US Is Clearly Worried About Chinese Influence in Micronesia/Pacific - Let the Negotiations Begin

Mike Pompeo’s visit to Micronesia highlights US anxiety about rising Chinese influence in Pacific

• The US Secretary of State on Monday met leaders of Pacific island nations where the US maintains exclusive defence access

• Negotiations have begun to renew the US’ national security agreement with the three Pacific island nations

Meaghan Tobin
Published: 1:16pm, 5 Aug, 2019


I guess the US has now finally realized that the Chinese are surely stirring the Pacific pot big time..........It's about time -----for our Micronesian Pacific island nations to play their cards well ---- remember, our priorities is not China; it's Climate Change, it's our Economies, the Nuclear contamination from decades of US atomic/nuclear testing, Fair treatment/Full compliance & Fulfillment of our Compact of Free Association agreements & Mutual respect for one another as sovereign nations


Mike Pompeo has become the first US secretary of state to visit the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), underlining concerns about China’s growing influence in Pacific island nations where the US maintains exclusive defence access.
Experts say Beijing has intensified efforts to court these nations, seeking to gain a stronger foothold in their strategic waters, even as Washington’s top diplomat makes his rounds.

Pompeo on Monday met the leaders of FSM, the Marshall Islands and Palau – the three states with which the US maintains defence agreements known as Compacts of Free Association.

Negotiations had begun with the three states to renew the agreements, Pompeo said on Monday after meeting the leaders of the three nations.

Under current terms, the US military has exclusive access to the airspace and territorial waters of the FSM, the Marshall Islands and Palau. In exchange, the island nations – also referred to as the Freely Associated States (FAS) – receive economic assistance.

Trump welcomes leaders of South Pacific island nations

“Today, I am here to confirm the United States will help you protect your sovereignty, your security, your right to live in freedom and peace,” Pompeo told reporters in Pohnpei State, one of the members of the FSM.

“I’m pleased to announce the United States has begun negotiations on extending our compacts.... they sustain democracy in the face of Chinese efforts to redraw the Pacific.”

Palau and other parts of the FAS also form what China calls the “second island chain”, where control of surrounding waters is central to Beijing’s defence projection in the Pacific.

The area of ocean where the US has exclusive access under the Compacts of Free Association is larger than the continental US, said Derek Grossman, senior defence analyst at Rand Corporation in Washington DC, who wrote a forthcoming report on China’s influence in the FAS mandated by the US Congress.

“The Freely Associated States are essentially the core of the ‘Pacific’ part of the US Indo-Pacific strategy,” said Grossman, adding that access to these waters allows the US to project presence into the South China Sea and beyond.
The section of the compacts formalising US economic assistance to these nations is due to expire in 2023, and experts warn China may be courting the FAS to acquire access.

Grossman said Beijing last week contributed US$2 million to Micronesia’s trust fund, “showing some skin in the game in the competition for influence in the region” and seeking to undermine Pompeo’s visit.

China’s capacity ... to do exactly what they’re doing is a direct result of trade relationships that they builtMike Pompeo
In Sydney on Sunday, Pompeo directly linked China’s “one-sided” trade practices with its ability to strengthen its military.
“Let’s make no mistake about it, China’s capacity, the People’s Liberation Army’s capacity to do exactly what they’re doing is a direct result of trade relationships that they built,” he said.
President Xi Jinping’s special envoy Yang Chuantang last week attended the inauguration for Micronesia’s President David Panuelo.

In 2018, the Micronesian island of Chuuk – one of the four islands in Micronesia that make up the national government – postponed a vote on seceding until 2020. The island is home to the Pacific’s deepest lagoon, which the US used to its strategic advantage against Japan during World War Two.

Will Chinese cash keep East Timor out of Asean?

If Chuuk does secede, it would break from the compact the US maintains with Micronesia and be free to deal with China one-on-one, Grossman said.

“Washington will certainly look to prevent China from accessing this and other geostrategic locations throughout Oceania,” Grossman said.

The US has been focusing more intensely on the island nations. President Donald Trump in May
met the leaders of the FAS at the White House, and a new position dedicated to “Oceania affairs” has been created on the National Security Council.

