Admin of this Forum: Saremchuuk threatened me with physical violence!



  • Stay strong brother. Who is the admin of this forum? Why are you allowing terroristic threatening in this forum? Is it ok to do this?

    Admin Must be a fucking lefty too.
  • What a whiny bunch of gun smugglers! Poor babies. Possibly threatened by a 73 year old man with bad knees and a shoulder that needs replacement. Ooohhh, I'll bet you are sooo afraid!
  • Paranoid crybabies....just like their hero, the Liar-in-Chief...Weeper, PornStar, and Rustman. lol
  • Is this the great Pawnzie the gun smuggler discussing his exploits with his sidekick, Rastaman? Is this an admission of gun smuggling by the great Nazi Pawnzie the gun smuggler, and a request by his Sancho Panza for help smuggling an AR into Kosrae?

    Rastaman → PawNStaR
    Yo that's you? If so man is either your stupid or have some big pairs. You know these liberals will see your face now.

    March 2017 Comment

    That's the conservative these flakes be crying about. You see that bad boy that Mossberg 500? Got me 2 of the C-Version. 1 for my house, the other is in my truck. Always carry my Glock 19 with me. Im never naked and never alone. 19 hollow point bullets on the Glock 8 in the Moss shit I can invade Moen with that.

    *Glock 19

    I don't know but got my old man a berreta .45 back in sokehs. I got him that thru the RMI. RMI recognize the right to own guns. One of the senator in RMI is a former soldier I knew back in Hawaii. Send him that B.45 and he flew to Pohnpei on some official visit and my dad met him at the airport and he got his Berreta .45
    With his diplomatic passport he got thru the so capped airport security without anyone checking his carry on bag.

    Can you help me out here? Im a registered gun owner here in saipan and I've been trying to send some of my guns to kosrsae but all my efforts have been in vain. There's some wild pig where Im from in kosrsae and some birds too and i want to send a AR back so can you help me out?
  • By way of explanation, at the beginning of the conversation, Rastaman is referring to a photo which Pawnzie the Gun Smuggler posted to this page, with Pawnzie in a cute black knit hat and camouflage, holding a shotgun in his right hand. Looks kinda short in the photo, and not too smart. Unfortunately the photo has been deleted.

    Hey, Reaper, you are Marshallese, right? Are you the "senator in RMI" who actually smuggled the berreta .45 into Pohnpei?

  • Oh, and BTW, if anyone thinks I made up the conversation above between Pawnzie the Gun Smuggler and his Sancho Panza Rastaman, just click once on the MAGA image next to Pansie's name above. You will be taken immediately to a page behind the page. Just scroll down until you find the language quoted above.
  • Easy folks. Let not hatred poison your minds. Keep respect close by your side. Freedom comes with responsibility.
  • Ooohh, Oooh! The Gun Smuggler threatened the business center of the entire State of Chuuk! Read it and weep:

    "Always carry my Glock 19 with me. Im never naked and never alone. 19 hollow point bullets on the Glock 8 in the Moss shit I can invade Moen with that."

    Nazi Terrorist with a Mossberg and a Glock, threatening to "invade Moen"! Not only that, but showing incredible disrespect for the Chuukese by using the Trust Territory phrase for the capital of Chuuk State, instead of Weno out of respect for the Chuukese people!

    Somebody call the Administrator!
  • This is liberalism. Agree with us or else its death to you. Same thing the Nazis and radical Muslims do.

    Now the bitch is trying to equate having guns to threatening people with violence and injury. I haven't threatened anyone with death. Unlike a old white liberal who goes by the name of @SaremChuuk.

    Where are the admins of this forum? Is it ok to whish death and injury and harm on other users in this forum? Or is it ok when a liberal does it?
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    Where is the admin?
  • It’s “wish”, not “whish”. Geez, where were you during spelling class? Out back of the school smoking a doobie?
  • Cry, cry, cry.

    LOL @ weeping white supremacists crying about being "threatened" by a 73-year old man.

    What ever happened to your screams about the 1st Amendment right to "freedom of speech?" Must have been fake news.

    Oh, now I remember! You claim to have a 2nd Amendment right to international gun smuggling. lol
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    No prove that gun smuggling took it!
    Threatening others with violence is ok.

    How does having guns and clearly saying you want harm and death to others the same? How can one equate having protection and wishing death and advocating physical violence to someone be the same?

    In what universe does are these 2 the same? One to protect yourself while the other wanting to beat up someone and kill em all because they have a different opinion than you?

    Can anyone explain this to me?
  • Lets keep this discussion at the top because sooner or later the fuckin admin have to check in and they will see that this 75 year old white man is calling for death or physical harm on someone who disagree with her 75 year old ass.

    Progressive my ass.
  • You’re losing it, gun smuggler. Beginning to babble. You ask questions for which you already have the answers.
  • I concur. I have never wished violence or death or injury on SaremChuuk. Sarem is a white man. As we can see the real racists and bigots show their colors when they can't debate well informed and educated brown skinned folks.

