Lawsuit Against Trump Administration to Protect Habitat for 23 Imperiled Micronesian Species

PORTLAND, Ore.— The Center for Biological Diversity today filed a notice of intent to sue the Trump administration for failing to protect critical habitat for 23 endangered species in the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Territory of Guam, the Republic of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

The wildlife involved include 14 plants and nine animals. These species, such as the Pacific sheath-tailed bat and Slevin’s skink, desperately need protected habitat. They are at immediate risk from agricultural and urban sprawl, military expansion and training, invasive species, fire, typhoons, sea-level rise and climate change.

“Unique Pacific Island species like the Mariana eight-spot butterfly needed habitat protection years ago, but they’re not getting it from the Trump administration,” said Ryan Shannon, a staff attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The federal government and different military branches have been responsible for a lot of the problems on these islands. Our nation has a duty to protect the natural heritage of these special places.”

In 2015 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed 23 plant and animal species in greater Micronesia as endangered or threatened. The Endangered Species Act requires the Fish and Wildlife Service to designate critical habitat for any threatened and endangered species, but the agency has failed to designate critical habitat for any of these species.

“Species with designated critical habitat are twice as likely to be recovering as those without it,” Shannon said. “To save these animals and plants from extinction, we have to protect the places where they live.”

Listing a species as endangered or threatened is just the first step in ensuring a species’ survival and recovery. Critical habitat protections would prohibit federal actions that would destroy or harm such habitat and will help conserve what remains of these species’ limited native range.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1.6 million members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.


  • No more Trump news. Its clearly not related to micronesians or micronesia. But wait it does. Everything about the man is related to Micronesia or have effects. Now you are contradicting yourself.

    You wanted no more Trump topics in this forum. Correction you didn't want positive trump discussions. Only anti Trump discussions.

    Hypocrite socialist.
  • Read the headline. The post is about Micronesia.

    23 Imperiled Micronesian Species

    Are you blind? If so, I am sorry for your disability, my friend.
  • Hey, Rastaman: Here you are complaining about people posting in here about Trump, when it is a Micronesia forum. Who posted the last thread directly related to Trump? You did, of course!

    No, FM, the girlie-man is not blind. She is just stupid. BTW, Rasta, why haven't you been arrested as an admitted gun smuggling co-conspirator? Don't you think you ought to go see the FSM Attorney General or the US Attorney in Saipan? Didn't you admit that the gun smuggler helped you smuggle two handguns into Kosrae, in violation of US federal laws and FSM gun laws? BTW, who was the recently re-elected FSM Congressman who was the third conspirator?

    Not blind. Just stupid.
  • Lets stop talking and make discussions on this forum about Trump. Everything he does as we clearly can see have no impact on this region....clearly.

    Hahaha...oh wait its Micronesian related if its anti Trump.

    I haven't broken any laws. Its not what you have but rather what you can prove in court. Prove that i have smuggled a gun go on. What EVIDENCEs do you have?


    Like the Russian fake investigation you have nothing.

  • I hear they are about to sue Trump for the rainforest fire in brazil.

  • You really have a small memory chip. Don't you remember a couple of weeks ago in another thread I asked you, Rastaman, directly, whether the gun smuggler had been able to get the AR from Saipan to Kosrae like you asked him?

    And don't you remember that you happily admitted that the gun smuggler (you used his forum name) had been able to get two of your handguns (2 handguns cheaper than 1 AR, you said) into Kosrae, and that the mule was according to you a "recently re-elected" member of the FSM Congress?

    And don't you remember that Anunaki spoke up and advised you to keep your mouth shut?

    Your Forum persona. You. Admitted in writing that you had participated in a conspiracy to smuggle guns into Kosrae, knowing to do so would violate FSM criminal statutes and if the weapons originated in Saipan (or the Marshalls, for that matter), the criminal statutes of the United States and possibly the Marshall Islands.

    You. Admitted. In writing. Participating in a criminal gun smuggling conspiracy.

    How is that for evidence. Your admission in writing.

    Then again, I am descendant on my father's side of Russians.

  • Took me a while, GanjaMan, because your admissions were in a thread more than a month old. Here is the link:

    You can find your admissions near the bottom of the first page of the thread. Annunaki's comment is at the top of page 2, I believe.
  • What else can we expect from a supporter of a lawless president?
  • Saw this at twitter much thanks FM for posting it here.Mass extinction of many species is happening this very moment throughout our mother planet.Not just within our region.We are littlerily witnessing a dying earth.Trump nor his people doesn't really associate themselves with science related matters.Simply viewing it as "hoax","globalism","false science",so on.Besides them there are those fighting hard in search for solutions to heal this ancient world.

    Just tragic more of us aren't joining in the fight.
  • Sarem, can you prove it court that it happened beyond a reasonable doubt, that i took part in these alleged crimes? I can always say i was joking. Or that i have no recollection of that conversation. Hahaha. All you have is words not admission. He said in a forum he got guns into Micronesia from Guam. I read it in a forum. The judge will then dismiss this case. Just like Mueller did with his investigation into Russia and obstruction. Reason being. Not enough evidences to prosecute or prove that these alleged things happened.