US-China battle for dominance extends across Pacific, above and below the sea

US allies Australia and Japan are also eager to prevent China obtaining a foothold through economic and diplomatic overtures to these nations.

“As the strategic competition between the US and China increases, the Trump administration will continue to bolster its efforts in the Pacific,” said Alan Tidwell, director of the Centre for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific at Georgetown University in Washington DC. “It’s not that previous administrations ignored the Pacific but Washington is putting in even more attention than before.”

In Bangkok on Friday, Pompeo said Chinese investment was exploitative but US investment was mutually beneficial, asking: “Who really encourages self-sufficiency and not dependence: investors who are working to meet your consumers’ needs or those who entrap you in debt?”


  • Is the U.S. a colonial power?

    If it is a colonial power, why would FSM want to continue to be one of its colonies?
  • Why is this in this forum? Its clearly US related and has nothing to do with micronesians. Oh wait it does. Thanks for proving my point that anything the US and the Trump Administration does is related to Micronesia.

  • US Seeks to Renew Pacific Islands Security Pact to Foil China
    SYDNEY - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday negotiations have begun with three Pacific island nations to renew a national security agreement that would help Washington counter growing Chinese influence in the region.

    Under the terms of the deal, known as the Compact of Free Association, the U.S. military have exclusive access to airspace and territorial waters of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau. In exchange, the small islands receive financial assistance.

    "Today, I am here to confirm the United States will help you protect your sovereignty, your security, your right to live in freedom and peace," Pompeo told reporters in Pohnpei State, one of four members of the Federated States of Micronesia.

    "I'm pleased to announce the United States has begun negotiations on extending our compacts.... they sustain democracy in the face of Chinese efforts to redraw the Pacific.”

    Pompeo, who is the first U.S. Secretary of State to visit Micronesia, spoke after meeting the leaders of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau.

    The three tiny Pacific nations have gained greater strategic significance in recent years due a push by China into the region. During a visit to Sydney on Sunday, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper described China's actions as both "aggressive" and "destabilizing".

    Laying the foundations for negotiations, U.S. President Donald Trump in May hosted the leaders of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau - a rare state visit for such small countries.

    The agreement is due to expire in 2024, and any lapse could have created a potential opening for China.

    "Federated States of Micronesia form part of the second island chain that China sees as a way of containing their strategic ambitions," said Jonathan Pryke, director of the Pacific Islands program at the Lowy Institute, a Sydney think tank.

    "The relationship is a critical one, but China is increasing its pursuit of the region.”

    China has become the region’s biggest bilateral lender during the past decade, although U.S. allies including Japan, Australia and New Zealand have retained “and in some instances recently increased” their already significant aid programs to Pacific island economies.

    Reuters analysis of budget documents shows that most of China's concessionary loans have flowed to those Pacific island economies with which it has strong diplomatic ties, including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

    Countries that have retained ties to Taiwan - like Palau, Kiribati and Solomon Islands - have limited Chinese investment.
  • The only person to mention the T-word in this thread is Reaper.....trying to destroy another thread about Micronesia by making it about Mr.T.

    Pardon me while I barf......again.

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    @FactsMatter, out touch with reality again.

    On the 24th paragraph of th beginning of this thread. The liberal feared "T-word" is mentioned.
    As the strategic competition between the US and China increases, the Trump administration will continue to bolster its efforts in the Pacific,” said Alan Tidwell, director of the Centre for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific at Georgetown University in Washington DC. “It’s not that previous administrations ignored the Pacific but Washington is putting in even more attention than before.

  • My point is thus been proven. Anything the US and Trump does has effect on Micronesia & Micronesians.

  • Yes, you are correct, Reaper. Trump's anti-immigrant racism has apparently spread and infected a few, for example.
  • Tell that to Democrat controlled state of Hawaii who have been anti micronesians for the last 20 years. Lol

    Trump is against illegal immigration not legal migration. We Micronesians are legal migrants. Your argument has no basis of facts just Trump Derangement syndrome. Lol
  • Sorry to have to educate you again, my friend, but geographical/political entities like the State of Hawaii are not racist. Only people and policies can be racist, not the islands and states where they live.

