US Forces in Iraq Under "House Arrest" - No Fly Zone Enforced

Breaking: US Forces in Iraq under “House Arrest,” No Fly Zone Enforced

January 6, 2020

Major General Abdel Kerim Khalaf serves as chief military conduit between American coalition forces in Iraq and the Iraqi government.

The Interior Ministry spokesman, Major General Abdel Kerim Khalaf, announced the preparation of a mechanism for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. Half notes that Washington does not systematically notify the Iraqi command of its special operations.

“The activities of the international coalition in Iraq will be limited to consultations, armaments and training of military personnel, and the armed forces will leave Iraq. The latest American attacks are stupidity that cannot be kept silent,” said Half on the air of Al Jazeera.

Iraqi authorities began developing a mechanism for the withdrawal of US troops from the country. This was announced on the air of Al-Jazeera TV channel..

According to a statement made, the activities of an international coalition led by the United States in Iraq will be limited to consultations, training of Iraqi army personnel and arms transfers. Parts and subunits themselves will be withdrawn. Also, Major General Abdel Kerim Khalaf called stupid American blows inflicted on December 29 at the facilities of the Shiite Kataib Hezbollah group in Iraq and Syria.

In addition, the Iraqi government imposes restrictions on the ground and air movement of the forces of the international coalition, since Washington does not consider it necessary to inform the General Staff of the Iraqi Armed Forces about its movements and operations that are carried out on Iraqi territory.

Iraqi government restricts ground and air movement of international coalition forces and will not allow them to move anywhere


  • This is a good sign Iraq is now a functional democracy. Trump should return all our troops home from Iraq, like he promised.
  • They are on locked down because their lives are in danger cause of Trump's actions
  • There is no need to feel bad about this. If the US were to leave Iraq, that would be fine. If they were to stay with smaller footprint, that would be fine too. Billions of dollars will be saved by the US.

    One thing has changed: no Iran or Iraq or any countries' commander will be so openly ordering a killing of Americans or the US interest or assets. They will have their women and children come out and threaten the US since they know the US does not target women and children. But the new Iran commander replacing Soleimani or the new commander for the Iraq-based terrorists that damaged the US Embassy in Iraq will be extremely careful with their words, their orders, their threats to the US. Game has changed.
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