General Patreus: Killing of Solemani IS BIGGER THAN OSAMA BIN LADEN!

General Patreus who led US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan commented that the dead of Iran top General is bigger that the killing of Osama bin laden. Soleimani was more dangerous and led more capable terrorist organization than bin Laden.

It means the man Trump killed posed a more dangerous threat to American national security and American citizens than Osama bin laden and al Qaeda.

But Democrats are sad and mourning a terrorist Trump killed. When obama killed osama we all celebrated but when Trump killed a man who was more dangerous than Osama Democrats alone cried while millions of Arabs and American are happy Trump killed this terrorist, Democrats are sad and mourn over this terrorist.


  • Atleast 32 people have died as a result of a stampede at Soleimani's funeral. Nancy Pelosi and the Brain Dead Democrats are in mourning.
  • They are celebrating his dead in Syria. The Syrians are praising God for sending Trump to kill Soulemani. But here in America the left is in mourning.

    Somewhere in Syria

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    Imagine if Trump killed Osama. The Democrats would be mourning osama and condemn trump for killing osama.
  • Yup, if Trump had killed Osama, the Left would have probably put down their pink pussy hats and don hijabs, turbans and burkas to storm the streets. Linda Sarsour and Hamas Caucus aka "the Squad" would lead their chants, "Death to America!" XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • Served with Gen.Pat when he was in charge in Iraq. He was responsible for leading the surge in iraq that almost wiped out al Qaeda in iraq until obama stopped him from finishing his job.
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