Hahahaha the 4th attempt by socialists Democrats to impeach Trump died before it was 48 hours old

This is why you don't listen to unanimous sources. This is why you need the facts or evidence before you make stupid sh*t up.

The Orange Motherf**ker baited the Democrats, Sorry, I'm meant the radical socialists party to impeach him and they did yesterday. And after the socialists announced their move Trump waited 5 hours then announced he will release the transcript of the call.

The transcript was released few hours ago and it like the Mueller report and the last 3 attempts to impeach Trump proved to be a total bust.


Trump released the transcript 4 hours before the President of Ukraine arrived into the US. The Ukrainian President went to the Whitehouse then said on camera that he was not pressured to investigate Biden. The democrats socialists and media told us Trump did.

The transcript and the president of Ukraine said the opposite that is the Socialists and Media were lying.


Can't impeach for obstruction because no obstruction and can't impeach for collusion because no collusion and now can't impeach for a phone call because they didn't know the FACTS before they went crazy.


  • Here is the part that got me like what the fuck. Crowdstrike is the name of the operation that the Russians used to meddle in the US 2016 election. Crowdstrike was carried out in Ukraine.

    Follow me guys. Trump asked the Ukrainian President to investigate it and how it worked and who were behind it and to find out who were responsible on the Ukrainian side to meddle in the US 2016 election.

    Damn why is Trump trying to investigate how the Russians used Ukraine to meddle in the 2016 election?

    2nd, the Obama administration gave 1.8 billion dollar to Ukraine on 2014-2015. That 1.8 billion dollar was deposited to a bank that was owned by a Ukrainian who worked for Putin. That man who worked for Putin then hired the company that Biden's son worked for. Biden sons got millions of dollar from that man.

    The man who worked for Putin who the Obama administration gave 1.8 billion dollars to was prohibited from entering the US. That man hired Biden's son company, days later that man was taken of the ban list by Obama's administration and allowed to enter the US.

    At this same time a US prosecutor was investigating how this 1.8 billion in US taxpayers aid disappeared and ended up in a bank owned by a man who worked and have connections to Putin.

    Biden who was Obama's vice President got the prosecutor fired and the investigation stopped.

    Some crazy shit.
  • Specialists are covering up the crimes that was committed by the last President administration.

    They are trying to impeach trump for trying to find out how the Russians meddle in the US 2016 election.

    Some crazy shit. They tried to impeach trump for collusion which was proven to be false. Now they are trying to impeach trump for investing how the Russians meddled in US election.

    Democrats socialists have lost their minds.
  • Its called Trump Derangement syndrome.
  • Bro watch the impeachment proceedings testimony of the DNI. Its not looking good for DummyCrats.

    Mueller testimony 2.0 all over again.
  • Its like a movie we saw before and this time we already know the story line and the ending. No nothing.

    4th attemp to impeach went bye bye.

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