Democrats are behind it all.

Read it and tell me its fake.

Looks like the Dems are behind the whistleblower all along. So much hate for the orange man get people to be involved with it.

@marc what are your thoughts?


  • From the alt-right Washington Examiner. Kind of like FOX News only in news print. How come you fascists never quote articles about your hero, Giuliani? Isn't he the guy who made all of this shit up and then went looking around the world for somebody who would confirm what his diseased mind made up?
  • Giuliani is the real deal. He saved New York during 9/11. He's famously known as "America's Mayor." Be funny if the Democrats muster enough courage to subpoena him to one of their silly low-IQ hearings.
  • You just proved, z, that you have absolutely no clue about the United States. What an ignorant dumb f**k!
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