    In any case, most Hawaiians are not racist....only the 128,847 who voted for the Racist-in-Chief in 2016.
  • Unfair FM. Some portion of the 128,847 may have voted for Trump because they had always voted Republican because they were Republicans regardless of who the candidate was, and others, independents mostly, voted against Hillary Clinton. Clearly not all of the almost 130,000 would be white nationalists or racists.
  • You don't educate no one in here my friend. Its the other way around. Lol

    The State of Hawaii is racists against Micronesians. Anti-Micronesians is at its highest in Hawaii. Hawaii is a Democrat controlled state.

    Who control Hawaii? The Democrats. The News media in Hawaii is liberal leaning and the reason why no one like micronesians in Hawaii is because of the local leaning Democrat news.

    No one buys that trump is a racist BS. Only gullible liberals who can't get over 2016. Lets face it, anyone who disagree with a liberal is a racist. The Niece of Martin Luther King Jr. Is considered a racists white supremacist by liberals all because she disagree that Trump is not a racists.
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    This is a OP-ED that was written by a strong black independent women who is also the Niece of the Great civil right Hero, MLK Jr.

    Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and daughter of the Rev. A. D. King. She is a Fox News commentator, author, pro-life and civil rights activist, and minister.

    Alveda King: Trump has done more for African Americans than Biden/Democrats
    5:03 a.m. HST May 2, 2019
    Joe Biden is basing his entire candidacy on a discredited lie, trying to make President Trump seem like a racist so that Biden can present himself as some sort of “anti-racist” candidate. That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

    In the video announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden cherry-picked a partial quote from remarks the president made in the immediate aftermath of the Charlottesville riots, stripped it of context, and presented it as evidence that Trump had called neo-Nazis “fine people.”

    That’s a load of malarkey, and Biden knows it, because President Trump also said that “neo-Nazis and white supremacists ... should be condemned totally.” The “fine people” he was referring to were the ordinary Americans, “on both sides,” who felt passionately enough about a civic issue to demonstrate — peacefully — on behalf of their views.

    Unfortunately, Biden’s assertions are perfectly in line with the Democratic Party’s strategy of trying to inflame racial divisions, which conservative dynamo Candace Owens brilliantly exposed last month.

    There are two central lies within Biden’s launch video. The first is that Trump has had a negative impact on the black community, and the second is that Biden could do better.

    In reality, though, President Trump has done more for black Americans in just over two years than Biden has done in five decades as a public official.

    First and foremost, the black unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in history, due in large part to the president’s efforts. Not only has the America First agenda unleashed an historic economic boom, especially for blue-collar Americans, but Trump has also made it a priority to stop illegal immigration, which has disproportionately detrimental effects on the safety and the wages of black workers.

    Over the past 27 months, black employment has increased by nearly 1 million jobs, and this administration's policies boosting support for black-owned small businesses and historically black colleges and universities will help us build on those gains for many years to come.

    The other problem with Biden’s claim that he can top Donald Trump as the best candidate for black America is that he’s going to have to run against his own record. The bipartisan FIRST STEP Act that Trump championed was, in large part, an effort to alleviate the mass black incarceration created by the 1994 omnibus crime bill that Biden has “no regrets” about writing.

    And what does Biden promise black voters, apart from unwarranted fearmongering about a “white supremacist” threat? He’s just offering the same policies that have failed the black community for decades: high immigration, high taxes, and fake-compassionate, dead-end handouts that offer no way out and up for America’s brothers and sisters.

    The distance between today’s Democratic Party and the legacy of my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is wide and growing, and Biden has been the canary in the coal mine for years.

    Biden will not make good on the reconciliatory check prophesied by my uncle.

    In the 1970s, Biden even opposed the use of busing to integrate public schools, and his instincts don’t seem to have improved since then.

    Remember his patronizing description of Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy?” Or the time he told a black audience that Republicans wanted to put them “back in chains?” Does anyone even remember that it was Republicans who broke the chains?

    What about when he said that you need “a slight Indian accent” to go to a Dunkin Donuts or 7-11? He even assured us he wasn’t joking about that one.

