Admin, stop allowing conservative fascists racists from commenting in here even if they micronesians

Even if they are Micronesians you the great and respected and fair and one with empathy would agree with me. Why sould we allow these conservatives leaning micronesians to speak. We know they are racists too booth and they support killing of brown and colored folks.

I repeat again any micronesians who support trump or lean Republicans are racists fascist kkk supporters.


  • Nope we don't need that kind in our peaceful and respected small islands developing country.. no kkk no raicst supporter allow in here
  • Attacking that the 2nd Amendment and now the 1st Amendment. Congrats you are the enemy of the US Constitution.....a socialist Democrat,
  • Lol... Thank God above we are a democracy and not socialism.

    Nazis /Democrats
    1. Opposed Free speech/ 1. Opposes Free speech
    2. Opposed Religion / 2. Hate religion
    3. Took away 2nd amendment/3 trying to take it away

    Good to know where you Democrats picked up these tactics and policies from @IronYouth
  • Fascist/Republicans

    1. Attack freedom of the press/ 1. Call journalists "the enemy of the people."

    2. Killed millions of Jews solely because of their religion/ 2. Label all Muslims as "terrorists."

    3. Invaded neighboring countries and started WWII/ 3. Want everyone to own deadly weapons and encourage U.S. soldiers to commit war crimes.

  • MSM blame attack of synagogue on white supremacists! The attacker was a black man! LMAO@ Leftist propaganda machine, aka mainstream media.
  • Nonsense, z. Where is your evidence that, "MSM blame attack of synagogue on white supremacists!? " You have none because it doesn't exist

    Try not to be so hysterical. The attacker, Grafton Thomas, is accused of a religious hate crime, not a racist hate crime.

    He is a former Marine with mental health problems. Thomas made journal references to Hitler and “Nazi culture” and repeatedly searched online for information on local Jewish temples and on topics such as “why did Hitler hate the Jews.”

    Try to get your facts straight, my friend.

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    I'm trying to get it straight, with all the fake news by professional spinners. Lets list down those who hate jews, the so-called anti-semites:

    Ilhan Omar
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,
    Rashida Tlaib,
    Deb Haaland,
    Ayanna Pressley

    All socialists inspired by the Democrat party.
  • You forgot the white supremacist neo-Nazi white guys who marched in Charlottesville chanting, "Jews will not replace us!"

    Your hero Trump called them "very fine people."
  • ahaha. how ignorant some can be uh? really amazed me man.. SMH.
  • Hitler was a Socialist. Enough with the BS. The Nazis were socialists. Free healthcare, free school, no guns, no religion, controlled centralize economy, welfare state....all the things Democrats want America to be.

  • The Manhattan D.A office refused today to charge the liberal voter who attacked jews in New York...The Manhattan D.A is also the one who tried to Get Trump impeachmed for that stormy Daniel episode.

    Sad the D.A in Manhattan is a Democrat and here we see democrats defending their own from going to jail from attacking jews in New York.
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