Conservatism Wins In RMI: David Kabua Elected Has RMI President

The indigenous conservative Party Of the RMI toppled the liberal government of Hilda Heine Today.

Happy and a sad day at the same time. Former Madam President Heine and Elected President David Kabua are related through blood and by the same LAMOREN. Both are from Jalooj! The Lamoren and Kabijuknen of all the past and present Presidents of the RMI.

Jepelpel in keju"kaan, Kwõj bõk ñan wõn bwê kõj wõt in?


  • @FactsMatter, your prediction is proven false. Hilda was never considered for this.
  • Racist won election is what it is
  • Wrong again, Reaper. Hilda WAS one of the two candidates considered.

    David Kabua received more votes than Hilda, 20 votes to 12 with one abstention.

    Didn't you watch the vote live on MINTA livestream? Too bad. You missed an interesting election.
  • She lost. Liberalism lost in the RMI. Thanks to her taking the rights of marshallese abroad to vote.

    All her foreign policies which were all liberal leaning will be rolled back.
  • Why would she silence the Marshallese abroad? It's all about power for these leftists.
  • she did it a year before her term was up. She took away the rights of marshallese abroad to vote because the writing were on the wall for her administration. Marshallese abroad and at home were not satisfied with her performance. She and her friends knew that if reelection come the next year they would lose and some of her party will not get reelected. So they took away the right to vote from those abroad in order to influence last months general election in the RMI. They failed, the population at home voted her friends out and her party lost big last month.

    She tried and she failed.
  • And they call conservatives "Nazis", when it's the Left that censors citizens and take away their votes.
  • Its time to roll back her administration policies. Her follies and most importantly her administration passed law to take away our rights to vote.

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