The Trump's "red line" is becoming clear

The previous administration publicly touted its "red line" with the promise of consequences to those who crossed it. But that "red line" was crossed several times and ignored; and there was no consequence as promised or threatened by O's administration.

But now, under the new "T" administration, it appears that a new "red line" is emerging--becoming clear and visible. If you kill an American, you will account for it. This seems to be the message not only to the governments all over the world, whether Iran, N. Korea or others but to the specific actors also--especially government-sponsored terrorists or organizers of terrorism.

Any murderer of an American will be chased; and brought to the US for charging and to serve prison time. The same will apply to a government official who authorizes or give support to anybody that kills an American. But what's more, if you cannot be brought to the US for trial, the US Government reserves the right to take you down--including being droned. As such, I think from now on, the game has changed. Any official of any government who orders/authorizes the killing of an American will have crossed the Trump "red line".


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    This is mind boggling. For 50 years everyone who got elected to Whitehouse tip toed and tried to fix these issues you are talking about marc and everyone who came before Trump ignored these problems the last President ignored these issues. But Trump a outsider in Washington is taking on these problems that should have been solved by previous administrations. Trump went ahead full steam in 3 years taking and trying to solve these problems. He would have solved them by now if the Democrat party were on board instead of tying his hand behind his back.
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