Racial Division & Class Division Is The Democrats Platform

A single white supremacist shoot up and killed 20 people and Democrats were quick to connect it to Conservatives and namely Trump. The next day a Democrat who was a avowed socialist and a supporter of AOC shot up and killed 10 people and Democrats wete quiet. They didn't condemn violence and a murderer from their side. in fact they ignored it.

Here in this forum we have 2 white men, @FacrsMatter & @SaremChuuk who both said that if you brown or Asian or Micronesian and you don't agree with them you are a facist white supremacist racist. Not because you are one. But because you disagree with them.

You control a people and a race by instilling fear on them. This is what they and Democrats are doing.



  • @FacrsMatter @SaremChuuk @redsnapper @errr @visafree @IronYouth @SakaSaka

    Do you guys condemn this terroristic act by a socialists Democrat or do you girls condone it?
  • The silence says it all. You guys and Girls are om with it....Because its a socialist white terrorist its ok. Because his targets were conservatives.

    The Truth speaks for itself.
  • Fake and total misleading once again by a brown ass Micronesian who wanna be a White nationalist .. The fact is, Trump is a White Nationalist and he the one who instills fear among the people of color. THE FACT!!!!!! and this Reaper is a FAKE and Misleading very sick Micronesian
  • mormon missionaries
  • @FactsMatter @SaremChuuk @visafree, do you 3 socialists condemn this terrorist attack by one of your own? Or is only white supremacists violence you condemn and are ok with violence and terrorist attacks committed by a socialist who killed 10 people in Dayton.
  • "I want Socialism and i won't wait for the idiots to come around"
    -Dayton shooter who killed 10 people in a mass shooting.

  • @FacrsMatter & @SaremChuuk is this mass shooting Ok? It looks like u 2 white men are ok with it. Why is it ok with u? is it because the shooter is a Democrat Socialist?
  • They are silent because they are ok with it.
  • @FacrsMatter and @SaremChuuk we are waiting for you two to condemn this attack.
  • This tragic happened because of the presidents fueling hate among the people. some hate the people of other nationality beside white, and some hate the presidents and his supporters because of president's speeches.. hate among the people is worst the ever!!
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    @visafree, do you condemn this attack in Dayton, by a white Democrat Socialist? White nationalist and a Democrat Socialist killing people is bad. I condemn both. Why aren't Democrats and 2 white Democrats ( @FactsMatter & @SaremChuuk ) and a Micronesian ( @visafree ) Democrat Socialist aren't condemning this avowed socialist who killed 10 people in Dayton? I condemn both.

    You 3 are condemning 1 while silent on another because it was carried out by one of your own. This is why no one is buying this outrage. We know the Russian investigations failed. You guys don't have to this low.
  • I condemn the killing of innocent people most importantly, I condemn the hate speeches by the president , this is where the ideas of killing innocent people all started.,
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    Do yo condemn violence from Democrats? Hate speech is the new Russian hoax. Its all made up BS. A Democrat Socialists killed 10 people because he want socialism taking over America and you blame Trump? My my whats next? Climate change is to be blamed on Trump too?
  • We are also seeing that in this forum from our friends from the liberal aisle. Sad but true.
  • anything hate is a product of Trumps administration, that young man was filled with hate cause by Trumps extreme Rights conservatives policies when Trump start cutting entitlements people suffer and die.. now fill in the blank!! ahah
  • So it was ok for that Democrat socialist to kill 10 people? @visafree? That is a stupid excuse. You are making excuses that don't border reality.
  • you still don't get it or you are ignoring the facts, the true facts not the alternative facts.. ahaha
  • The facts are thus. Dayton massacre was carried out by a Democrat Socialists. And not one Democrats have condemn it. Why is that?
  • because, everybody know why, and only you con not understand the fact. read between the lines.. tip!
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    I understand that the terrorist who killed 10 people in Dayton was a Democrat Socialists and he said he can't wait for socialism to be established in the US so he went about and killed 10 people because he thought it will bring SOCIALISM.

    And not one single democrats have condemn it. Its easy why. They are ok with it.
  • WRONG! he is a ordinary citizen who want fair n just economy, the one that levels the playing field for all especially the 99% working class.. and that the fact!
  • So it was ok for him to kill 10 people? What the fuck? You can't force your views and opinions on others and you definitely can't kill people just because you want to implement socialism. THAT is what Hitler did you fucking moron. He killed everyone who didn't agree with him. More than 85 million people got killed in wolrd war 2 because Hitler wanted to force his ideas on the world.

    @visafree, no further comment from you sister. You just gave us the insights to how Democrats think about this massacre that was carried out by one of their own. You condone it and you are ok with it because he wanted to establish a narrative that Democrats want to implement on America. Sad that you are ok with this barbaric act carried out by a Democrat who killed 10 people.
  • you need to open your mind in order to understand the truth, the fact is you are being brain wshed like the other 30% short sighted uneducated ones. you need help my fellow micronesian. and ths is the end fact!! get help!
  • This is not about being educated. And you lack education to school other about education. You basically said it was ok for that Democrat socialists to kill 10 people because he wanted a fair and just economy which i believe is socialism. He killed in the name of socialism and you justified it as ok to kill people to install socialism.

    Its about time you shut up my friend.
  • your reading skill still sucks my friend.. get help on that too!!.truth!
  • The terms of COFA III are as follows:

    1) VISA requirement to travel to the USA for all FAS Nationals.
    2) US Military facilities in both Belau and FSM.
    3) COFA III funding for Belau = $100 million/yr, RMI = $125 million/yr, FSM = $150 million/yr for next 25 yrs.

  • @visafree, you lack of empathy and remorse for those killed by a Democrat Socialists is showing.
  • Those are your own words, I wish they were all true..
  • But you said it above. He killed those people because he wanted a fair and just economy. You don't wish it visa you believe it.n
  • you sound desperately searching for words.. WORDS! my friend.
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