Should Micronesia join Brics?

Our nations should combined themselves into one entity and join up with Brics.Nations of Brazil,Russia.India.China,&South Africa.For Economic and progression purposes.What are your thoughts.

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  • "Our nations?" You live in California. lol

    Cali life boii I'm feeling the burn lol.

  • @FactsMatter/Yes I do.Attending college is why I'm living here.It's chaotic.A decent state not going lie.

    And nations as in the entirety of Micronesia better yet every Austroensians should.Usa is going downhill.The country is decaying.It's run by thugs.Both parties are dimwits.And the services for the people is a complete joke.Beneath this land lies blood of the indigenous.Amongst that it faces tons more obstacles which I doubt won't ever be solved.Eventually this American empire will fall.Theres no such "dream".You only have to be asleep to believe in it.

    Austroensians across the world have a better chance without America.
  • Quick, MrNobody905! Get out of America!

    If you truly believe, "The country is decaying. It's run by thugs," you should move to a BRICS country like China or Russia.

    Or better yet, move back to Micronesia!
  • You tell 'em FactsMatter! Friggin' Commies go home!
  • You're starting to get it, z!
  • FM, you may be missing MrNobody905 point

    If you really look carefully at the history of how the US administered our islands since the end of World War 1, you will see & realize that the US failed miserably in its UN mandated responsibility to promote the economic & social development of our islands under the Trusteeship agreement mainly because they were busy developing & testing their 60 plus atomic/nuclear bombs in our backyard,


    Economic & social development was nonexistent with poor infrastructures, transportation system & almost impossible accessibility to our islands

    Interestingly, it was the Soviets who demanded that a UN Inspection team visit our islands to inspect,assess & report to the UN on how the US handle or administer our islands

    Result of UN Inspection:

    “ F “ grade

    The UN report was so horrible & critical of the US that President JFK was shocked when he read the report. This report prompted JFK to create the Peace Corps to address the UN assessment report

    So from 1946 to 1960s, atomic/nuclear testing was ongoing wth no real economic development

    Our Governments were formed in late 1970s or 1979, our COFA approved by US in 1986 & some basic infrastructure were in place

    The 90s & 2000s saw some eonomic development but economic development was slow & poor as JEMCO kept withholding infrastructure & other grants /funding after another. Others say the US economic aid was inadequate.

    At one time, the total accumulated Infrastructure fundings or project money that were withheld by the US total over $100 million US dollars

    This of course contributed or led to the Slow, Poor & Inafequate Economic & Social Development of our islands.

    Consequences: Migration of our citizens to better economies like Guam, Hawaii, US mainland

    Why is this relevant to MrNobody905 suggestion?

    It’s because BRICS main objectives are - to cooperate between the member nations for development, provide financial assistance, support various projects, infrastructure, etc...

    BRICS also agreed to provide financial assistance, support to countries other than members.

    So even if our Micronesian don’t become member nations, they can still request for financial assistance, technical assistance on infrastructures & other projects.

    It certainly doesn’t mean we have to cut ties with the US. It’s seeking & getting assistance, both financial & technical, from countries who are willing to help the economic development of small development countries.

    Perhaps, the BRICS fundings or assistance/projects may result in a faster & better economic development of our islands compared to 5 or 6 decades of US trusteeship/administration/ handling of our islands.

    Perhaps BRICS fundings can connect the Chuuk lagoon islands,
    Perhaps with BRICS money, a super hospital can be built.

    Perhaps a tuna cannery, Aqua farm or a Huawei Customer Service Center in Micronesia
  • grass is greener syndrome.
  • Many developing countries are very sorry they accepted low interest or no interest loans from they are unable to pay back.

    Now China has leverage on them.

    Sadly, BRICS is not a magical solution to Micronesia's underdevelopment and economic dependence on other countries.
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