  • Factsmatter, according to visa & redsnappper, trump is following the constitution. Hahaha
  • DoobieDragger: Don't forget the original ask. This all started two or three years ago in a communication between you and the gun smuggler where the gun smuggler said he had smuggled a Beretta 9mm into Pohnpei for his father, using as a mule a Marshallese "official" the gun smuggler had served in the Army with. Don't you remember? That's when you asked if he could smuggle an AR from Saipan into Kosrae for you.

    As to whether anything can be proven, the Orange Orangutan has demonstrated an alternate reality on numerous occasions, but I digress. Yes, I do believe it can all be proven, down to the IP address of the computer used to send the messages and post the admissions in a thread in this Forum. I don't know much about computers or participatory forums, but if they can identify specific Russian computers inside a building in Moscow and identify by name the hackers who were operating them, yes, I think it can be proven.

    BTW, people who are not very smart act like they know everything, like what the Judge will do when you testify that it was a joke, or you do not remember what you wrote, or that the evidence is in the forum. I think before he would ever get to the point of considering a dismissal of the case, he would ask you, when you said you wanted to testify, whether you really thought that was a smart idea. Most often, criminal defendants take the advice of their attorneys and do not testify. Period. But what do I know? I never practiced criminal law, only civil law for about 25 years.

    But I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. I mean, who would monitor this Forum to a level to even learn about this stuff. Surely the FSM Attorney General would have no knowledge of this smuggling admission, and an even less chance that the US Attorney in Guam would know. You are probably safe. How long is the statute of limitations on gun smuggling conspiracies in the FSM anyway?

  • I'm so scared im shaking in my Scotts slippers. I'm so scared.


    Where is your evidences that this alleged crime ever ever took place? Where? I read it in a forum your Honor. This user rastaman said this in a forum. He said it it. All i have is words and no evidences, concrete evidence but #BelieveAllThingsYouReadinTheInternet your honor. It maybe Hearsay but believe me you it happened.


    I also read it in a Forum through a user named NasaWorker101 in Aliens are real forum, that he saw aliens in area-51 in Navada. He has no evidences but believe me when i say he wrote that he saw aliens in area-51.

    I just explained your entire case. Just words written by a unknown individuals in a forum and no evidences that it ever took place. Hahaha

    There are 165,000 citizens of FSM. And a 164,000 citizens of Guam and 48,000 citizens of saipan. Plus i use a onion router that is connected to a dozen bot net network that span 3 continents and has routers in 32 different countries. That could mean 7 billion suspects. Narrow it down to 300,000 suspects.

    Good luck with trying to prove it ever happened.

  • Actually it is not my problem. I didn't say I smuggled guns into the FSM. You said you and the gun smuggler smuggled guns into the FSM. A written confession is a confession. Seems you might have a harder time proving you didn't do what you said you did than any prosecutor worth his or her salt would have proving you did what you said you did.

    And I am certain that the FSM authorities would be interested in your use of an "onion router", whatever that is, and your connection to a "dozen bot net network [sic]". Maybe you are part of an even larger conspiracy bent on destroying democracy.

    But you're right. Who could find you among all of the participants in this Forum? God, there must be a hundred or more people whose contact information is controlled by the Administrator. No need to worry. You are so smart, even if someone were looking for you they couldn't find you. Because you stopped communicating in the Forum, so nobody can trace your most current posts.

    Enjoy your guns, Ganja Man.

  • Saying one thing and having evidences to prove it happened is another different thing. The good thing of a onion router is that it spoof your I.P address and use a different I.P address every day along with a different emial accounts every 18 hours and piggyback off other peoples email accounts and your location change every 2 hours.

    I'm not worries because all you have is conjecture and hearsay with no evidences to prove anything happened. Only in fascist countries could people get convicted by words only. Thank god we have democracy.

    I have no recollection of ever writing those words you claimed i did. Maybe i was drunk or maybe i was hacked or maybe someone used my account. Now prove that i wrote those words. Hahaha

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    Onion router is not illegal. And yes i am part of a even larger conspiracy that it's aim is to expose leftists and Democrats for what they are and to protect Democracy from socialism planting roots in Micronesia.
  • The interesting thing is that you have never denied helping the gun smuggler smuggle hand guns into Kosrae. You have attacked me, denied remembering that you wrote the posts, claimed you might have been drunk when you wrote the posts, but you have never denied participating in a gun smuggling conspiracy. Sort of like the Orange Orangutan never denying the one night stand with Stormy Daniels or his year and a half affair with the Playboy model. Distract, dissemble, point fingers elsewhere, lie if you must, but you wrote the words, and maybe somebody will come knocking on your door with a warrant in the not too distant future. Of course, if that happens, you can throw all your bullshit at the prosecutors, and see if you can avoid the truth.

