FBI Has Arrested Former Top Obama Official For Corruption

The FBI today arrested Asha Tribble, a former top official of the Obama administration for corruption. This former Obama Official took bribes from security firm and in return gave the firm $1.5 billion dollars of FEMA money that were meant to help Hurricane devastated Puerto Rico.

Former Obama FEMA official Arrested by FBI for Corruption


  • Leaving the good stuff out, huh Raper? Former Obama official? True. Crime occurred while Dr. Tribble was employed by FEMA from 2017 to 2018, when she worked on the Hurricane Maria devastation that struck Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria occurred during the Trump Administration, if I recall. That is true, isn't it Raper? That Dr. Tribble was working for Trump when she committed the crimes for which she has been indicted?

    The following is from the FEMA website:

    From September 2017 – September 2018, Dr. Tribble was deployed Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria as the Power Sector Chief for Response and the Infrastructure Chief for Recovery.

    Previously, Dr. Tribble served as the Deputy Regional Administrator for the FEMA Region IX Office which covered California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii as well as the territories of American Samoa and Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

    Seems Trump poisons the environment for everyone, even former Obama officials.
  • Ms. Tribble, who holds a doctorate in meteorology, was assigned to Puerto Rico for a year, where she was the agency’s energy sector lead. She was also a Homeland Security adviser during the Obama administration.

    Source:The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/10/us/puerto-rico-fema-arrests-corruption.html
  • Got any evidence that Tribble committed crimes during the Obama administration or are you just trying divert attention from the fact that she is just another Trump criminal? I thought not.
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    Another obama official caught in the act. Trump should fire any and all former obama appointees left overs who still work for the government. She was one of those former obama officials who remained in the government. The leak crew who are leaking informations to the fake news media. She was Obama's former National security counselor. Drain the swamp.

  • Pathetic idiot is at it again. Taking an excerpt from a right wing "newspaper", Idiot-in-Chief states: "Another obama official caught in the act." Actually, no, idiot, no Obama official was "caught in the act." A former Obama official who worked for the Liar-in-Chief was "caught in the act," while working for the Liar-in-Chief, almost two years after Obama completed two terms, eight years, without having any Obama official arrested or charged. One Obama official, his original White House Counsel, was charged after Obama completed his two successful terms as President, and was subsequently (within the past couple of weeks) acquitted of the sole charge against him. How many convictions for Trump officials "caught in the act?"

    Oh, I forgot. Herr Nazi Fuhrer Drumpf never does anything wrong, so whatever goes wrong must be Obama's fault. NOW I GET IT! Obama lied about Alabama being hit by Hurricane Dorian!
  • Tribble is A former National Security adviser for Obama. According to the New York Times.

    Enough with the fake news.

    No scandal said the failure who no longer has a legacy.

    She was brought into the federal government by Obama. Like someone said. A hang over from the Obama administration.

  • Yes yes there is no scandal.


  • Which means she didn't commit a crime or crimes while working for the Trump Administration? WTF is your point? All crimes committed by Trump Administration appointees and employees are actually crimes by Obama himself? All lies told by Der Fuhrer Drumpf are actually lies told by Obama?

    Actually, Crapper, Dr. Tribble was brought into the federal workforce by George W. Bush. Not Obama. Bush.

  • She is a hold over from the Obama administration. Former obama officials who remained in government service after the obama administration 2 terms were up.

    Obama appointed her as his national security adviser. When the Trump Administration took over the reigns of government from the obama administration she is one of many who stayed and work in the government.

    Corrupted like her former President Obama who went into the Whitehouse with $400,000 in the bank and after became a millionaire after leaving the Whitehouse. She followed her dear failed Presidents/Obamas example. She gave a contract worth billions to a friend and expected to get rich after she left FEMA. Unlike obama she got caught.

  • Are you referring to Dr. Tribble? You state "Obama appointed her as his national security adviser." Do you contend that Obama hired Dr. Tribble as his National Security Advisor? When did President Obama appoint Dr. Tribble as his National Security Advisor? In which term? Do you have any effing clue what you are talking about?

    Oh, and BTW, if you are going to run your mouth about US politics, you might as well get the name of the President's abode correct. It is not "Whitehouse." Whitehouse is a person's name, like Senator Whitehouse. The White House, two words, both capitalized, is where the President lives during his term.

    Oh, and if you are going to slander President Obama, maybe you should do it in the New York Times, or some other liberal rag. President Obama's wealth came principally from his two books, neither of which you have read. You know that, and your implication that President Obama stole from the federal government is despicable. But natural for any Trump supporter. Slander Obama, steal from the public at the same time. How is Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf doing with his Scottish airport and golf resort? Going broke. Then get the Air Force to land there and spend millions of taxpayer funds on fuel at the airport, and pay for staying at the Trump resort with taxpayer dollars while your C-17 gets topped off. What a fucking thief.

    Are you still in the Army, Reaper. Reserve forces, maybe? Soaking up socialist funds from the US while slandering its past Presidents? Maybe you are a government contractor now, typing hate into the keyboard of your government computer?

    Hell, maybe you are the Marshallese "official" who helped the gun smuggler get his Beretta into Pohnpei in a diplomatic pouch.
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