Yet another member of Team Trump ends up behind bars


Rick Gates, Donald Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, was supposed to be sentenced months ago, but the process was repeatedly delayed as he continued to cooperate with prosecutors in a variety of cases, including testifying during the criminal trials against Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. Gates’ willingness to work with the authorities led prosecutors to agree that he should get probation and no prison sentence.

That didn’t quite work out for the defendant, though his punishment was hardly severe: Gates was sentenced this morning to three years probation and 45 days in jail.

Gates and Manafort were the first ex-Trump campaign officials to be charged by former special counsel Robert Mueller, accused of evading taxes and violating lobbying laws by concealing millions of dollars they earned representing pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine. Gates had pleaded guilty and spent more than 500 hours assisting government lawyers and federal agents.

This news comes just one month after Roger Stone, a former Trump aide and confidant, was also convicted on multiple felony counts. It’s part of what the Washington Post recently described as “the remarkable universe of criminality” surrounding the sitting president of the United States.

Let’s take stock of the number of presidential aides and associates who’ve faced felony charges:

* Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and confidant, has been convinced on multiple counts.

* Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and business associate, is in prison.

* Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, is in prison.

* Rick Gates, Trump’s former campaign vice chair, will soon spend time behind bars.

* Michael Flynn, Trump’s former White House national security adviser, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

* George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign adviser on foreign policy, has already served his prison sentence.

* Alex van der Zwaan, a lawyer who worked with Manafort and Gates. has already served his prison sentence.

And those are just the top-line indictments. It doesn’t include the prison sentence for Richard Pinedo, the charges against related characters such as Sam Patten and Maria Butina, and, of course, the many Russian individuals and entities who’ve been indicted by the special counsel.

Update: The above list may yet grow, since there’s at least one person in his immediate orbit – Rudy Giuliani – who’s also reportedly facing a criminal investigation.


  • 45 days in prison. 45 days from now he will be out and will rejoin the Trump team. He was charged with lying to a federal agent. Not collusion. And 45 days from now he will get out of prison.

    Not one single American has been charged with conspiracy to help Russia undermine the 2016 election. Not one.

    But people like to believe in the witch hunt that Mueller told us never happened.

  • Yes, 45 days in prison and a felon for the rest of his life.

    So he qualifies for a lifetime membership on the "Trump team."

    Gates is a proven liar, just like his former boss.

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    Lying to a federal officer not collusion. The end.

    Did you read the motion filed by SCOTUS today? Well this motion null a d void the 2nd article of impeachment against Trump. The 2nd article of impeachment got stricken down by this motion passed by the US Supreme court.

    Keep America Great. Haha
  • Sorry that you don't know the difference between a motion and a ruling, Mr. PS.

    Courts do not make motions. They make rulings.

    But I can understand why you are desperate to invent good news for your Liar-in-Chief.

    I almost feel sorry for him....and you.

    Happy Impeachment Eve!
  • Same difference my socialists friend.

    Supreme Court ruling pulls rug out from under article of impeachment


    Impeach in the house, declared innocent in the Senate.

    Yes it is a joyful impeachment eve ain't it? I heard a Democrat switch party to gop on this eve too.
  • LOL Your article from The Hill was written by Trump defender Alan Dershowitz...the guy no one in the legal world respects anymore....just like crazy Rudy Giuliani.
  • Alan Dersowhitz is a registered Democrat. He is what you call a Moderate or center Democrat. He is a constitutional scholar and a professor at Harvard law school. The foremost authority on constitutional laws.

    " No one in the legal world respect anymore"

    Lol. You mean no one in Trump Derangement Syndrome world don't respect. Lol

    Ok buddy ok
  • 700 American legal scholars publicly support impeachment.

    One - Alan Dershowitz - does not.

    Ok buddy ok. lol
  • Only 700? They have more than 700 socialists in academia and even more homosexuals in the mainstream media!
  • How do you know how many homosexuals there are in the mainstream media?

    Personal experience?
  • I learn it from church preachers and radio talk shows.
  • Which church preachers and radio talk shows? And how do THEY know?
  • I shouldn't tell you or the mob might harass them at restaurants, gas stations, work place, home, in the streets etc,
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    700 teachers vs 64,000,000 Americans.

    700 legal scholars vs 64 million Americans.

    The minority dictating to the majority.

    300 million Americans. Of that 64 million voted. 700 individuals vs 64 million Americans.

    Democrats complain about voter suppression and calling Trump a dictator but here we are seeing Democrats the minority in both government and population dictating to the majority AND doing the exact same thing that they accused Trump of.

    Same like when the Majority wanted to abolish slavery and the minority refused, minority started a civil war because they couldn't accept the will of the people and the same minority that lost the civil war is now pulling the same thing that gave us the American civil war. History is repeating itself guys.

    You guys lost the first civil war don't make it a 2nd time.

  • You got it right at the end.

    SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! Yes, the people have stood up against the Tyrant Trump.

    Happy Impeachmas!
  • Trump has reinstated the name and spirit of Christmas. "Merry Christmas, Democrats!".....yes, it will be a happy 2020! XOXOXOXO
  • Yes, Trump is so Christian in his words and behavior.

    Mocking and viciously attacking the disabled, Gold Star parents, his political rivals, deceased military heroes like John McCain, former U.S. presidents, the FBI, U.S generals, members of his own cabinet, journalists, climate activist Greta Thunburg, and anyone else who disagrees with him or dares to criticize him.

    Is he a sincere Christian celebrating the birth of Christ? lol You are being deceived by the Scammer-in-Chief.
  • Merry C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S! XOXOXOXO
  • Merry Christmas to you, z.

    Please teach your hero the true meaning of Christmas so our world will be a better place.
  • I'm just glad the left is saying Christmas once again!
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