in California not Micronesia. Its not where you are its where you are from. Again @SaremChuuk are you a Micronesian? I believe the Answer is No. You said you here years ago that you were a Caucasian and a jew then you walked it back and said it was your grandfather who is the jew.

    I guess I may be in the majority who believe white nationalist terrorism is real, and not made up

    Yout believes are your own and don't mistake your personal believes as facts because as you admitted they are your personal opinions.

    I don't trust anything that the media comes out with. 99% of it is sensationalism and fake like the Russian investigation you were pushing in here. White nationalist exists but white nationalist terrorism is the Easter bunny that you just made up. Like the Russian hoax.

    I'm from RMI/692. You?
  • Actually, there is a significant difference between Islamic and Islamist terrorism. One exists and the other is alt-right bullshi. Too bad they didn’t teach you very well in RMI/962, or maybe you would be able to figure out which is which. It is like the difference between here and hear, only different.

    Too bad you don’t trust anything from “the media”. Must be hard to know whether FOX News is lying or not. Easy to tell whether Trump is lying, though. If his mouth is moving he is lying.
  • I was educated in America. Islamist and islamic terrorism are the same thing. Like socialism and communism. All things the Democrats support. 9/11 was carried out by Islamist/islamic terrorists. Or was 9/11 made up?

    I watch CNN and FOX and MSNBC and mostly i read news. But liberal leaning news is biased and they don't hide it anymore. Fox news criticize Trump and Republicans when they need it unlike left leaning news which do it consistently.

    My thoughts and poltical views are a product of the US education system which is Liberal. I saw liberalism for what it is. I was once a liberal but woke from that dream and saw it for what it is. Millions and millions of blacks and brown and yellow and green folks have the same views.

    Don't be intolerant because we don't have the same views.
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