US War Hawk John Bolton Fired by Donald Trump

Fired or Resigned no's one giant step for mankind & Peace on Earth

The freakin' war hawk John Bolton is out, oil price drop

The world is a little safer & no US tax payers money is wasted on wars with Venezuela, Iran & North Korea ....well, at least for now.....


  • That's also what i said. I'm happy he is gone. He is neen pushing Trump to make war on Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.

    Sad that Democrat-socialists don't see the good in Boltons firing/resignation. The man that whispers to Trump to attack and start wars with Venezuela iran and North korea is gone.

    Bolton advocated for use of force first and diplomacy second. He should have fired him a long time ago.

    Democrats will now be in love with Bolton now that Trump fired him. They vilified Bolton as war monger now that is about to change.

    Just watch and see.
  • The New York Times added the following details, "But if Mr. Trump’s original national security team was seen as restraining a mercurial new commander in chief, the president found himself sometimes restraining Mr. Bolton. Behind the scenes, he joked about Mr. Bolton’s penchant for confrontation. “If it was up to John, we’d be in four wars now,” one senior official recalled the president saying. Mr. Trump also grew disenchanted with Mr. Bolton over the failed effort to push out President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela."

  • Rasta said, "Sad that Democrat-socialists don't see the good in Boltons firing/resignation. "

    So now Rasta speaks for "Democrat socialists?" lol

    Personally, I was appalled when Trump first hired Bolton and I am now delighted that Trump has accepted Bolton's "resignation."

    By the way, Trump has now burned through THREE National Security Advisors in less than three years.

    Rasta, you should apply for the job and become number four! lol
  • Its how he has been operating since before he got into politics. One fail and gets fired there is a hundred to replace them with.

    2 war hawks gone. Mattis and Bolton. Sorry my liberal or should i say Socialists friends but you guys ain't getting the wars you hoped for.

  • he just cant make up his mind.. that's the biggest problem in the WH..
  • Its no time for war. Bye bye Bolton. Democrats will be mad the wars they wanted are now not going to happen.

  • Another best people fired by the master employer and brilliant genius. Can’t complete a sentence with any college level or stable genius vocabulary. Hahahaha
    Of limited cognitive ability and general dubious nature.
  • No more war is good. Lol
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