Trump: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy"

President Trump in a broadcasted address condemn racism, bigotry & white supremacy. He said these things have no place in our society.

But according to Democrats socialists and the mainstream media Trump is lying. These are the same people who said Trump is lying on having connections to Russia and the Russian attempt to hack the 2016 election.

Both of these things are not true. Trump condemn racism and white supremacy which Democrats accuse him of. Trump condemns both while Democrats are afraid to condemn racism and bigotry and white socialist supremacy and mass murder from their side.

Democrats & Mainstream Media: Trump is a racist in chief because he does not condemn racism and white supremacy!

Trump: I condemn both racism and white supremacy. Both have no place in our society!

Democrats & Mainstream Media: What a racist white supremacist he is oh my god.



  • He is getting my vote again.
  • action speak louder.. Trump's tactics, say something good yet act completely the opposite. wth!
  • He condemn it both. But Democrats haven't condemn the killing of 10 people in Dayton by a Democrat a few days ago.

    You guys can't always have it your way. Either condemn it or its ok with you Democrats. And from the looks of it you guys are ok with Democrat terrorist who are socialists killing people.
  • Topic is about Trump and his fake condemnation , I mean he cant fool anybody,we all know how he is, even the rats in WH knows,, whats funny is some human being in here still dont know.. LOL
  • Is this coming from the same people who said Trump and Russia colluded in 2016? Lol

    When the entire narrative was proven to be false by Mueller these people moved on to racism.

    Mueller investigation failed. Democrats impeachment failed. So what's left? The old drick of racism.

    That is all Democrats have now. Like the russian investigation we see through it as just another made up none-sense.

    Not one single democrats have condemn the killings in Dayton. Which was carried out by a Democrat Socialist.

    Shame. The left is blind to its own hate.
  • Right now, the stupid president is in the clean up mode but it's too late the whole world is against him even his own former top aids.. sorry Reapert, your president is set to be removed from office and that's the fact.
  • Majority of the worlds culture and people are conservatives. That's a fact. Democrats are the one in clean up mode. They're investigation came out with nothing and they're impeachment is going nowhere. This is why the racist card got pulled out.

    Trump hasn't started any war hasn't destroyed the US economy which the Democrats promised us he would do and from the looks of it he is going to be reelected.

    That's a fact.
  • you can visit him in jail afterward,
  • How is that when Mueller said on live t.v that he didn't find any evidences of collusion or obstruction?

    Anyway thats beside the point. You still stuck on the lost of 2016. Move on get a life. The American people voted and they decided that Trump was the better choice than Hillary. Sad its almost 4 years and you can't forget 2016.

    Cheer up. Trump will win again in 2020.
  • stop bringing up Mullers report if you cant read or understand reading. YOU restoring to Trumps own analysis which are all Lies and fakes is misleading you to nowhere my friend. turn your course and come back to reality because you are way lost and its the truth.
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    Why bring up his report when he testified that he found no evidences of collusion and couldn't being up charges of obstruction because it would be hard for it to be proven in court that obstruction took place.

    Ever wondered why there is no impeachment after Muellers testimony? The answer is there for all to see. No nothing to impeach him for.

  • and his testimony was his report, nothing more.. you probably missed that too..LOL
  • And his testimony said as we all saw. No collusion and no evidences of obstruction. That was the last hope of Democrats trying to impeach trump in regards to 2016 election.

  • again and again you are twisting facts on this matter, it as been mentioned so many times by the experts including the report that the word"colusion" do not means nothing , the right words is conspiracy wich the report said otherwise,
  • Collusion or interference or CONSPIRED with Russia wasn't found by Mueller. His report and testimony is as this: The Investigation found no evidence that Trump colluded or CONSPIRED in The 2016 election.

    No nothing. Facts!
  • LOL.. no futher comment for you my friend. its a total waste of time..
  • Condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy? Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah. Stomach hurts. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah
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