Constitutional Convention

The pre-convention meeting has hired a chief legal counsel to work for them. Her qualification is a professor with a BA and JD only. A minimum degree to be called a professor is MA and yet the chief counsel is probably only an assistant professor or associate professor in view of her degrees. We need someone of a high calibre with constitutional law and knowledge about the culture and traditions of the FSM. Why is the FSM so called public servants bend on employing outsiders than their own people? Any idea?


  • Why isn't a JD just as good as or better than an MA? Were you looking for a historian? Because if it's an expert of law that you are looking for a JD, not an MA, is what you want.
  • JD, MA, Blow job or whateva you call 'em. Diz a review of the FSM Constitution not a court case between the FSM Government versus the World.
  • I guess we should hire your mom then.
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