Is the Bible the sole rule of faith for Christian people?

yes, why? or No? why???


  • I'm an athiest.IMO,the book was written by people couple thousands of years back.To me it's filled with absolute nonsense and garbage.
  • Interesting Mr. Nobody. Eventhough you are atheist, I am sure you believe in some supreme being. You are absolutely right that the bible is written by people thousand years back. God did sit on a chair next to a table and write the bible as some people might think like that. God inspired these writers with his Holy spirit and they wrote the bible.
    You said the bible is filled with nonsense and garbage, why??? Show me where are the nonsense? Where are the garbage in the bible?
  • A208 I will not defend the words of mrnobody, but why are you sure that everyone believes in a supreme being? image
  • @A208 can you speak your mind? Be frank and tell us what you really mean?
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