United Pacific

Here's a thought.Imagine the three regions of the pacific combined into one.By Politics,Culture,or geographical.Under one banner.

Wouldn't that be something?.We'd potentially be a super power.


  • Not a superpower militarily, economically, or by population. But definitely by the vast size of its geographic area.

    (You are excluding Hawaii, Guam, CNMI, and Australia, I presume.)
  • @FactsMatter/I've mistakenly forgot to include Hava'i,Guam,Cnmi&AU.
  • too different populations, too high distances...image
  • For a dream like this come into fruition.There are many obstacles to cross.A path that's very difficult.Not impossible.Potentially achievable.

    Militaristically-We are Pacific Islanders bred for war.It is imprinted within our genes and cultures.I doubt we'll face any problems when it comes to situation regarding that.To think having our own standing army consist mainly of pacific island decent is a frightening thought.PI have been involved in wars from ancient times to modern.

    Population-Micros/Polys are close to about 3mil combined.Not enough to establish a country of our own.There is a solution.We mustn't exclude our cousins from the Southeast such as The Indonesians,Malaysians,Filipinos,and Taiwanese aboriginal tribes.We share most of our genetics with them.The southeast nations including Taiwan numbers up to 300-400 mil.I'd say encourage them to join us,let our young ones breed with theirs(bcuz....we're very good at that).Or by adopting their unwanted children.That way our population rises.

    Economy-Our ocean is abundant with sea life.For a combined regions.We'll produce billions.Fish and seafood are amongst the world's great trading commodities.Even with this we can search other means for our economy to grow.
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