Turkey and Iran Joining to Oppose US?

Iran and Turkey should join forces to oppose the United States following general Soleimani’s assassination or otherwise Washington could undertake further defiant actions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday in a telephone conversation.


  • You and Ilhan Omar should join them already. XOXOXOXOXO
  • Don't forget Russia. Russia is the big dog in the turkey Syrian Alliance.

    Why is Russia on the opposite side of Trump in this so called the step to ww3?

    I was told Trump is a friend of Russia.
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    @AntiColonialist, why did you not mention that Russia is also part of this Alliance with Turkey and Syria and Iran and China and North Korea????

    So if @FactsMatter is right that Trump is a agent of Russia, why? Is Trump Starting TROUBLE with Iran China North Korea and Syria who are all allies of Putin or Russia?

    Why is THAT? Excuse my language I'm a savage, why the fuck is this happening when Trump is a dictator like we are told he is by the media. I'm confused as fuck right now! If Trump is a ally of Russia and Putin why is he starting wars with allied countries of RUSSIA and Putin?
  • While Turkey's President seems to behave with rogue characteristics at time, he knows that his country is a member of the NATO. He will never join Iran to fight against the US. He gains nothing but will lose everything. That's my prediction.
  • @marc,since none of these guys or gals or whatever gender identity they identify with cant answer me. Tell me who is Iran's Ally? The amswer says it all. Entire impeachment is a lie if your answer says :RUSSIA PUTIN.
  • Reaper, I didn't mention Russia

    because Mr. Putin is a true statesman, a lawyer & former intelligence officer who has patience & respect for the sovereignty of other countries unlike President Trump whom many psychiatric experts believe

    has malignant narcissism, which is characterized by grandiosity, impulsivity , hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, sadism, antisocial behavior, an inability to distinguish between fantasy & reality and mental instability.
  • "[Putin] has patience & respect for the sovereignty of other countries"....... ???? Didn't Putin meddled in our elections and invaded Ukraine during the Obama Administration? Something is not adding up here.
  • wow you are praising Putin as a true statemen, and he respect other countries sovereignty. Tell that to Ukraine which he invaded and tell that to Syria where he bombing civilians to defend a dictator.

    The world is upside down now days. A dictator in Russia is a hero to you.
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