Breaking News: Trump Order 2,500 Marines To Mediterranean, A few Hundred Miles From Iran

Trump has ordered the Marine Corps and Navy to send the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Mediterranean Sea. The 26th MEU is a fast response force capable of carrying out fast and quick attacks from Air land or Sea. 3 Days Trump ordered 3,000 Paratroopers of the Army 82nd Airborne division to Iraq. Yesterday Trump ordered the Air force to send 6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear bombs, now today he has ordered the 2,500 Marines and Naval ships to the Mediterranean sea.

3,000 US paratroopers have arrived in Iraq 2 days ago. Yesterday 6 Nuclear bombers arrived the Diego Garcia, now 2,500 Marines are arriving in the Mediterranean.

Iran is being encircled with forces of the US military on Trumps order. The US Army is inside Iraq right now , 6 bombers with nuclear capabilities are stationed south of Irans territory and now the Navy and Marines are arriving and will be stationed North of Irans territory.

Trump sends Another strong message to iran and Russia that he is not to be F**k with.


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