Trump’s Shameless Murder of Soleimani Will Kill Thousands of US Troops — By Suicide

Trump's treasonous decision to obey Israeli orders and attack Iran will kill thousands of our troops

Each and every day, an average of 20 American veterans take their own lives. The standard diagnosis is PTSD. But that catch-all label conceals the deeper reality: The biggest single factor driving veteran depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide is shame. Veterans know that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are unjust. They have seen, and in some cases participated in, horrifically immoral behavior. Invading someone else’s country is the supreme war crime, the worst crime that a human being can commit according to the Nuremburg Principles, and it encompasses and leads to all of the lesser war crimes. Our veterans know, consciously or unconsciously, that they are war criminals. That is why so many are executing themselves.

Donald Trump’s cowardly decision to invite Soleimani to Baghdad for a peace conference and ambush him at the airport—and then threaten to nuke Iranian heritage sites if the Iranians retaliate, as they must—brands every American serving in our armed forces with a smoking scarlet “WC” for “War Criminal.” All American service members are now legitimate targets, not only for Iranian retaliation, but for execution by anyone who wishes to enforce international law. And that category includes the criminals themselves. Service members will become their own judge, jury, and executioner at a much higher rate as the fallout from Trump’s off-the-charts war crimes stinks up the whole US military.

Suicidal depression is “anger turned inward.” Veterans’ anger is bottled up, and results in suicide, when cultural conditioning prevents the individual from expressing his anger against the real war criminals.

Below is a fascinating new article by Ken Meyercord on the horrific “immoral injuries” that psychopathic decision makers like Trump are inflicting on our veterans. Expect such suicides to sharply increase, in the medium and long terms, as a result of the outrageously immoral war on Iran that Trump has just launched.


The number of United States troops who have died fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had passed 6,900 at the end of 2018.

They died in a host of ways. The causes of death include rocket-propelled grenade fire and the improvised explosive devices that have been responsible for roughly half of all deaths and injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their deaths were also the result of vehicle crashes, electrocutions, heatstroke, friendly fire, and suicides in theater.

Official Pentagon numbers do not include the many troops who return home and kill themselves as a result of psychological wounds such as PTSD. The DOD does not report suicides among non-active duty reservists. However, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released data on suicides among all veterans, in a comprehensive February 2013 report. The VA issued a public statement that it is using this data in order to implement rigorous suicide prevention measures.

The military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have also produced fatalities among large numbers of private contract workers. A full and accurate accounting of contractor deaths has not yet been done by the Pentagon. Over 7,800 contractors working for the US have been killed in the two war zones. The true number is likely much larger: the majority of US contractors are the citizens of other countries, many of whose deaths appear not to have been reported.


  • Now that Iran is going to retaliate, I would feel much safer if an open border anti-gun Democrat becomes president. We need MS13 and Iran's terrorists to cross our border with Assault Rifles and Rocket Propel Grenades. Yes, I would feel much relief.
  • Anti-, so you say that Trump invited Soleimani to Iraq but instead ambushed him. Now, that sounds like a made-up story. And it makes your other posts information a suspect. Where do you get this stuff from? What is your source?

    I like to read your posts but these far-fetched statements make your posts a little questionable--not you but the information that you put forth.
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    The Anti Semitism is strong in you Anticolonialist.
  • Marc, please read below...

    The story below is from the Daily Beast, a Newsweek online publication often tied to Israel, but, in this case, with a story they got right, and they often do. Even the Israeli press shines well above most American counterparts. Simply read it and try not to get sick:

    Last week, as Abdul-Mahdi worked to calm an increasingly explosive confrontation, he turned to Soleimani for help. An American contractor had been killed by a militia, Kataeb Hezbollah, that is part of the Iraqi government’s forces but which answered to Soleimani. Then came retaliatory U.S. airstrikes against Kataeb Hezbollah, killing at least 24 people. The militia’s supporters responded by trying to batter their way into the fortress-like U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

    The Iraqis had known that Soleimani could make the violence worse—or he could rein in the many Iraqi militias over which he held de facto command, and thus ease the tensions.

    When the embassy siege ended, Abdul-Mahdi got a phone call from Trump thanking his government, and Trump asked him “to play the mediator’s role” between the U.S. and Iran. But Trump already had ordered the drones and helicopters set in motion to terminate the Iranian general in a fiery blast early last Friday morning near Baghdad airport.

    Trump claims he ordered the hit to stop a major attack on Americans. But Abdul-Mahdi told Iraq’s parliament Sunday, “I was supposed to meet Soleimani the day he was killed.” He had come to deliver “a message from Iran responding to the message we delivered from Saudi [Arabia] to Iran.”

    The story goes on, but we suggest you read it at the link above, we don’t want to be accused of putting words in someone else’s mouths.

    The US has now approached the Kurds, which the US abandoned in Syria, in order to move their bases there and break that portion of Iraq off, which will threaten Turkey. Turkey claims continual PKK attacks are staged from the KRG in Iraq and has been involved in continual cross border military moves into the KRG, usually with the full blessing of the Erbil government but not the real government in Baghdad.
  • He was in Iraq to carry out attacks and coordinate attacks on US forces.

    He was there on the same day the militia he created in iraq tried to storm the US embassy. He was there to coordinate it. He over reached and thought Trump was another Obama. He was wrong. Now he is paying for his mistake in hell.

    @AntiColonialist, why are you mourning over this now dead terrorist? He killed people and justice finally caught up with him.
  • Anunaki,

    I'm not antisemitic. I'm Anticolonialist

    I do, however, question & object to many of Israeli actions on the world stage.

    Simply put, I'm totally against any deceptive, imperialistic assholes who think they're above the law & have no respect for others sovereignty but their own interests

    If you study World history & the UN, you will realize that Israel & the US are or may be the only nations that assassinate other human beings in other countries, a clear violation of international law.

    The irony of it is the UN was set up in the US, the UN created the State of Israel after World War II, a UN Charter was created for all UN member nations to abide by the rule of law or international law, and then what happened?

    Israel & US said, screw the UN, screw the International Court, we can kill anybody, in any country, we can bomb anybody in their own country. Israel been bombing Iraq, Syria & Lebanan....& now US bombed Syria & Iraq

    Am I that Antisemitic? Common, it's pretty straightforward. plain & simple.

    The sad part is when anyone speaks against the actions of Israel or Jews, they're automatically labeled as antisemitic.
  • If you're so unhappy about the US, move to Iran or North Korea then, why don't you? Many Leftists and celebrities, like Whoopi Goldberg said they would move out of the US if Trump became president.... Well, he's still your president....and you and Whoopi are still here whining in a thriving economy with a restored military. XOXOXOXOXO
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    @AntiColonialist, you explanations that you are not a ant semite remind me of the things Ilhan Omar is saying against israel. You are implying Trump is controlled by the Jews. That's the same thing Hitler said about them except Hitler said the Jews run the world while are saying Trump and America is controlled by Jews.

    You learned good from Olhan Omar.
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