    Throughout his decades in politics, those sorts of demeaning remarks are pretty much the only thing Biden has offered black Americans. In a much shorter period of time, President Trump has presided over a period of record-breaking prosperity for the black community.

    If that’s the basis of Joe Biden’s candidacy, then count this black woman out. But count me in for the Trump redemption and revival that are changing lives throughout black communities all across America, from the womb to the tomb.
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    Yes Policies enacted by Democrats have been shown again and again to be supporting white supremacy. Its the reason why Democrats created the KKK. To terrorize black people from voting. And Democrats created planned Parenthood for the sole purpose of controlling the black population in the United States of America.


    History does not lie. Democrats do. You try to change the past but we know. We are not fooled. We are not fooled by white liberals ( @SaremChuuk & @FactsMatter) who masquerade in this forum preaching progress yet can't accept the simple fact that a brown or black man disagree with them.

    Now thats education. Lol
  • Its nice to see the brown man educating ignorant white men. And its happening in this forum. Good job reaper, educate these intolerant privileged old out of touch with reality haolis.

    They hate it when brownies are more knowledgeable and informed than they are. It bugs them. It does. Look at all the race card they used.

  • Sorry Sarem Chuuk, but anyone who knowingly votes for a racist is a racist.

    The Racist-in-Chief publicly declared his bigotry on the very day he first announced his candidacy when he called Hispanic immigrants "rapists and murderers."

    Even before he announced, he revealed his bigotry by falsely claiming that President Obama was born in Africa, not in Hawaii, as Obama's birth certificate clearly shows.

    Every informed voter knew about these public statements of racism and bigotry before they went to the polls and voted.

    So I stand by my statement. The State of Hawaii is not racist. Voters in Hawaii who support the racist words and actions of the Racist-in-Chief are racist.
  • Here you have it folks. The insights to the minds of every liberals. You disagree with them, you are a racists. Everyone and anyone who does not have the same views and don't vote democrat is a racists. Blacks, Hispanics and asians who by millions voted for Trump are racists according to @FactsMatter...

    Martin Luther King's Jrs Niece who is black is also a racists white supremacist. According to our friend @FactsMatter .... Micronesians who lean Republicans are also racists. African Americans who lean Republican are also racists along with Hispanics and Asians.

    You label someone a racists to shut them down and by doing so that take out any chance of a civil debate. That's how Hitler did it. That's how he killed over 6 million Jews. He labeled them, he took away their rights then he butchered them by the Millions. This is how he did it and low and behold our liberal friends are doing the exact same thing. I said it all along. You disagree with a liberal you a racists.

    If so then im proud to be one. I don't vote democrat therefore I'm a racists and so are you if you disagree with them.

    The state of Hawaii is controlled by Democrats. And its racists towards Micronesians. I stand by these words and if you don't believe me ask any Micronesians who have been to Hawaii. The liberal media in Hawaii demonize Micronesians and stoke hatred towards Micronesians. As Trump said the media is to blame for the civil unrest and division in America. The Media in America is controlled by Democrats.

    Remember if you don't vote Democrat and if you don't agree with them you are a racist white supremacist.

    The party of Slavery and the KKK and Jim Crow and the party that didn't want to give blacks the right to vote says that if you don't vote their way or have the same thought as them you are a racists. This some funny sh*t.
  • No, there is nothing funny about it, my friend.

    Just ask the families of the 22 Hispanic people murdered in El Paso, Texas by a racist follower of the Racist-in-Chief.

    If you think this is funny, there is something seriously wrong with you. Please get some help for your mental health issue, just as your president has recommended.
  • Never trust Chinaimage
  • @FacrsMatter, the shooter in el paso was a proponent of the Green New Deal, hated capitalism and consumerism and he ranted against the oil industry. What kind of Trump supporter is that? All the things this so called "Trump supporter" hated are the things Trump is for. They call this a Rhino. Someone who pose as a Republican but in reality is a liberal. That's what the el paso shooter was. It doesn't matter because evil exists on both side of the aisle but here again are Democrats profiting off the dead of 20 people. Using this incident to raise money for their 2020 campaign. shame.