    This is becoming boring. Admissions are evidence. Hopefully at some point you will get the opportunity to deny under oath what you wrote. Until then, I guess we will just have to read your words and decide for ourselves.

    And you are going to protect Micronesia from Socialism? You and whose army. Where did Micronesia get the billions of dollars to squander on turkey tails and sugar soda? Socialism. You want to protect Micronesia from Socialism? Tell Marc that Micronesia doesn't need any further help from the US. It will do just fine without negotiating more Socialist payments under a renegotiated Compact.

    Tell the Micronesians that they no longer need the US Postal Service to deliver the mail. Or the FAA to provide air traffic control. Or FEMA assistance. Or SBA loans. You do your duty, GanjaMan, and make sure the US does not provide any further assistance to Micronesia. Micronesia can do just fine without US help. After all, you have China, right?

    What a DS.
  • Emotions can only get you far. Emotions can't get a convictions. It may work in Muslim countries whose laws are aliken and similar to socialists ideals like words before evidences but we live in a Democracy. So prove that this alleged conspiracy took place. That is all I'm asking. Can u prove that it happened? Beyond mere words in a forum?

    Can you do something Mueller can't? The real question here is that can someone accuse someone of committing a crime without EVIDENCE?

    Like Democrats and The media did. Is this Democrary? Fair and equal? Where judgement is blind?

    Trump is a realist. He is a practitioner of Real Realpolitik is that bad?
  • "Tell the Micronesians that they no longer need the US Postal Service to deliver the mail. Or the FAA to provide air traffic control. Or FEMA assistance. Or SBA loans. You do your duty, GanjaMan, and make sure the US does not provide any further assistance to Micronesia. Micronesia can do just fine without US help. After all, you have China, right?"

    The US don't deliver our mails anymore! That all ended in the COFA agreements! You dumb fuck! The US postal service were here during the TTPI era!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you blame Trump for this when the TTPI ended 30 years before he got into office!!!! Read the COFA!!!

  • See we are not ignorant anymore. We know what is up. And your time is up. You hate that. You hate that we brown Pacific niggers see what u for what u are.

    Education, liberal oriented education got me where i am now in thoughts of politics and reality.

    Your ways are the enemy of my people.
  • Peace and love is what i advocate, but don't come up here and tell us we all racists because we don't agree with you. When you do that i will proudly pick up the racist nazi bigot white supremacist flag all because you hate the simple fucking fact that I don't agree with you.
  • Democracy mutha-fucka. We have different oponions but doesn't make it ok to say anyone who disagree with you is a racists. This is what democracy is all about.
  • Someone's panties are tied in a knot. Poor baby. LOL
  • edited September 2019
    Democracy mutha-fucka. We have different opinions but doesn't make it ok to say anyone who disagree with you is a racists. This is why i don't understand you. This is why I'm stocking up my personal defense. Yes i bought guns and and i got them delivered into Kosrae. Why? You! U know who u are. I'm so scared about socialism that i got guns delivered to me in Kosrae. You got me scared. My liberty and freedom and instincts got me where in am.

    Come take em!

  • Wow! Talk about off the deep end.

    Maybe Trump is correct that we need to build more facilities for the mentally ill.
  • Geez, FM, what the heck did you do to Rasta-girlie-man?!? After you declared the game over (if that is what "checkmate" still means), I had a cocktail and watched some TV, and then went to bed. I get up this morning (late morning, actually, as I am retired and can sleep in if I want), and when I check the Forum, Rasta-girlie-man has had a Trumpian melt down!! SIX POSTS IN A ROW!!! A real down to earth FREAKOUT!

    Good God, she even admitted again, without duress, that she participated in a gun smuggling conspiracy! BTW, no offense to women everywhere, but some would call this Rasta-girlie-man episode a HYSTERical breakdown! Do you think we should go easier on her? After all, she is the savior of Micronesia, seeking to destroy any semblance of SOCIALISM in the Pacific Islands, even if it means no more medical care for Micronesians in Hawai'i and the mainland!

    BTW, where is the FSM post office in the US? Since the US mail no longer delivers to Micronesia, I am wondering who gets the mail to Pohnpei. Like, if I wanted to send a letter to the FSM AG pointing him to this thread, where would I find the FSM post office to send it out there? Never mind, I'm sure I can find an email address somewhere.

    Heeheehee, snicker snicker.
  • I just hope he gets the psychiatric care he so desperately needs before he makes headlines for shooting people.
  • Given today’s events in Odessa, Texas, I see what you mean.
  • Before colonial times, most Micronesian men owned guns and some villages owned cannons. Nowadays, Micronesia is filled with snowflakes who depend on a foreign government for their security.
  • Before "colonial times," NO Micronesians owned guns.

    Guns were introduced to Micronesia by the "colonizers," namely Spain, Germany, Japan, and the U.S.

    Learn some history.
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