Another $3.6 Billion dollars approved for the Border wall!

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Couple months ago $3.4 billion was given to the border wall and yesterday an additional $3.6 billion was given to the border construction.

$7 billion in total and another $4 billion was given by Democrats in 2018 and another 5 will be taken from California rail project that the Democrat governor of California cancelled. $16 billion will be the total when it all adds up.

Not bad for someone with no cognitive thinking.


  • $4 billion more to go and the wall will be fully funded.

  • What happened to Mexico will pay for it? You been had nigga. That was a lie from liar in chief.
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  • Mattis on Trump: of limited cognitive ability and general dubious nature. Hahahaha hahahaha
  • Mexicans will just use a ladder...image
  • Sea and earth.

    Sea-People of The south will resort to boats in the nearest future.Once a fleet of them established the national guard will have a rough time keeping up to patrol United States waters.Lets be honest here.The entirety of water surrounding this country isn't that watched 24/7.

    Earth-Even with a wall more tunnels will most likely be dug beneath.The More there is.The foundation will weaken.It'll eventually fall.Then all of those well spent billions will be for nothing.
  • Sea and earth.

    Sea-People of The south will resort to boats in the nearest future.Once a fleet of them established the national guard will have a rough time keeping up to patrol United States waters.Lets be honest here.The entirety of water surrounding this country isn't that watched 24/7.

    Earth-Even with a wall more tunnels will most likely be dug beneath.The More there is.The foundation will weaken.It'll eventually fall.Then all of those well spent billions will be for nothing.
  • Hahahaha

    Its getting build.

  • Remember the Liar-in-Chief's campaign promise that "Mexico will pay for it."

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    Trump is taking money from Puerto Rico’s recovery and European security to fund his wall

    Even West Point and schools for kids are impacted.

    Sep 5, 2019

    A National Guard readiness center in Puerto Rico. A hazardous material storage building on a US military base in Germany. A training facility for special operations forces working to deter Russia in Europe. Upgrades at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.

    Those are just some of the 127 affected military construction projects that will be defunded and delayed so President Donald Trump can build roughly 175 miles of wall on the southern border. In total, construction efforts in nearly half of all 50 states — as well as 19 countries, three US territories, and some classified locations — will have their funding diverted to pay for the barrier.

    The Trump administration announced last February it would find $3.6 billion from previously approved military construction projects to fund the wall effort. But it wasn’t until Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s letter outlining the funding diversions was released to the public on Wednesday evening that the full scope of the financial diversion became clear.

    In Esper’s telling, the move will help the military better provide support to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to patrol the border.

    “These projects will deter illegal entry, increase the vanishing time of those illegally crossing the border, and channel migrants to ports of entry,” he wrote in a letter to Pentagon colleagues dated September 3. “In short, these barriers will allow [the Pentagon] to provide support to DHS more efficiently and effectively. In this respect, the contemplated construction projects are force multipliers.”

    But many lawmakers, mainly Democrats, don’t see such a rosy picture, arguing that the move erodes Congress’ authority to approve spending and could hurt the military’s ability to fight current and future wars. But many are also likely angry because military projects that would’ve brought jobs to their states or districts will be paused for now.

    Virginia, for example, has four military projects that will be impacted, to the tune of just over $77 million — which helps explain why Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) has been publicly blasting the administration’s decision. “Taking money away from our military — including funding to support critical projects here in Virginia — will mean we are less equipped to tackle threats here at home and abroad,” he wrote in a Wednesday statement.

    The growing fury means it’s possible Democrats in Congress might try to block the move — which means a bruising political fight could be around the corner.

    “The battles will be more political than legal,” William Banks, an expert on national security law at Syracuse University, told me. “It’s possible for Congress to enact — over a veto — funding restrictions on this or new funds that the president wants or needs. There’s lots of horse trading to come.”

    The funding “delay” is really more of a “cancellation” in practice
    The Pentagon keeps saying these projects are either delayed or deferred, but the reality is that Congress must again approve them before they can move forward. That means it’s more accurate to say these efforts are canceled until they’re reapproved again.

    But there are two categories of projects that stand out: The first is roughly $400 million in Puerto Rico projects — many of which are meant to help with the recovery effort after Hurricane Maria. The second is about $770 million in funding for military initiatives in Europe specifically intended to help deter possible Russian aggression.

    It’s therefore fair to say that Trump is trading bolstering Puerto Rico and Europe’s security for fewer than 200 miles of border wall. For Trump, a self-described great dealmaker, that trade-off is apparently worth it.
  • Thoughts and prayers for Alabama. Hit hard by hurricane orange ass clown.
  • $4 billion more to go and the wall is fully funded. This is how a real concerned leader work. His concern for the safety of US citizens and legal immigrants and their well beings shows.