  • Quick to call out the el paso shooting as connected to conservative while ignoring the Daytona shootings the next day where 10 people were killed by a socialists supporter and ignoring that a Antifa member attacked a federal building with guns a month ago.

    By Shane Croucher On 8/06/19 at 4:29 AM
    A now-deleted Twitter account that appears to belong to the Dayton shooter Connor Betts suggests the 24-year-old was a Democrat-supporting, gun-loving Satanist.

    It follows other reports suggesting that Betts was known as a violent misogynist who once as a high school student compiled a list of girls to rape.

    Police in Ohio are still searching for a motive as to why Betts shot and killed nine people, including his own sister, and injured 27 others at the Ned Peppers Bar on Sunday night.

    Betts died within a minute of starting his massacre, shot dead by armed officers who raced to the scene in Dayton's Oregon Historic District.

    An anonymous Twitter account with the username @iamthespookster did not use Betts's name, but had posted selfies of a man who looks very similar and had the same distinctive tattoo.

    The account, which had 301 followers, is now suspended by Twitter. Its bio read: "he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i'm going to hell and i'm not coming back" and the account made references to Satan.

    According to Heavy, the account posted about the user's love of guns but also criticized Ohio's Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, for his response to Florida's Parkland shooting.

    Moreover, it tweeted calling southern border migrant detention centers "concentration camps"—echoing the language of progressive Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—and urged: "Cut the fences down. Slice ICE tires. Throw bolt cutters over the fences."
  • A lone white supremacist shoot and kill 20 people in el paso and Democrats links him to Trump and conservatives.

    The Next Day a Lone Socialists kill 10 people in Dayton and liberals are quiet on his connections to their party and how he want socialism in America.

    See the double standards and how liberals politicize the deaths for poltical gain? We are not fooled by the socialists narrative. They are polling badly and they arr losing attention to the centrists and what socialists have to lose to get attention but use these deaths to get media attention. It won't work. it look like the centrists Democrats will win the 2020 Democrat nomination for President.

    This is what this is all about.
  • Dayton Mass shooter reportedly supported gun control, Elizabeth Warren, and socialism
    by Julio Rosas
    | August 04, 2019 08:00 PM
    More information is being reported on Connor Betts, 24, the deceased gunman who shot and killed nine people and wounded 27 others in a mass shooting early Sunday morning.

    A Twitter account appearing to belong to Betts showed he supported socialist causes and was a supporter of presidential candidate Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, according to Heavy.

    The Twitter biography reads, “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” Tweets include praising Satan and "F--- John McCain" after late Arizona Sen. John McCain died.

    @FacrsMatter @SaremChuuk,

    What are your thoughts on this? A fellow Socialist Democrat killed and shoot 10 people in Dayton. Do you do condemn this socialist terrorism by a fellow Socialist comrade from your party? Socialists Democrat Terrorism exists but Democrats refuse to condemn it.
  • You are just a Trumpaganda machine, aren't you?

    Not surprising since your hero is the Liar-in-Chief.

    Excuse me while I barf again.
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    @FactsMatter, you were all bend out of shape with that lone shooter in Texas/El Paso because he was according to you a white supremacist. But you are all silent when the shooter in Dayton turns out to be a Democrat socialist who shot and killed 10 people. Why is that? Why condemn one shooting and be silent on one that has connection to socialism? This is why no one takes your side seriously. Everyone knows the game you Democrats are playing.

    Racial division and class division is the Democrat platform.
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    in have no problems with you @FacrsMatter, that's the truth. What i have a problem is this double standard which you clearly have. Not only u but the entire left side of the political aisle.

    You so called liberals socialists label anyone and everyone who does not agree with you as racists. Only because we don't vote or agree with you. That's what is scary. Jump and dance to our tune if you don't we will label you a racist.

    Do, say and agree with Democrats because if not we will dox you and call u a racist. That is what you and @SaremChuuk are doing in here. 2 white men instilling fear and labels upon us Micronesians who disagree with you two.

    That is not progressive. That is the opposite. For my Micronesian brother's and sisters. You be the judge.
  • They don't have to worry because the mormon missionaries are here.
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