Can Pohnpei Make changes through Petitions like Palau does?

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It seems that what most of us here on this forum have come to realize or at least are thinking out loud- That the people we vote into office are just using us to get what they want.

Isn't it about time that, we the People whom the government is created for and whom have in all actuality created the government, do something drastic to actually use the politicians for our own gain?

I mean why haven't any of us in here, who to me sound really concerned about how the government is not helping the people, do something constructive to cause favorable change in the government. To cause favorable change in our own personal savings when we save at the cash registers of the local supermarkets and our favorite mom and pop stores..Why can't we actually exercise our constitution given right to petition towards any of our burdensome issues.

I know for a fact that our other neighbor nations are applying and exercising this most basic and effective method of community involvement. I dare any one in here to take the first step in practicing this given right to petition our leaders to re-visit the tax laws again and reconsider the new law that has just passed and is about to take effect this month of January.( The new GRT law that allows for employees SS decutions etc..)

Suggestion: We initiate a petition to amend further the FSM tax law to include a tax deduction towards Cost of Goods- in regards to our GRT contributions to the National government. To clarify my point- Why are we paying the 3% GRT which includes the cost of goods that have already been taxed by the state governments. And to add an expeditious solution to my question- We should instead only pay the 3% GRT on the amount of profit that we net per item.

This will be the ultimate test for our leaders at the national level in precedence to the elections in march. How many sessions are lined up before march? How many signatures do we need to authenticate or validate such a petition.

I think this move will show us once and for all how our leaders really care for the people...

Good luck and let's get to work!


  • Biz e...

    Initiating a petition is the most powerful tool that every voter has. Believe me, here in my place we have been doing that for many years. Some of our state leaders have been forced to step down from public office by petitions too.

    One thing to remember though....once you start the petition, never back down on it.....good luck.
  • There is a god after all. This is what I been preaching before in the old forum as well as this new forum, now I am glad that some of you are finally waking up. This petition is doable believe me and you are right, instead of just sitting and yapping we need to be proactive and show our leaders that if they are not willing to be accountable we the citizens will make sure our officals are accountable.

    There are actually several items on the constitituion that should be changed since they did not passed the constitiutional ammendment. Just read the FSM constitution and you will find them.
  • Jene,uperem

    Thanks for the input, I would like to invite the two of you to check in every once in a while on this discussion board and try to help with the steering.

    As for you Jene, Please help me with the proactive part. I will be printing out the petitions out this weekend. We need to meet so that you can help me set the strategy of the actual distribution of the papers.

    Let's go people, we need to hussle!
  • biz e:

    Is it possible for the effect of such a petition if Pohnpei alone petitions such already passed FSM law? Or, is it going to need other authentic signatures from its sister states? What are the legal requirements for such kind of petition to be deemed valid? Just curious.
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    We will need at least 54,500 signatures to make it valide or majority.

    divide this by 4 states equals to 13,672 signatures per state.

    This is possible!!

    Petitions are to be e-mailed to contacts in the three other states. I need contacts by tomorrow! use your resources everyone. give me some contacts to do actual passing out of the forms to reliable freinds that can collect signatures.

    I need these forms mailed back to me by the end of february. As soon as we get contacts we'll start sending out the forms by e-mail. As for Pohnpei, Myself and Jene- if she's serious, will strategize on how and whereabouts this revolutionary babystep will take place.

    I call upon all my brothers and sisters of this young nation! This is the Best opportunity for us to see what the Leaders will do, Now! and for the next four years!

    Let's go! contacts today. Post 'em up on this board.
  • I thought so..

    You bunch are an all talk for nothing types!
  • biz e,

    Are you pissing off? You know what? I think you have come to the realization that such action requires a lot of effort and time which is not as handy as you might think. Collecting thousands of signatures throughout the FSM is a difficult task and is only a step toward achieving such goal. When you collect the number of required signatures, then they have to be authenticated in order to be deemed legitimately valid and legally accepted. I do know you understand the legal procedure concerning petitioning something. It is not that people do not want to petition something when they are not comfortable with their leaders and their laws. But in considering the requirements involving the process,most often, they just easily abandon their wishes. Even in each of the FSM states, nothing has been done to exercise the use of such process.

    However, I admire your bold move to go through such time consuming process and I hope you will find interested individuals who can assist you in your desperate effort doing something free of charge for their time and effort. I know that you are beginning to be discouraged by the no-response attitude you have so far witnessed from forumers despite your relentless effort in promptly effectuating your desire. Have patience and you will find the solution to your ambition.
  • ono,

    Discouraged? Hell No!

    You have given me the bullet that I needed. Thanks

    Keep an eye out for the rally call on Pohnpei sometime this month!!
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