Millions of Muslim Across The World Celebrating The Dead Of Iran's General

While millions of Muslim Across the world danced and celebrate his dead our Democrat friends in here and the mainstream media are sad.

Video of Muslims in iraq dancing in the street and popping fireworks after news of Trump killing Iran top terrorist general.



  • Muslims are dancing while Democrats and the terrorists are in mourning.
  • Celebrating?. man you really are using Trump's talking styles, instead of say it as is, you like to twist the fact?. instaed of protesting you said celebrating? Im not suprise though. just lol.
  • There are many Iraqis who don't like Iran's influence over their country. These Iraqis are celebrating Soleimani's death. And there are those, like you, who favor Iran and their proxy terrorists.
  • @visafree, don't mourn this terrorist dead be happy. He will not harm anymore people.

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