Poltico: Poll: Voters largely unswayed by House Dems’ push for impeachment


  • A significant factor that keep people from the voting booth is complacency. It's wasn't the norm for many people living in very rural areas, i.e. in the hills of TN, to come to town to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. I think the Democrats are doing Trump a favor by persuading them to do so, once again.
  • Good God Almighty, you two twin baboons, how far back do you have to go to find a poll that supports your bullshit fiction? The first poll Rasta the Orange Orangutan baboon posted overnight was from September 25, 2019, and since that did not do the trick, RatsAssBaboonMan reached back for a golden oldie, from September 15, 2019, TWO EFFING WEEKS AGO!!! Before the Orange Orangutan disclosed the contents of his phone call with the president of Ukraine!

    Keep looking, idiots. If you go back far enough, you may find a poll which even says a majority of Americans approve of the job the Orange Orangutan is doing. Oops, I forgot, the Orange Orangutan has NEVER had poll results where a majority of American's approve of his job "performance." And he lost the popular vote by over 3 million American citizen votes!

    BTW, z, how the fuck do you know what the people of Tennessee (actual spelling, not the postal abbreviation you used because you couldn't spell Tennessee) did or did not do in 2016. Where the fuck were you, in Nashville, or Memphis?
  • There is too much hate in your tone, Sarem Chuuk. You should try showing some love and respect for a change. Maybe your Hillary Clinton may have a better chance of winning if you change your attitude.
  • Hate is for KKK party.
  • And the KKK is the party of Trump.
  • Yes, Our Great Leader loves the KKK.
  • American History, not socialist indoctrination.
  • Facts, not fascist propaganda.
  • Fascists and Nazis censor.
  • Yes. Fascists and Nazis like Trump try to destroy the free press by calling it "the enemy of the America people." image

    Just like this failed American president who also faced impeachment.
  • From the way i see it it look like Trump will be re-elected. All the impeachment inquiry is for show. Don't let the media brainwash you.
  • And don't let FOX News turn your brain to mush. Too bad your eyesight is failing.
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