Micronesian "Sexist" "Misogynistic" "unfairness" "Rape" culture against women

According to individuals on Twitter.Most of whom are natives of our region.Post things such as the diverse culture of Micronesia placing men on top as women are treated as utter Non-human,garbage,slaves,or for pleasure.Surely these uncultured dimwits do not truly know that societies all across Micronesia treat women with the highest respect.Most of our culture and history was started by them.

Total bs how people claim they know their own roots yet spew out untrue garbage like this.

In the ancient times women were CHIEFTESS WITH GREAT HONOR AND RESPECT!.Today it's the total opposite.Things have changed.

What are y'all thoughts on this?


  • The current president of the RMI is a woman, and by most accounts, one of the most successful presidents in the history of that nation. image
  • Micronesian women are more privileged than their western counterparts. This person who twiitted what you are saying has her or his head up her/his ass. Our women-Micronesians-had the right to own land and property and vote thousands of years before the western or white women did.

    This is also another reason why don't believe in the Democrat and liberal narrative that women are oppressed.
  • Call for collective action to tackle domestic violence in the Pacific

    Women barely rate a mention in this year's final communique from the Pacific Islands Forum, and they remain massively under represented in regional politics, but New Zealand's leader, Jacinda Ardern, says that is just one symptom of a much wider problem.

    Now she has joined forces with the President of Marshall Islands, Hilda Heine, to call for a joint action plan on domestic violence right across the Pacific.

  • Grab them by the pussy.
  • They know how to cook breadfruit and can open canned mackerels with knives. And They all have very strong shoulders from hanging clothes every week on clothes lines throughout the Pacific.

    They are Pacific women and look beautiful even with swollen lips and black eyes. They should run for office and enact legislation to make haircuts for women mandatory in Micronesia.

    Their skin looks very smooth, oily and beautiful even with scratches and bruises. They are truly very beautiful creatures which God created to serve man.
  • whets going on here, is the push for becoming westernization, btw I will have to disagree, that women is a successful president because if she was, why is so much migartion of her people from that country to other countries most especially the unitede states?.. any body?
  • Same here fool. There are more people from FSM migrating to the US than the RMI. The RMI is losing 2 to 3 hundred to migration to the US per Year while FSM is by 1 thousand per year.

    Why migrate? Simple better education and better opportunities and wages than here in Micronesia.
  • Migration from Micronesia - including from Palau and the RMI - to the U.S. has been occurring for decades. It certainly did not start with President Hilda Heine.

    I agree with Rastaman that most migrants are simply seeking good-paying jobs, better health care, and quality education for their kids.
  • well, to be a success leader one must provide all these to his/her people or country, it not how many speeches one gave out around the world but how one take good care of his or her people in and most importantly how one create a self reliance country and not going out and beg for hand outs..
  • The reality is that remote, small-island nations can never be as self-sufficient as huge continental nations like the U.S., China, Russia, the E.U., and Australia....nations with huge agricultural production, industrial and natural resources, advanced technology and infrastructure, and extensive manufacturing.

    No small-island leader, male nor female, can change that reality.
  • small island country with small population can take care of itself, lets go back to history of these so called small islands country with vast ocean resources, the history its self can shed some light s on this so call reality, if the ancestors of these so called small island have done it, what make us think that these island con not in todays so called reality?
  • You need industry and natural and mineral resources to achieve what you are saying visa. The islands of Micronesia can never be self sustaining. That is the cold hard truth. The roads, schools and projects in all 3 cofa states are funded by foreign money. Think about that.
  • it's a matter of good governance combine with the traditional ways of life here in the part of the world, but right now none of these two are taking place like I said, the natural resource is there and all needed to do it figuring out our to use to their own advantages, Why do you think these big countries are fighting over these small islands?..answer is, the space with the natural resource.. don't be blind!
  • How do you utilize and use those natural resources? By industrialization. With that comes carbon emissions and contribution to your global warming. You can't have one without the other. To be self sufficient you must forego concerns about global warming.
  • Orange ass clowning practicing his paper towel throwing for possible PR visit.
  • the more we become westernized the more we depend on western goods and products the more western money is need to support or own becoming something of something we cant afford, that is why begging for hands out is becoming more like an achievement in now a days so call reality. our ships are heading the wrong direction.. lets not be blind ppl..
  • Visa its the only way to achieve self reliance. The old ways can't support the modern population and our modern needs.
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