    Democrats said not one single penny will go into the wall in 2016. Its 2019 and $16 billion dollars have went into funding the wall. All $16 Billion Democrats approved.

  • Hey, gun smuggler mini-me, just got around to finding facts about the wall Mexico didn't pay for. Seems you are living in a different reality, because your addition and numbers do not come close to what Wikipedia says through August and into September of 2019 (two months ago). In fact, one could reasonably call your gloating about the wall a whole lot of bullshit. Throw some shit against the wall, and some is sure to stick, right?

    So here is the opening section in Wikipedia about "Trump's Wall:

    "The Trump wall, commonly referred to as just "the wall", is a colloquial name for a proposed expansion of the Mexico–United States barrier during the U.S. presidency of Donald Trump.[1] Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump called for the construction of a much larger border wall, claiming that if elected, he would "build the wall and make Mexico pay for it." At the time, President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto said that his country would not pay for the wall.[2][3][4]

    "In January 2017, Trump signed Executive Order 13767, which formally directed the US government to begin attempting wall construction along the US border with Mexico using existing federal funding;[5] actual construction did not begin at this time due to the significant expense and lack of clarity on how it would be funded. In 2018–19 the federal government was partly shut down for 35 days because of Trump's insistence that he would veto any spending bill that did not include $5.7 billion in border wall funding.[6] In February 2019, Trump signed a declaration of National Emergency, saying that the situation at the U.S.–Mexico border is a crisis requiring money allocated for other purposes to be used to build the wall. Congress passed a joint resolution to overturn the emergency order, but Trump vetoed the resolution. In July 2019, the Supreme Court approved the reallocation of $2.5 billion in Department of Defense anti-drug funding to construct the wall while other legal proceedings continue; in September 2019, an additional $3.6 billion was diverted, this time from U.S. military construction projects around the world, including schools for children of American soldiers.

    "In July 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that, although they had begun to replace old fencing, no new wall had yet been built. At least 60 miles of replacement wall has been completed since 2017, with 450 miles (720 km) of new barrier planned to be constructed by the end of 2020. A private organization called We Build the Wall has constructed .5 miles (0.80 km) of new wall on private property near El Paso, Texas, with Trump's encouragement."

    So, pathetic gun smuggling idiot, it appears that a total of $6.1 billions of funds appropriated for other purposes but diverted to Trump's Folly with dubious and only temporary legal authority, have been commandeered. Only $6.1 billion, not $17 billion or whatever you claim. No funds for the wall have been appropriated by Congress at any time.

    In the past two years, Trump has been able to completely replace 60 miles of old damaged fencing, and plans to build 450 miles of new fence by 2020. What is that, about $13 million per mile for a fence. Find me a couple of Mexicans and they will build one for $8 per linear foot plus materials.

    Your lying is boring, but dangerous. And if possible, as long as possible, you can count on me to confront your bullshit with facts and truth, and let God sort out the winners and losers.
  • Good news. $billion more to go. Democrats refuse to use money the US is getting from tarrifs Trump put on Mexico. Close to $10 billion dollars Mexico has paid in tarrifs and democrats who control the house and the purse refuse to use that money paid by Mexico through tarrifs. $10 Billions in tarrifs Mexico has paid and Democrats refuse to appropriate that money towards the wall.

    Don't forget the $4 billion Democrats added in 2017. Its close to 15 billion dollars already. And the national emergency will add another 6-8 billion to it.

    Rastas calcutions are correct its nearly fully funded. And the Supreme Court as deemed it legal to use funds appropriated through the EO.


    No wall they said. It's being build.
  • Fully funded after he wins 2020.

    He will win. Democrats haven't passed any major legislation in the house they control. All they focus on his Trump. None of their promises have been fulfilled. And couple of hours ago the GOP won both special elections on NC.

    Red MAGA WAVE.

    All the Democrats anti Trump news is not working.

  • Twins. Two pathetic idiots.
  • Sarem, i don't trust anything you say. Its all propaganda mixed with bullshit. Your the same one who preached about how Russia and Trump colluded in 2016. It turned out to be just a pile of steaming shit.


    Who the idiot now?

  • You are still the idiot, gun smuggler. Even a bigger idiot, if you think you can lie in here about me without having to prove the truth of your lie, which of course cannot be done and is therefore idiotic.

    If I ever said ANYWHERE that Russian and Trump colluded in 2016, you will have to prove it. Where is your proof, idiot? Pathetic, whiny, gun smuggling idiot. Anunaki said the same thing in another thread, and I defied you both to find proof. Rather than find proof, you whined about me and FM editing our posts to delete what you swear you saw. The problem with that is that if a thread is edited, the thread says so. So you are left with everyone conspiring against you, and making shit up, and then we are back to you, making shit up.