    Lets keep this topic on top. As you say. Sooner or later the Admin will take notice.
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    Smuggling guns or allegedly smuggling them is now the green card to say death to micronesians who disagree with white liberals is ok.

    I'm not a Senator from RMI BUT I'm related to few (17). I too have guns back in the RMI. My family owns a few caches. Its not illegal in the RMI. Every senator back home in the RMI have a gun or 2 or 5 or 8.

  • Getting back to the topic at hand, where exactly did I threaten physical harm or death to anyone? Trick question.
  • Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Lets get that out there. My guns are for my protection and for my families protection. I don't trust big govs. And it's innate for a man to own a weapon to protect himself and his family and his love ones. That is in our nature. We are products of nature. No liberal BS can't ever change that. And by nature's law a man is pre-designed to have protection. May it be shelter or clothes or fire to keep him and his family warm. Fire is also a weapon against the cold and nature's seasonal Changes.

    I have guns..... Hypothetically that is. And like reaper said every senator have guns in RMI and so does our leaders in our FSM Congress. 2 of the members of the FSM Congress firearms that are considered class 3 in the US. And they had these for 10 years and they have never used them. I have never used mines. I only used them to kill pigs to lessen their suffering.

    The question is this. They labeled us racist because we disagree with them. They normalized that. Now they are calling for our death and physical injury. Because we disagree with them. And factsmatter and SaremChuuk are trying to normalized that too.

  • If Reaper were actually Marshallese, he would know that in the Marshall Islands, the right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law, and the police do not carry firearms.

    Also, the private sale and transfer of firearms in the RMI is prohibited without a licence.
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    I have no beef with Sarem. None whatsoever. We live in democratic countries that respect freedom. Freedom of speech and religion and different opinions. But when we call for violence on others and encourage it or wish it we are allowing it advocating for it.

    @SaremChuuk, you are 75. Why do you act this way? Is it because you can't debate? If you can't debate mentally what makes you think you can debate physically? If the mind is weak so is the body according to my ancestors.

    You want to cause me injury? I would never wish that on you. You can always send me messages privately so we can debate in person. I'm located in Oahu, Hawaii, Ewa Beach side. You should visit me some times. We could really hit it off and be friends.
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    Marshall Islands. 1971 ‘Licensing Regulations.’ Weapons Control Act (1971), Revised 2004; Articles 1305. Majuro: Nitijela. 1 January

    Article 1305
    (1) No person shall acquire or possess any firearm, dangerous device or ammunition unless he holds an identification card issued pursuant to this Act. The identification card is evidence of the holder's eligibility to possess and use or carry firearms, dangerous devices, or ammunition.

    (2) Identification cards shall be issued only by the office of the Attorney-General pursuant to regulations made by the office of the Attorney-General in the manner which is or may be provided by law. The identification card shall have on its face all of the following:
    (a) the name and address of the holder;
    (b) the sex, height and weight of the holder;
    (c) the birth date of the holder;
    (d) the date of expiration for the card which shall be two (2) years from the date of issue;
    (e) a photograph of the holder taken within ten (10) days prior to issuance;
    (f) an endorsement setting forth the extent of the holder's eligibility to possess, use and carry firearms, dangerous devices, or ammunition; and
    (g) the number of the identification card.

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    Its legal back home.
  • I’m not 75. Learn to read and repeat numbers. Again I ask, when exactly did I threaten anyone with physical harm or injury? Again, a trick question.
  • If I can’t debate, why do you keep arguing with me?
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    Someone in Dr. Takuyas Facebook (Pasifika Renaissance) page told me you are somewhere around there.

    So tell me something. Do you want physical violence and injury upon me?

    Yes, we are arguing. Not debating. You lost the debate in 2016. And you are losing it. And you are a former peace corps volunteer to say the least. This isn't peace.

    I have no problem with the name calling and cuz words you direct at me but when you threaten me and my physical health or calling for my injury thats when the Iakwe stops.

    Iakwe means: respect, humble, kindness, welcoming, turn the other cheek, most importantly love.

    When you threaten me with violence everything above means nothing. You should know this because you lived amongst us savages in Micronesia.

    A 100 years of Christianity can be forsaken in a few seconds.
  • Forget humble. Go war. Reaper, what humble got you? Nothing. Do it the old fashion way. Up and Up. This motherfucker threat you like a savage i suggest you do the same. Ancient laws. Up and Up.
  • It's "cuss words", not "cuz words". And who the hell is Dr. Takuyas, and where the hell is he or she that I am somewhere around there?

    And again I ask, to quote (in context) where did I "threaten[]" anyone "with physical violence"?

    You tell me I am losing it? Jesus Almighty Christ, isn't that a projection?

    And I do not recall many savages in Micronesia when I was there. You guys came later, I guess.
  • Finally, the beginning of the end! that motherf**ker is in deep shit with the whistleblower dilemma, hahahahahah....
  • Really, how old are you people?
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