"Uhdahn Pwuriamweila" is the Theme for This Campaign in Pohnpei

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This incident happened one evening at a Sakau Bar in Madolenimw. As usual, I prefer sitting with my back leaning against the backrest of the bench for a clear view of the Sakau pounding action and a glimpse of Madolenimw Chicka. There were quite many of us, typical for a Saturday afternoon crowd. We were just sitting quietly, talking in whispering voices and passing the most-licked ngarangar in the State among ourselves. The day was heading right and everyone was feeling fine when all of a sudden this old fellow sitting next to me, probably in his late 50s, with a very coarse and low heaving voice said "Uhdahn Pwuriamweila!" He probably isn't the biggest man around but speaking of thundering voice, he must have been a gaint in his previous life. It wasn't really the voice that shock us, the expression "Uhdahn Pwuriamweila!" shocked the hell out of us, too. Literal translation of this in English means something like this: "Oh My Gosh, I Just Got the Shock of My Life!" When asked why, this man went on to explain that for all his life, he has never seen this particular candidate even lift a finger for him, but today, this same candidate has waved at him and acknowledged his existence. This man doesn't know whether he should cry with anger or should with jubilee.


  • Now you know why the candidate(s) must visit the sakau bars because even a smile or a handwave (not the sakau itself) could have an impact on those who merely wished to be acknowledged. Just let your elderly know that the smile and waving could abruptly disappear once the election is tallied. Even if the candidate win or loses, his presence at the bar should only be treated as a mirage, because the candidate really didn't mean to. He just wanted his vote, and if a simple smile or handwave would do the trick...why not. Afterall, it cost less to smile and wave than to keep buying sakau and posting up posters. Im gonna vote for the candidate who normally smile and wave at people.
  • Yes, you got the point. But remember not to wave at people you normally don't wave at or never had waved at. You don't want to create another angry man like this guy in Madolenimw. People are not stupid. If you have ignored them for the past hundred years and then all of a sudden you show up at their houses because you need their votes, do you know how costly that can do to you? This Uhdahn-Pwuriamweila guy is not very happy with the candidate and he is expressing it to everyone at that sakau market which can in turn spoil the rest of the voters and destroy any slightest chance the candidate may have had.
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