    BTW, I did not opine on the wall. Wikipedia did. If you have an argument with what is said in Wikipedia about Trump's Folly, prove Wikipedia wrong.

    Not trusting what I say is the greatest proof possible that you are an idiot. Oh, wait, a trap. If you don't trust anything I say, then you don't trust that I am correct that you are an idiot? So if I say you are a genius, you won't trust what I say, and will admit that you are an idiot?

  • This is something I'm clad my taxes are going to. Build it!
  • Your taxes, Anunaki? Where do you live and pay U.S. taxes?
  • I'm a expat. Been living in Chuuk for the past 3 decades. US citizens pay taxes even if they are living abroad. I own 2 properties in Oregon which means i also am paying property taxes.

  • An Expat. Explains a lot. Not too many Micronesians are White Supremacists, but a large number of white people are White Supremacists. If you have been living in Chuuk for three decades, living off the socialist help from the US to Micronesia, that would mean that we may know each other, as I was in Chuuk from 1991 - 1993 and again from 2002 - 2004.

    Your property taxes are not going toward any Trump Folly, though. And the only way you would be paying US income taxes is if your overseas income exceeds, what is it, about $80,000. And even if you pay US income taxes, no part of those taxes will go toward building any wall. Unless you can't read what Wikipedia reports.

    And in case you are just another liar, you should know that in the US we spell the word meaning happy this way:

    Glad. Not clad. Clad means clothed.
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    I too am a taxpayer and i too am happy that my tax dollars are going to the wall. Like Hawaii Democrat Senator, Tulsi Gabbard said, a country without borders is not a country of laws.

    As a legal migrant who pays taxes and who came here legally along with millions of other law abiding legal migrants i say build it.
  • What happens when Trump begins deporting legal migrants?
  • I never lived of the government. Not the type to accept handouts. I own a import export business in Chuuk. And bless to say its doing good. I employ close to 16 people here in Chuuk and close to 40 in the mainland. All Micronesians. My business supply micronesian stores in the US with locally made commodities. I supply stores and markets in Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas and Florida. In any states that have significant Micronesian population there are stores and markets that sell micronesian products from kon to pohnpeian skirts to fish and handicrafts to Sakau and betel nut. If you buy micronesian products from these stores and market there is a 90% possibility that it came from my business.

    I came to Chuuk 3 decades ago with nothing but 500 dollars in pocket. With hard work and perseverance i did it. This is the same lessons I've passed on to ky kids and to the Micronesians i employ. I want micronesians to be successful as i am. I pay taxes and im glad my taxes goes into the wall construction.
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    @SaremChuuk, the Obama administration deported more illegals than Trump has and the Obama administration deported more micronesians than Trump has.

    " What happens when Trump begins deporting legal migrants?"

    Send me a message if " When " arrives my Jewish friend. We have a agreement with the US that is part of US laws. We are protected under the COFA that the US Senate passed into laws. Stop the hypothetical fear mongering. It does no one any good.
  • What happens if pigs fly? This is what Sarem is asking. The answer to her what if Trump deport legal migrants is when pigs fly.

  • No. I'm not Larry and i don't even know larry. Never had the pleasure of meeting him. But i heard of Larry. I came to FSM after working 12 years in Kwajaleen in RMI. That's how i got into the import export business. Had the pleasure and honor of working with the legendary Micronesian businessman and entrepreneur Robert Reimers of the famous RMI RRE Corporation. He taught me a many things.

    And why are you trying to guess who i am? Are you trying to dox me to hurt me or my business because i agree with the wall? That's not so progressive Sarem.

  • No, Anunaki, I wouldn't try to cause injury to anyone, possibly other than Reaper. It just seemed most logical that if you have been an expat living in Chuuk for the past 30 or more years ("I came to Chuuk 3 decades ago with nothing but 500 dollars in pocket"), you would have been there when I first came to Chuuk in 1991, and you would have been there when I returned in 2002. The expat community is not very large in Weno (where all import/export businesses in Chuuk are located, for access to air and port), especially those engaged in international trade. Clark Graham has probably been there the longest (other than Fr. Hezel, when he was there), and he has been there since the mid to late 60's. I am pretty sure Bill Stinnett has been there longer than three decades, so of the expats I knew when we were in Weno at the same time, Larry Bruton came to mind. That's all. If you were Larry Bruton I would have said hello, that's all.

    Since you are in Chuuk, please say hello to Clark and Bill the next time you see them. Sabino Asor (Taxi-Womw in this Forum) knows who I am. Surprised you don't know Larry Bruton, having been in Chuuk that long.
  • Trump 2016: Who’s going to pay for the wall 100%?
    Trump monkeys: Mexico will pay.
    Truth: US Military families and American taxpayers.
    Conclusion: Trump lies and rats ass man eats it up and bends over and asks for more.
    Hahahaha hahahaha
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